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Primary Arms 1-6x24 SFP ACSS review

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The following is a review of Primary Arms 1-6x24mm Gen. III rifle scope. There are plenty of positives in this low-priced low power variable optic that we are going to talk about.

Primary Arms Inc. is a combination of scope, firearm accessory builder, and sports product distributor.

Primary Arms builds low-cost rifle scopes, offers plenty of features and most hands-on reviews give the PA 1-6xs24mm Gen. III high marks.

Technology has allowed scope manufacturers to build high performing products at a low cost for hunters and tactical customers.

This review will cover the following topics:

  • Specifications
  • Customers that fit well with the Primary Arms 1-6x24 Gen. III
  • Features
  • Patented ACSS reticles
  • Compatible Scope Rings

What's Inlcuded In The Box

primary arms 1-6x24 unboxing

When the Primary Arms Box arrives at your door, You get:

  • 1-6x24mm Gen. III Rifle scope
  • Warranty information
  • Owner’s documentation
  • Lens covers

Core Specs

Primary Arms 1-6X scope
primary arms 1-6x sfp side view
  • Length—10 inches
  • Tube Diameter—30mm
  • Weight—16.9 ounces
  • Objective Lens Diameter—24mm
  • Eye Relief—3.3 to 3.5 inches
  • FOV at 100 yards—1x=110 feet/6x-19.30 feet
  • Patented ACSS Reticle
  • Illuminated reticle using CR2032 battery

Primary Arms SLx Series of rifles scopes are designed for short-range, accurate shooting opportunities. These scopes are accurate and technologically advanced for the money.

The 1-6x24mm scope included in the SLx line-up is one of their newest and most advanced products. Several designs in the series feature the new ACSS reticle for hunters and competitive shooters who enjoy the sport.

Who Will Benefit From This Scope

3 gun shooting practice

Referenced Sandhill Shooting Sport

The Primary Arms 1-6X24 scope will appeal to hunters and competitive shooters who want excellent optics without paying a high price. 1-6x24 optics provide excellent ranging abilities out to a maximum of 800 yards.

Hunters firing from a tree stand find the 1-6x24 optics work well with its quick target acquisition. Sighting down from the tree stand or back along a deer trail, the ACSS reticle for hunting is the answer.

The Primary Arms second focal plane design keeps the reticle the same size at all magnification settings. This configuration gives the shooter quick and easy target acquisition at any magnification setting.

Robert, an experienced hunter, says, Great scope, great glass, and reticle, it amazed me at the amount of eye relief this scope allows. I’ve only used around 500 rounds, so far it seems very well built, and the ACSS reticle works great. The American mount is very nice, well built, and very easy to install.”

Primary Arms 1-6X SFP ACSS on AR15

Law enforcement can use the Gen. III scope for their AR platforms and short distance tactical operations. The scope is lightweight and only ten inches in length. With longer barreled AR rifles, there is plenty of room to mount additional equipment.

Primary Arms offers the ACSS Cyclops reticle for tactical situations. More advancements coming for this advanced reticle in the future.

Features of the PA 1-6x24 Gen. III

PA has given shooters a scope with a feature set comparable to products costing three or four times as much as the Gen. III.

  • The aluminum tube is fog and waterproof with an extremely comfortable eyepiece diameter of 45mm
  • The eyepiece diameter is suitable for bolt action rifles, allowing plenty of room when the bolt is moved into a reloading position
  • Glass on the Gen. III scope is multi-coated, giving shooters less than 0.1% loss of total available light. PA glass coatings give excellent image quality
  • True color fidelity; the shooter sees the exact target image as it appears in authentic life

ACSS Reticle

ACSS reticle

ACSS (Advanced Combined Sighting System) aiming point reticle sets this rifle scope apart from others in its class. A patented design optimizes tactical ranging and hunting situations. ACSS reticles offer a fast method for bullet drop compensation, leading moving targets, and heavy cross-winds.

ACSS reticles include several merged technologies. Each technology gives shooters excellent range-calculations with bullet drop holdover marks etched into the glass.

Hunting Reticles

  • ACSS Predator reticle stands up against the grueling demands of experienced hunters. This reticle is purpose built to give every hunter the information they need quickly
  • Combination of chevron tip, horseshoe, BDC lines & Wind dot hold. The Chevron’s tip directs the hunter’s eye to a precise point for fast target acquisition without obstructing the view
  • The ACSS predator reticle can be illuminated in either red, green, or daylight bright depending on the shooter’s hunting environment. Popular cartridges that work well with the ACSS are the.223 Remington, .308 Winchester, and the heavy 6.5 Grendel.
  • ACSS Orion reticle is an ideal aiming point if you need rapid target acquisition at every magnification setting. The Orion offers accurate bullet drop compensation information. Wind holds are calculated quickly for long-range shots.
  • Built specifically for hunters and is designed for the following ammunition;.308 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield, and.223 Remington. Orion reticles are accurate with hold-overs, bullet drop, and ranging out to 600 to 800 yards.

Orion reticles compensate for wind conditions as distance increases. Orion features hold-off points at 2.5-, 5-. And 10- mph cross-winds.

Tactical Reticle

ACSS cyclops reticle
  • ACSS Cyclops is Primary Arms reticle replacement for the red dot sight. The aiming point offers eleven brightness settings and gives the shooter nearly 3000 hours of continuous run time. If there is a power loss, the ACSS Cyclops shows a black aiming point. In a washed-out environment, this design can be useful in a high contrast point of aim.

This reticle needs as much eye relief as possible. In CQB optics or close-quarters battle, it is vital to keep a more extended eye relief for better target acquisition.

The Cyclops is a reticle for situational awareness and increasing your speed on target.

Learn More: How to effectively use ACSS DMR HUD Reticle

Recommended Scope Rings

One of the best aspects when choosing Primary Arms as the supplier of your sporting goods, they offer plenty of rings, mounts, and accessories. Bore sights, cleaning supplies and, and gun-smithing tools are available.

Primary Arms 1-inch Tactical Rings Extra High. They designed the rings for either a Picatinny or Weaver-style mount. They build these rings from high-grade aluminum and with a matte finish.

Seekins Precision 1” 4-Cap Scope Rings—Low Height. Machined from 7075-T6 Aluminum and serialized pair for the precision. 4-cap screws for greater clamping power against violent recoil.

Scalarworks LEAP/MAG Aimpoint Magnifier rings. Advanced Ultra rigid, low profile scope rings. Symmetrically profiled for right or left orientation.

What Are Others Saying

pew pew tactical primary arms 1-6x acss

Referenced PewPewTactical

From Pew Pew Tactical, Overall a glowing review for the Primary Arms 1-6x ACSS Gen III scope. If you’re starting out, or even if you are a decent competitor… you can’t go wrong. The next level up is double the price.”

The Truth About Guns recommends the ACSS Reticle, “In short, it’s freaking awesome. So awesome that variants of the ACSS are now available in Trijicon ACOGs, red dots, high-end 1-8x scopes, 4-14x, and 6-30x long-range scopes (with more granular, expanded ACSS reticles), and for other calibers like.300 Blackout, 7.62×39, and.22 LR.”

Wrap Up

The Primary Arms 1-6x24mm scope has the features a shooter would expect to find on a much more expensive scope. Add the ACSS reticle and this package makes for an unbeatable combination.

Not only does a shooter get a top notch scope but a lifetime warranty from the manufacture. Rifle scopes are high technology products that have changed dramatically in the last few years.

Scope builders are finding competition is very tough. Hunters and competitive shooters may not find a better time than right now to buy.