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In this red dot vs laser sight comparison guide. Let's discuss the pros and cons of each with some short video demos.

Laser Sight


  • Show new shooters how sensitive point of aim can shift due to grip tremor & recoil anticipation
  • Training for steady aim & better trigger control
green laser viridian c5l
  • Use for signaling
  • Great shooting experience for new shooters & for plinking on a flat range

olight baldr s in action
  • Great shooting experience for new shooters plinking on a flat range
  • Can use to assist optic zeroing process (Different than using a laser bore sight)
  • Laser pointer can add fear factor in personal defense situation
olight baldr mini vs baldr s body profile


  • The laser pointer may not be visible if aiming through tree lines, crowds, lot of movements, or long distance
  • Point of aim and bullet trajectory intersects
  • Compromises the shooter's position 
  • It's harder to reacquire the laser pointer during fast follow up shots during the day and night
  • It can lose zero over time

Red Dot Sight 

red dot reticle brightness dusk


  • Fast target acquisition
  • Better accuracy than a laser sight
  • Durable
  • Aim with both eyes open
  • Works with red dot magnifier for more range


  • Not many in the context of comparing with a laser sight

Common FAQ

How Useful Is An IR Laser Pointer ?

IR laser under night vision

The infrared aiming laser is only visible when using night vision goggles. It is much more conspicuous and easier to spot in complete darkness compared to a visible laser when viewed with the naked eye.

In practical use, IR lasers are extremely useful for communication at night without risking detection.