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vortex razor HD scope turrets

Should you use Loctite on scope rings? There are people using it without giving it a second thought and there are people who are against it.

Here is the practical recommendation:

Loctite on scope ring screws is optional, A very small "driplet" on the threads is good insurance. Never soaking the threads with loctite.

If you use it, please make sure to always use purple threadlocker 222 (NOT Blue) so it's removable and its low strength, and torque about 0.5 - 1 in-lb LESS than the torque specs given.

fix it sticks torque limiter attached

The reason is that Loctite can act as a form of lubricant before it solidifies, which can cause the screw to torque over the set torque value.

Over torque the scope just a little can damage the scope especially if the ring camp is around the erector tube assembly, and It will skew the turret and reticle accuracy.

Please reference our scope ring torque guide, where we have already gathered the info from major manufacturers

Purple Threadlocker 222

Loctite 222 is great for scope base and ring screws. It's low strength Loctite that won't result in screws being potentially stripped when removing them (poor quality screws).

If the screw or fastener sizes are from #2 through 1/4".