Surefire Pressure Switch Not Working [Fixes & Upgrades]

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Is your Surefire pressure switch not working to activate the light reliably for some weird reason?

Here are potential problems:

  • Low battery or poor battery contact
  • Light head or tail cap problems (Surefire DS00 tail cap is a rock-solid product, just make sure to screw it on tight)
  • Cord has worn out over time due to excessive bending
  • Not supporting the power output
MODLITE plhv2 with surefire pressure switch plug

We are going to recommend a couple of things to help users out.

Better Pressure Switch Products On The Market

These new cables have a thick cord, better electrical contact, and higher quality switches.

Check out these pressure switches here

ModButton or HotButton

original modbutton and modbutton lite combo

Avoid bending the cord as much as you can. Users who want to optimize the cable routing on the handguard space should take a look at the new ModButton or HotButton.

What's great about these pressure switches is the angled plug so it automatically tucks in the cable. The cables are made to support higher output lights, tighter electrical surface contact, and the pressure switch build quality is much more tactile and responsive.


mk18 with tnvc taps switch

TNVC TAPS switch is a newer and better option than the Surefire dual plug SR07. The surefire plug and the laser plug stay tight on DBAL or APTIAL.

It works great on Surefire and MODLITE products.

unity tactical TAPS FDE

Unity Tactical produces the same plug and cable, so you get the same cord quality as ModButton and HotButton. One thing we absolutely love about TAPS is its ability to mount on MLOK, KeyMod or M1913 all in one unit design.

Unlike the rubber made Surefire SR07, it may slip off the rail without zip tie. When you use TNVC TAPS, it's securely mounted on the handguard using screws without zip tie or cheap tape.