Here are 4 best red dots for Smith Wesson Equalizer right out of the box.

 We picked these based on overall performance, size, durability and price.

Let's check them out.

Best Smith Wesson Equalizer Red Dots

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  • Best Overall
  • Best Reticle
  • Best For The Money
  • Best Weatherproof

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Holosun 507K X2 - Best Overall

holosun 507k x2 side view

The Holosun HS507K X2 micro RMSc red dot sight is one of the best red dot sight for Smith Wesson Equalizer and it fit flush with the width of the slide.

Fast Target Red Dot Acquisition - Similar red dot tracking experience as the full size 507C but much slimmer width

Snag free holster draw - The red dot sight can go in and out of the holster smoothly without getting in the way for IWB and OWB holsters.

Activates via motion sensor - The Holosun ShakeAwake technology helps the user to save battery juice when in idle

No Sight Removal Required - Load the battery from the side tray instead of the bottom. No sight removal or re-zeroing required


  • Just the right size for SW Equalizer
  • Very durable for self defense use
  • Reticle lock out mode for concealed carry


  • Need some slide filing to fit (No mounting plate required)
  • ShakeAwake is useless if carrying the gun all the time

Holosun 507K ACSS - Best Reticle

holosun 507c acss reticle

The ACSS reticle allows the shooter to quickly acquire the dot inside the window. The shooter can reacquire the dot by following the circle que back to the center. Everything about the optic is the same as the 507K X2

Swampfox Sentinel 2 - Best For The Money

swampfox sentinel II window size

The Swampfox Sentinel 2 is one of the top selling red dots for micro compact handguns and it's 10X better than its Generation 1 model. It mounts DIRECTLY to the Smith Wesson Equalizer optic ready slide without any modification

Completely Upgraded From Gen 1 - It uses the same 7075 T6 aluminum body but now it's much beefier and more bad ass looking. One thing I like the most is the improved positive feedback turrets.

Bigger 1X20mm Window - See more within the field of view to track the reticle than the Gen 1 model

Extra Protection - The recessed glass beef up the lens hood from barricade racking, drop and other physical impact to protect the internals. (Sold separately)

Low Profile Lens Hood - Aim with both eyes open without thick lens frame getting in the way 


  • Easiest RMSc red dot optic to install
  • Recoil proof on snappy 9mm micro compact pistol recoil
  • Beefier body
  • Optional iron sights


  • Non obstructive FOV
  • Non physical or audible feedback MOA turrets

Holosun EPS Carry - Best Weatherproof

holosun eps carry sig p365

The Holosun EPS Carry is the most anticipated micro red dot sight with fully enclosed body design for conceal carry pistols with 2 different reticle systems to choose from. The 6 MOA reticle is recommended for pistol use and for users with astigmatism. 

Closed Emitter - Fully weatherproof against dirt, water and other debris from entering the optic 

K Pattern Mounting Footprint - It uses the RMSc footprint

Side Battery Access - Easily swap the battery from the side tray without sight removal

Solar Powered - Buyers can choose between the solar panel model or without


  • Directly fits on RMSc footprint
  • Solar panel provides backup power
  • Long battery life
  • Full weatherproof


  • Another open emitter design