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Olight Freyr multi color tac light

In this review guide, let's check out the NEW Olight Freyr tactical flashlight with multi-color & long distance throw capabilities as an all in one package.

The Freyr's low lumen multi-color feature makes the light perfect for various low light tasks instead of just using the white light.

Each color has its own unique applications mainly to reduce night vision impact to the users as well as other uses which we will discuss in the content below.

Is this the light for you?

Let's take a look at its features and how it can benefit you.

Olight Freyr side
Olight Freyr LED RGB
  • Lumen Intensity- 1750 Lm / 300 Lm / 5 Lm
  • Throw distance - 360m / 150m / 19m
  • Candela - 32400 Cd
  • Battery - 3.6V 21700 rechargeable battery
  • RGB lights - Red (30 lm), Green (60 lm), Blue (25 lm)
  • Waterproof - IPX8
  • Drop durability - 1.5 m
  • Length - 5.35"
  • Bezel diameter 1.59"
  • Weight - 7.13 oz (battery installed)

Who Can Use This Light

Olight has been making high end and super innovative flashlight products for the past 10+ years, and the Olight Freyr is the newest product that is great for everyday carry, duty use and outdoor low light activities.

  • Low light search
  • Nightstand emergency flashlight
  • Low light vision protection
  • Signaling (Multi Color)
  • Investigation
  • Long-range spotlight
  • Survival
  • olight freyr on backpack strap
    olight warrior x pro backpack lighting
    olight freyr traffic cone demo

    What's Included In The Packaging

    olight freyr packaging
    olight freyr included items in the packaging
    olight light holster bottom cutout
    • Olight Freyr (Battery included)
    • USB Charging cable
    • Silicone Traffic Wand
    • Pocket Clip
    • Holster
    • User Manual


    Core Features

    Lumen Intensity

    The Olight Freyr has up to 1750 lumens at the LED light bulb, and it also features 6 lumen intensity modes for various applications.

    Since the Freyr is an EDC light with added RGB multi color features, there are 4 lumen intensities:

    • Moonlight - 5 lumens
    • Red - 30 lumens
    • Green - 60 lumens
    • Blue - 25 lumens

    These low lumen modes for RGB are easy on the eyes for up-close tasks where the high lumen intensity isn't required such as reading things in the dark or search.

    To learn more about the various applications with RGB lights please click here.

    Candela & Hot Spot [360m Throw]

    light beam pattern olight freyr vs warrior x pro

    The light has a strong 32,400 candela rating and a far-reaching (200 meters realistically) hot spot for long-range low light illumination and target identification.

    It's a very useful feature for outdoor applications such as illuminating things in the dark as far as 100 -200 yards away, and the tight light beam helps punch the light far before it starts to diverge.

    In addition, the light spill is fairly wide for illuminating the surrounding up close with plenty of light to do what you need to do in the dark.

    Based on our test, the Olight Freyr's light beam performance is very much close to a hybrid between the Olight Warrior X Pro and the Olight M2R Warrior pro.

    However, since the reflector has three cutouts for the RGB lights, the light beam looks squarish when projected into the distance.

    Various RGB Lights Applications

    olight freyr multi color modes

    The RGB lights are integrated inside the reflector and each color has its own LED, and each color has its own special usage.

    Red - Red is particularly easy on the eyes in the low light environment without squinting or exposure to the harsh white light immediately.

    olight freyr red led
    • It's great for someone who just got up in the middle of the night
    • See things close up without giving away position from a distance

    Green - Green is the most visible and sensitive color to the human eye, and it's best used to preserve night vision by reducing the recovery time once the white light is turned off.

    olight freyr green led
    • Greenlight doesn't bother or alarm most animals for hunting purposes
    • Use for strong signaling

    Blue - Blue is the easiest color seen by the human eye and it's often used with fog headlights by cutting through the fog with a minimum reflection back. It's also the preferred light of choice when looking over equipment for inspection.

    olight freyr blue led
    • Extremely helpful spotting fish at night
    • See through foggy condition
    • Track leaking fluids

    but wait... there is more

    The silicon cone that comes in the packaging can go on the top of the light to be used like a omni directional traffic cone for better visibility from a distance.

