Is FN SCAR 16s Pistol Conversion Legal With Stabilizing Brace?

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There are very small groups of SCAR owners wanting to know if they can legally convert their SCAR rifle to a pistol with stabilizing brace.

The FN factory short-barrel SCAR barrel assemblies are readily available for about $1000, So they can have a short gun with a pistol brace. Can they do it legally?

So I did some research on what to do and what not to do, and here are what I found.

Can You Legally Convert An FN SCAR Rifle Into  A Pistol Without NFA Registration?

Before you do anything, make sure you don’t accidentally commit a felony. Firearm laws in the United States are already confusing enough, and the NFA laws are even more confusing. Sometimes people don’t remember them well nor familiar with it.

Is Converting SCAR into a pistol legal

According to  ATF rule [ 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(3); 26 U.S.C 5845(a)(3)-(4)], a firearm that was originally a rifle would be classified as a rifle. To convert it to a pistol, you need to file ATF Form 1.

In that case, converting to a pistol so that you can use a pistol brace is just stupid. You should just file ATF Form 1 and convert it into a registered  Short-Barrel Rifle, and use any stock you want on it.

Does FN even offer SCAR 16 in pistol platform?

No. FN has never released SCAR 16 or SCAR 17 in the pistol platform. However, SCAR owners can purchase short-barrel assembly for NFA SBR conversion.

There is a chance FN might release their brand new SCAR-SC subcompact in the pistol platform for the civilian market.

It’s Illegal For Pistol Brace On A Registered “Rifle” FN SCAR 16

You may have found parts like VLTOR SCAR receiver extension so you can put an SB Tactical SBA3 pistol brace on it. Be careful! Don’t do it.

We discussed earlier; it’s illegal to convert a rifle to a pistol without NFA registration. So you can’t convert your 16-inch length barrel SCAR into a pistol without any NFA process. If you want to make your SCAR short, then just make it an SBR.

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Are Short Barrel SCAR Rifles That Much Better?

For every standard barrel length rifle, there is a short barrel version made for law enforcement and military applications. The SCAR is a gas-operated, short-stroke piston system that greatly reduces fouling for greater reliability.

It’s still a 5.56X45mm rifle designed for close quarter combat. It has been tested and fielded with U.S. Special Operation Forces.

The SCAR is not as easy to modify like an AR15. The AR15 market has reached its unbelievable level of innovations; every year there are amazing parts and upgrades available. Everything from instant detachable barrels assembly to multi-purpose parts swap compatibility.

It has made AR15 still the number 1 rifle on the market. However, the SCAR platform has not seen much wicked cool innovations or upgrades.

Can You Build A SCAR Like An AR15?

There are some FN SCAR aftermarket parts available to purchase, but none of them are core SCAR rifle components. As far as my knowledge, right now you still cannot buy the SCAR upper receiver separately in the aftermarket.

So you are stuck paying for the whole rifle, then change the trigger, handguard, and grips.

AR15 vs SCAR17 upgrades

Will FN Release The SCAR-SC Subcompact Pistol In 2019?

FN has revealed their highly anticipated SCAR-SC Subcompact PDW at Shot Show 2018. Currently, we still haven’t seen any of it on the market for purchase. The gun is basically the same as a regular SCAR 16 except for the removal of the front flip-up sight & angled non-reciprocating charging handle.

SCAR-SC Subcompact

The compact configuration of the SCAR-SC got a lot of people’s attention. There are 3 butt-stock options so far, and I’m predicting that there will be a pistol stabilizing specifically made for the SCAR.

Let’s just wait and see what FN has planned for us in 2019.

At this point, there is no confirmation that FN will release the pistol version. If they do, it will be a hot selling product.

The Best Online Store To Order FN SCAR Short-Barrel Assembly

Aftermarket SCAR parts are not as readily available as the AR15 market. You can find 40 different aftermarket AR barrels, but as of now for complete SCAR barrel assemblies, you can ONLY get from FN, and they as expensive as buying a brand new rifle for about $1000-$1300.

Is Any Good Looking SCAR Butt Stock Available To Replace The UGG Boot Stock?

The UGG boot buttstock is one of the most hated rifle stock out there. By this time, SCAR owners should have already swapped out the stock with either the Mk20 stock or the Kinetic Development Group Masada Stock.

Kinetic Development Stock

Don’t you miss the Bushmaster ACR? Well the ACR rifle sucked based on poor public feedback, but its Masada buttstock is coming back to rescue the SCAR’s look.

Kinetic Development Group Masada Stock For SCAR 17

Kinetic Development Group partnered up with Magpul to make the Masada ACR stock compatible with your SCAR 16 or 17 rifles. When you buy the stock, it comes fully assembled with an after-market SCAR adapter.

It’s fully customizable with 7 telescoping adjustable positions and adjustable cheek riser to ensure maximum comfort and stability while in use. The stock can also fold to the side.  As always, it comes with QD sling sockets.

Check it out here for the best deal on OpticsPlanet. TRY COUPON CODE: WORK7 for 5% OFF.



Some people like to ditch the folding stock altogether. If that’s you, then the VLTOR SCAR adapter is what you need.

The adapter is made from 6061 T6 aluminum, and it has a rock solid collapsible feature that is compatible with standard AR15 style stock. It comes with a built-in adjustable height A2 Buffer Tube receiver extension.

It also has adjustable cheek riser and two QD sling sockets. Check it out here on OpticsPlanet. Try COUPON CODE: WORK7 for 5% OFF.


If you just want to get rid of that ugly ugg boot look without throwing away the OEM SCAR stock. We got something for you too. The VLTOR VSS-11 stock has a better beefier look and better features than the OEM SCAR buttstock.

It’s simple to install, and it comes with butt-pad and storage space. Check it out here on OpticsPlanet for the best deal.


Mesa Tactical Faro Telescoping SCAR Stock Adapter

Mesa Tactical SCAR adapter is a step down from the VLTOR because it’s basically the rear end of an AR15 receiver extension. It requires a stock adapter plate, a castle nut, and an A2 buffer tube.

The Faro adapter includes ambidextrous QD sling attachment points and fits both SCAR 16 and 17.