Review Guide: Vortex RAZOR HD AMG 6-24X50

Great rifle scopes from quality builders are everywhere. New technologies have made extreme distance targeting shorter than ever.

Then there is the Vortex Razor HD AMG 6-24x50. This review will go over the extensive list of features and engineering processes of the Vortex Razor.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Core Specifications
  • Customers Ideally suited for the Vortex Razor 6-24x50
  • Important Features
  • Reticles and the Turret System
  • Rings and Mounts

Vortex and its passionate fans are bound by Vortex Nation, an extensive retail network, and satisfied customers. Vortex continues to push the boundaries with cutting-edge engineering and modern precision-matching techniques.

Core Specifications

Vortex RAZOR HD AMG 6-24X50 side view
Vortex RAZOR HD AMG 6-24X50 isoview
  • Magnification range - 6 to 24x
  • Front focal plane
  • Weight - 28.8 ounces
  • Length - 14.96 inches
  • Objective Lens Diameter - 50mm
  • Tube Diameter - 30mm
  • Eye Relief - 3.6 inches
  • Field of View @100 Yards - 24x/20.4 feet—6x/5.1 feet


unboxing vortex AMG scope
  • 6-24x50 Vortex Razor
  • Sunshade and flip-up covers
  • Vortex microfiber
  • CR2032 Battery
  • Either EBR-7B MRAD/EBR-7B MOA reticle
  • Vortex AMG Sticker
  • Reticle and scope documentation

Every hunter, shooter, experienced sports fanatic is going to love this rifle scope. However, let’s get this out of the way first, it’s pricey. Meaning this will put a lot of shooters out of the market for the time being.

Start saving money now, or ask the significant other for an early Christmas present. Vortex Razor is head and shoulders above others in rifle scopes in its class.

vortex optics made in USA

Except for the German-made reticle, every Vortex Razor component is engineered, machined, and produced in the United States.

Vortex has built the Razor for competitive long-distance targeting, short-range varmint hunting, and everything in between. The Razor HD AMG 6-24x50 is an ideally suited optic for a wide range of shooting scenarios.

long range shooting prone

Vortex Razor fits in nicely with NRA’s F-Class competition, a long-range, high-power rifle competition. Competitors fire at distances between 300 to 1200 yards with any caliber rifle up to a .338, a scope, and a front and rear rest or bipod.

Hunters find the Vortex Razor to be a dead-on optic at extreme distances, such as open landscaped western hunts. Plenty of shooters feel the FOV on the low-end of the Razor at 6x may be a bit much.

However, the AMG’s outstanding optics offers shooters a broader view than some 5x and 4x scopes.

Razor HD achieves optical superiority in a 30mm tube, typically reserved for heavier, larger diameter scopes. Razor weighs in at 28.8 ounces, making it one of the lightest fully featured tactical scopes on the market.

HD AMG’s lightweight is a significant consideration for hunters and tactical shooters who do not want to sacrifice heavy equipment for performance.

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vortex AMG glass
  • ALO Alignment and APO Indexed Matched Lenses; Vortex is taking Lens alignment technology to new heights with its ALO alignment process. The system uses a focused laser beam to measure the surface of each lens. Vortex brings each optical surface into alignment by moving the optical center up and down a grid. The result is unparalleled image quality, and brightness.

Combine the enormous advantages of the ALO Alignment to APO or an apochromatic lens, and shooters have one of the most advanced optical systems in the world. APO Indexed technology combines color wavelengths into a glass that has select dispersive properties. Again, this results in stunning target images.

Every scope builder has a lens coating process to help with image quality in adverse conditions. Again, the Vortex Razor has taken this process to new heights.

  • XR Plus Fully Multi-Coated is a premium coating on all air or glass surfaces. The process gives shooters maximum light transmission in all low-light conditions.
  • Vortex uses a Plasma Tech cutting tool for maximum lens coating. This technology provides the shooter with outstanding durability and reliability in the Razor.
  • Razor’s Extra-low dispersion glass provides exact color rendering. Chromatic aberration is a problem with long-range targeting scopes; inferior glass cannot bring all wavelengths of color into focus. Vortex enhances The Razor optics with extra low-dispersion glass reducing aberration in long-distance targeting.


3d modeling at Vortex optics
  • Minor details make this scope one of the best on the market. It is vital to keep the internal workings of a premium scope as free from moisture as possible. Argon is a premium gas used for purging moisture in the Razor tube. The Vortex Razor is fog proof, shock resistant, and waterproof.
  • Vortex uses a Type III hard anodizing process for the Razor. This process forms an abrasion-resistant, dense, hard oxide coating on the aluminum surface. For hunters, this means no glare from flashlights or other light sources, giving away position.
  • Armor-Tec is a hard, scratch-resistant lens coating.
  • A single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum is used for the tube; this feature improves optical alignment.
  • Locking Illumination
  • Side-focus turret
vortex razor amg 6-24x50 ffp scope on precision rifle

Referenced Vortex Optics

Internal Design

vortex razor hd amg 6-24x50 turret internal

Referenced Vortex optics

  • The Vortex Erector Assembly in the Razor HD AMG 6-24x50 is a fantastic piece of engineering. The ability to compress a 34mm erector fabrication and all of its advantages in a 30mm tube is nothing short of amazing.

One of the many internal advancements Vortex has pioneered, is its erector assembly and sub-systems.

Vortex accomplished the feat by using a more efficient reticle mounting design. Typically, the erector assembly is constructed by cumbersome brackets and setscrews holding the reticle in place. Vortex redesigned the entire structure using a streamlined bracket to hold the reticle in place without setscrews.