    People can use it as a signaling device or a safety beacon.

    olight freyr tac light standing


    Magnetic Tail Cap That Mounts On Any Steel Surfaces

    The magnetic tail cap allows the user to operate the Olight Freyr using a tactical thumb grip, and it also allows the user to stick the light to any magnetic surfaces for providing a hands-free steady light mount.

    This is very helpful for car mechanics and anyone who needs low light illumination without holding the light.

    The magnetic tail cap is also an interface that works with the magnetic charging cable.

    Light Activation Switches [EDC & Tactical]

    olight freyr tail cap switch

    The Olight Freyr features two button activations.

    • Thumb button
    • Tail cap for tactical grip

    The multi-color LEDs can be only cycled via the thumb button as well as the strobe mode, and the main high power light beam can only be activated via the tail cap button.

    • A half-press on the tail cap activates 300 lumens
    • A full press activates 1750 lumens
    • A thumb press activates 5 lumens moonlight (Multicolor & White light)

    Both buttons have very positive controls and feedback with or without gloves. In addition, the switch comes with the standard extruded wings to protect the tail cap switch from accidental light discharge.

    • Press hold and release activates momentary
    • Quick press and release activates constant on

    The Freyr is very similar to the Olight M2R Warrior Pro as far as control features, but the Freyr doesn't allow the user to program the switch so that the user can activate the strobe.


    olight freyr 3.6v 5000 mah battery
    USB Charging Olight Freyr tac light

    The Olight Freyr features a rechargeable 3.6V 21700 battery with 5000 mAh capacity. Under normal moonlight intensity (5 lumens) use, the light will last about 15 days.

    When using the white light

    On turbo white LED mode, the battery drains the fastest with about 2 mins of constant on before the light automatically drops down to 850 lumens to prevent overheating. (How it works is listed below)

    • 1750 lumens - 2 mins
    • 850 lumens - 150 mins
    • 300 lumens - 28 mins

    Once the light cools down, the lumen intensity will go back to normal assuming there are still a lot battery juice left.

    When using the RGB lights:

    • 30 lumens RED - 22 hrs
    • 60 lumens Green - 14 hrs
    • 25 lumens Blue - 12 hours

    The user can also monitor the battery status by checking the power indicator located on the thumb button.

    olight freyr power status indicator

    To charge the battery, the package comes with Olight's 3rd generation magnetic MCC fast charging USB cable.

    What we like is that you save tons of money buying batteries, and you can recharge them on the go using a portable battery bank.


    olight freyr bezel

    The light is made out of aerospace grade aluminum and it's also rated IPX8 for total water submersion up to 2 meters and can withstand up to 1.5 meters drop.

    Under normal use, this thing is built to last without a doubt.

    The Freyr also features crenelated bezel, which is excellent when used as a striking tool to break glass, ice or use for personal defense, but it's not as sharp as other tactical lights out there for that particular use.

    In order to illustrate the durability of this light, there is no better way to show it than this:

    Final Verdict

    Olight has been making some very innovative products with great features and quality especially in the past few years.

    The new Olight Freyr is a hybrid between the Olight Warrior X Pro and the M2R Warrior Pro with added RGB feature for more versatile uses in various low light situations.

    Its high candela rating combined with a super tight hot spot throws the light beam far for better long range outdoor illumination.

    The Olight Freyr is as durable as the Olight M2R that can survive drop and normal everyday rough handling.

    In addition, the USB rechargeable feature makes this light a very economical choice for all types of users.

    Overall it's a great all in one type of tactical light better than any other RGB flashlights you can find at the hardware store. We highly recommend it for airport operation, warehouse operation, night search, outdoor, hunting and various activities.

    You can get a good deal by visiting OlightStore.com as they often run specials via coupon or season sales. 


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