Scope zoom ring lever – This is an inexpensive and rugged scope accessory that allows fast scope zoom adjustment for variable power scope. It clamps onto the adjustment knob on the scope just that easy to install. It’s perfect for 3 gun competition for faster scope adjustment.

Vortex Optics Switchview Throw Lever


Vortex Optic Flip Caps – Protect your scope lens from dirt and dust. The rear protector cap gives you some rule of thumb range estimates. Perfect spot to have the information without pulling out your personal notebook.

Vortex Defender Flip Cap Eyepiece


Flatline Ops fixed scope level – A long-range shot has many factors to take into consideration to be accurate. This scope level indicator helps you correct the cant error giving you dead-on vertical hold. Quick and easy installation without removing the scope. Made with 6061 T-6 aluminum to protect from outdoor extremes.

Flatline Ops fixed scope level


Long range Cosine Indicator – It’s a must-have scope accessory for long-range precision rifles engaging targets at high angles. Whether you’re shooting uphill or downhill, figuring out angle modified range with this tool is easier than ever. Each degree increments are already converted in Cosine value for you to use. Made with aircraft grade aluminum, completely mechanical, no need for batteries or anything else.

NightForce Angle Degree Indicator