Vortex Razor HD amg solidworks

Referenced Vortex Optics

The new design freed up a considerable amount of internal space quickly used up by bigger lenses.

  • The locking Diopter Eyepiece; lets shooters set the eyepiece to their preferred setting and forget it.
  • Side Illumination turret; eleven intensity levels.

Reticles and Turret System

Vortex RAZOR HD AMG 6-24X50 turret system

There is no area where the Vortex Razor excels more than its shooter interface turret system and the MOA/MRAD reticles.

The HD AMG’s sophisticated turret system is built from hardened steel, a favorite Vortex materiel. They place the steel parts into an aluminum housing, saving a ton of weight.

Every ounce saved is a significant advantage to long-range hunters.

Vortex L-Tec Turrets have advanced the technology of human interface in recent years. The HD AMG turrets and sub-systems lead the industry. L-Tec turrets are large and aggressively textured, meaning they are easy to adjust.

Razor HD AMG turrets track, as you would expect from this high-end scope. When shooters make a turret adjustment that is precisely the change they will get, each and every time.

Vortex turrets feature a reliable return to the shooter’s original stop, after long-distance shots or accidental hits to the system. Per the owner’s manual, L-Tec turrets allow for a slight over-travel (1/2 MRAD or 1.25 MOA) when the shooter needs to dial below zero.

Features are well laid out on the Razor, with some turrets pulling double duty. The parallax knob houses the locking illumination system. Vortex turrets are non-spring loaded, with a pull up to adjust and push down to lock.

Turret Sub-Systems

vortex AMG razor L tec turret cap
  • L-Tec Zero Stop; prevents elevation turret dialing below range. Made from hardened steel components. Patents pending.
  • Maximized Turret Zero; designs allow adjustments in shooting range when the L-Tec Zero is engaged.
  • Micro Adjust; infinite zero setting positions between clicks.
  • Friction Reduction; hardened steel pads are floating at the end of turret screws, the erector tube’s human interface. The steel rings give the interface steel on steel contact.
  • Turret Screws are machined from a silicon brass alloy and lubricated with an advanced dry-film, providing a wear-resistant performance. Turret threads are machined to within an incredible, sub-2 micron tolerance, which is less than a 78-millionth of an inch.
  • Erector Tube Assembly; contains a coil spring biasing system that withstands much higher stress than traditional flat erector springs.
vortex razor amg 6-24x50 ffp scope top view

Vortex Razor MOA and MRAD Reticles


EBR-7B (Enhanced Battle Reticle) is a hash-marked aiming point using MOA sub-tension lines for holdover, ranging, and windage adjustments. EBR-7B is constructed for long-distance shooting opportunities.

This aiming point is a precision laser etched glass reticle kept to tight MOA tolerances. Fine center crosshair sub-tension lines provide ultimate balance for aiming and low-light situations.

EBR-7B (MRAD) reticle is a precision aiming point using MRAD specifications. They keep the standards to extremely tight tolerances for ranging and holdover applications. The MRAD reticle is based on milliradian measurements.

AMG vortex EBR 7B reticle

MRAD sub-tensions are valid at each Razor turret magnification level. Shooters can use the setting most appropriate for the firing situation and still have holdover marks. This advantage is extremely helpful in high-stress situations.

Rings and Mounts

best 30mm scope rings for the money

Vortex 1 Inch Precision Matched Ring Set; Machined with certified 7075 billet aluminum at a tolerance of .0005 inches. Rugged and lightweight, works with either a Weaver or Picatinny mount.

Vortex Optics Cantilever Ring Mount; an extreme forward Cantilever mount for tactical situations. A 2-inch offset with forward positioning allows for correct eye relief. Designed for flat top style rifles.

Monstrum ZR1000 Offset Ring Mount; affordable 30mm Picatinny mount gives shooters the ability to adjust the rings forward or back to set the perfect eye relief. Ring Mount comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Wrap Up

It always seems there is so much technology and features that have been left out when reviewing a scope like the Vortex Razor. Here are a few comments about the Vortex Razor.

There is not a lot that has already been written or experienced with the Vortex Razor 6-24x50. The only negatives this author encountered was shooters wish Vortex would produce a second focal plane Razor, rather than just the FFP. Maybe someday the company will, but for right now, the current configuration is satisfying a lot of shooters.

What is a striking about the Vortex Razor is the amount of technology compressed into a 30mm tube and keeping the weight at 28.8 ounces. Every competitor either increases tube size, weight or both to keep up, which discourages a lot of long range shooters.

The Vortex Razor 6-24x50 is built for long distance shooting and hunting applications, not for the basic week end warrior.

vortex razor amg 6-24x50 ffp scope

What Are Others Saying

Adorama gives this glowing review, The AMG has all the features and the exceptional quality the I have come to expect from Vortex. In fact this is an unbelievable product. From the exceptional glass, to the adjustment turret and the ability to adjust the reticle without the clicks - allowing precise sight in. This scope is a hunter / long range shooters dream. I can't imagine how it could possibly be improved.”

I have 2 AMG's now, both on hunting rigs. As already stated for the price and the options offered for hunting applications where weight is a factor. There isn't anything better out there IMO. I have one in each reticle and since my match rifles where Kahles SKMR3, I love the center dot on the 7B. Buy with confidence!” BWB Sergeant at SnipersHide.

LongRangeHunting member compares the AMG to a Schmidt and Bender, “truly amazing scope for what is was designed for-a crossover hunter/tactical that keeps the weight down, provides exceptional glass and mechanics. Is Schmidt and Bender better, yes; but I also cannot find a S&B for $3300.00, nor can I find a S&B with a reticle like the EBR-7. I also like that the AMG is 100% made and sourced in the USA.

Greg Brown

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