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In this review guide, let's check out the LAPG Slide Rail XWL. For only $70, can this light deliver the performance at this price point?

Right off the bat, first impression the light has a tight hot spot and a good throw for a pistol light, but what about the rest of the light?

Let's check it out!

What's Included In The Packaging

LAPG sliderail xwl packaging

The light comes in a very simple packaging. It includes:

  • SlideRail XWL light
  • 2 CR123A batteries
  • 1 allen wrench
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What Is This Light Best Used For

glock 17 with lapg sliderail xwl pistol light

The LAPG SlideRail XWL is a clone model of the Streamlight TLR 1 pistol light. It's great for:

  • Range use
  • Force on force training

Where XWL Stands - Comparison Chart

Surefire X300UStreamlight TLR 1Olight PL ProLAPG SlideRail XWL
Throw (Useable)90 m120 m120 m80 m
Wide SpillYesYesYesYes
Weight113 g122.5 g92 g133 g
Battery Life1.25 hrs1.5 hrs1.5 hrs
(USB Rechargeable)
1.5 hrs

SlideRail XWL Core Performance

Lumen & Candela

glock 17 with lapg sliderail xwl
LA Police Gear XWL sliderail car search low light

The SlideRail XWL has an impressive 800 lumen LED and 10800 candela at 1 meter.

The light does what a Streamlight TLR 1 can to lit up a scene, and it can throw as far as ~380 ft outdoor with usable light to ID subjects in the dark before it completely fades off.

For a pistol light at this price range, the throw & beam performance is very impressive even more so than the Olight PL Pro and the Surefire M600DF.

Beam Pattern Comparison

The light has a similar light beam pattern as a Streamlight TLR 1 HL with a wide flood and a tight hot center so it can illuminate everything from 10 o' clock to 2 o' clock position, and the shooter won't miss a thing in the dark.

The smooth reflector keeps the hot center very tight so it doesn't diffuse quickly as the distance increase. This serves as an important feature for checking out things down a hallway, warehouse aisles with enough usable light to ID targets or blind threats.

lapg sliderail xwl indoor light beam

LAPG SLIDERAIL XWL definitely has a tighter hot center and cast hard shadow on the outer flood ring

streamlight TLR 1 HL indoor light beam

Streamlight TLR 1 HL has the hot spot, but less than LAPG SlideRail.

Here is the light beam comparison among Surefire X300U, Streamlight TLR 1 and Olight PL Pro at CQB distance & up to 50 yards.

Overall Durability

The light feels pretty solid when you pick it up. We tested the light on a 40SW, a 308 and a 12GA by putting the light close to the muzzle where the recoil impulse is the sharpest to see if the light can hold up.

The light stayed on and continued to work, so there isn't any problem there.

As far as drop testing goes, we dropped the light in realistic ways without intentionally damaging the light on its sides. However, the lens bezel isn't thick enough to protect the lens from cracking.

Overall the light holds up very well at this price point under normal use.

Mounting System

lapg sliderail xwl on glock
LAPG sliderail xwl on fnx 45 tactical

The SlideRail XWL uses a thumb screw to lock on Glock spec rail and other similar polymer rails. You can lock and unlock the screw using a flat head, a quarter or a shell casing just like the Streamlight TLR 1.

lapg sliderail xwl mount

The part we liked the most that we wish other pistol lights offer is the adjustable position rail slot tab to fit on any pistol frames if they don't align.

Once it's aligned, you can tighten it down.

It's very similar to the new Olight PL 3 's adjustable slider mount concept, but it doesn't move the whole light further nor closer to the trigger guard for better finger reach.

Modes Of Operation

LAPG sliderail xwl control grip
  • Momentary
  • Constant On/Off
  • No Strobe

The Ambidextrous switch works just like the one on the Streamlight TLR 1. On the right side switch, the user can toggle the light switch up or down with one hand operation.

1911 lapg sliderail xwl grip

The switch is very responsive and positive for bare hand operation or wearing gloves.

The only down side to the switch is that the mode of operation isn't mirrored for both sides, which can be confusing at times.

lapg sliderail xwl control switch
lapg sliderail control switch

Right Side

  • Up & hold - constant on
  • Down - momentary on/off

Left Side

  • Up - momentary on/off
  • Down & hold - constant on

Currently the SlideRail XWL doesn't the ability to accept any aftermarket tail cap accessories for long gun applications until LAPG start making these parts. If you want to mount something like the SlideRail XWL on a long gun, we recommend going with the Streamlight TLR 1 or TLR 2 instead.

Size & Weight

LAPG sliderail xwl vs streamlight tlr 1 hl

The LAPG XWL light feels as light as a Streamlight TLR 1 for range session training or conceal carry.

Battery Performance

lapg sliderail xwl batteries access
lapg sliderail xwl battery door access
lapg sliderail xwl door access locking mechnism

The light uses 2 traditional CR123A batteries that lasts about 1.5 hrs, and it has very similar performance to Surefire X300U and Streamlight TLR 1.

At around 40 mins of constant on, the light begin to dim down as usual. We recommend top off the battery as soon as it starts to dim to keep it working at its peak performance.

For future LAPG SlideRail releases, it would be awesome to see a USB rechargeable model at this price range, so that the user can train with the light as much as they like without having to spend money on CR123A batteries.

Holster Selection

The LA Police Gear SlideRail XWL shares the same body profile as the Streamlight TLR 1, so it fits in any light bearing holsters that work with the TLR 1 or TLR 1 HL.

Having this feature enable the user to shop TLR 1 light bearing holsters freely without concerning that it won't be compatible.

Please check out these top TLR 1 light bearing holsters:

  • TRex Arms
  • Safariland Holster
  • Code 4 Defense
  • Bravo Concealment
  • PLHster

SlideRail XWL & Streamlight TLR 1 Side By Side Comparison

streamlight TLR 1 hl vs lapg sliderail xwl
streamlight TLR 1 hl vs lapg sliderail xwl mount
lapg sliderail xwl vs streamlight tlr 1 hl switches

Final Verdict


  • High performing light beam with a good throw for indoor and outdoor
  • Tight focused beam that reaches far
  • Fits Streamlight TLR 1 light bearing holsters
  • Adjustable position rail slot tab to fit on any railed pistol frame
  • Low cost alternative to a Streamlight TLR 1


  • Plastic battery access door locking mechanism can snap and break
  • CR123A battery technology could be replaced with rechargeable system
  • Control switch mode of operation isn't mirrored for both sides