Sig Sauer BDX Scope Review – Calculates Holdover For You Automatically

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The brand NEW Sig Sauer BDX Scope is a state of the art aiming technology that calculates holdover for you automatically

You literally don’t have to think! Just input the data, and then point and shoot.

In the past,  snipers have to be super proficient on ballistics and science knowledge to deliver each shot accurately. There was no technology assisting them at all. If they miss they had to figure it out in their head.

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Smart Rifle In The Past

So far Tracking Point is only a precision rifle paired with smart optics that can do the job.

The sensor collects the range info, place the crosshair and shoot.

But! this whole setup the last time I check was about $7200 or more.

I have personally never shot that rifle, but the NEW Sig Sauer BDX system I’m going to talk about in this article is here to disrupt the long-range shooting industry.

You Just Do What The Smarts Riflescope Tells You

The brand new Sig Sauer BDX (Ballistic Data Xchange) SIERRA3BDX riflescope is perfect when it’s paired with the Kilo 1400 rangefinder. It’s the closest thing to a high tech smart rifle. You simply just:

  • Load the ballistic profile on the phone app
  • Range the target
  • Pair it up with your Sig BDX scope
  • Shoot with calculated holdover

 Let it completely eliminate all the guesswork for you, and make you dead accurate.

In this Sig Sauer BDX Review, I will break down what I like the most about this optic system.

The Best Sig BDX Combo I Recommend

What this scope is not for is for someone who completely relies on it, and refuses to learn the basics.

Sig BDX bluetooth pairing

Can I Trust The BDX For Every Shot Without Knowing Any Ballistics?

Let’s address the elephant in the room right now. Is this thing accurate enough to use without you ever knowing anything about ballistics

The answer is YES As long as you have picked the right BDX scope and range finder for your shooting distance. When you pair the ballistic data using your Sig BDX phone app, you can reach out to 900 yards without any problem.

This setup is essentially a digital dope chart; once the ballistic profile is set up, you’re good to go. You can use the rangefinder to communicate with the scope and adjust an LED within the scope. This will give you a precise holdover within about 1 MOA.

The Sig SIERRA BDX scope glass quality is crystal clear. The low light performance is better than what you would expect for a scope in this price range of $900 – $1399.

I based my decision to buy because it makes something complicated super simple to use. The Sig Sauer BDX is the best option on the market to buy. It will help you to shoot beyond 800 yards without manually calculating ballistics. Let the smartphone app and the holdover calculator help you.

On this site, I have created a resource page named 28 Weird Ballistic Effects to explain how to bullet flies in mid-air with visual illustrations, please check them out and it’s very valuable information.

Is The Sig Sauer BDX Phone App User-Friendly?

If you’re NOT tech savvy, please don’t be afraid. This system is very easy to use.

The phone app is FREE to download on Google Play.  There are the Sig Sauer 2400ABS app and Sig BDX. The purpose of this app is for you to load the ballistic profiles onto your phone.  You can use either one if you don’t have the Sig 2400ABS, then download the Sig BDX app.

Sig BDX Phone App

In the app

You can set the following:

  • Temperature
  • Wind Speed
  • Pressure
  • Altitude
  • Distance
  • Compass calibration ( Coriolis effect)
  • Gun profiles
  • Ballistic profiles

I’m A Beginner, Should I Use This To Start?

As a beginner, you should use this to get a feel of what it’s like to shoot long range rifles. There is nothing better than hearing that 600-yard gon rang when you hit it.

I didn’t know anything about ballistics when I first started, and learning ballistics is beneficial to your overall skills; Otherwise, you’re just wast bullets. Eventually, you end up leaving the range feeling disappointed.

The Sig BDX system is great for someone starting new. The system takes care of everything for you. It keeps the new shooters engaged and shooting fun. It also teaches them some ballistics along the way without annoying math or science.

If you’re going to shoot beyond 400 yards, I think you got to have this setup along with a rangefinder, which the Sig Kilo 1400 BDX that can range out past 800 yards.

Must I Use A Sig Rangefinder?

One of the first question I asked myself before I got my Sig Sauer BDX SIERRA3 6.5-20X 52MM was – Is a Sig BDX range finder required for the whole system to work?

The answer is NO. The purpose of using the Sig Kilo series rangefinder is to gather range and full ballistic data. NExt, you immediately link it up to the Sig BDX app and the DX scope, which I will talk about the phone app next.

Another way is to manually input data such as wind, altitude, temperature to the app, then link it to your scope. What do you think is easier?

By pushing only one button on the Sig Kilo 1400 rangefinder can give you all the wind hold solution and the ballistic solution you need before you take a shot. What this means to the shooter are time and effort savings. Just point, Bluetooth synch the data and go.

Whenever you range the target, the blue light on the scope will indicate you that the scope has received the ballistics data from your rangefinder.  It will then illuminate the holdover points in the reticle, and put your shot on the target.

This process calculates the shooting distance, cosine angle, ballistic coefficient, wind, altitude, pressure, muzzle velocity, bullet weight, and temperature within a second for you. So you no longer have to think, adjust clicks or do the math. Just range the target, place the calculated holdover on the target, and squeeze the trigger. It’s just that easy, and this is why the Sig BDX is so awesome.

I highly recommend getting the  Sig Sauer Kilo 1400 for only $250, and pair it up with your BDX scope to have the whole experience.

Get The Kestrel To Boost Accuracy

Kestrel 5700

Since the Sig Sauer BDX system is so technically advanced, it will give you all the power you need to be accurate. Pairing that up with the Kestrel 5700 to gather all the weather and atmospheric information to give you more accuracy. 

The Kestrel 5700 is an applied ballistics calculator. It takes the guesswork out of long-range shooting. It’s a rugged and reliable all-in-one tool. It can calculate applied ballistics firing solutions out to extreme long distance.

What’s cool is that you can pair everything up and be more accurate.

How Does It Calculate The Holdover For You Accurately?

Once you have the most accurate ballistic information loaded onto the app and paired it up with the scope and the range finder, there will be an LED inside the reticle that’s adjusting up and down and place a hold for that particular distance.


Can An Un-Savvy Tech Person Use It Without Any Problem?

Yes, if you’re living in 2018 with your smartphone daily, then you know how to work the system. This turned something super complex into something very simple for people to use. When I first used it on the range, I was so excited that I hit the target beyond 600 yards that I couldn’t with my regular scopes.

Applied Ballistic Calculator

Just the fact that the BDX system took the complicated math out of the equation for me, I was very happy shooting with it, and I hope other scope companies will catch up to the innovation that Sig Sauer has created.

Final Thoughts on The Sig Sauer BDX System For Long Range Shooters

When I first started long range shooting, I had no idea how to start or know how to zero my rifle. The Sig Sauer BDX system is made to completely take the complex ballistics out of the equation.

If there is anything you want under a reasonable price for a smart optics, then the BDX setup is the best thing so far. It uses Bluetooth technology to calculate the exact holdover for the most accurate shot.
If you want to reach to 500-800 yards without investing $7000-$10000, then the Sig BDX set up is for you. However, also remember not to let this be your crutch. You need to learn how you can shoot without the computer telling you what to do.