Surefire X300U VS XH35 – Side By Side Comparison Reviews

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surefire xh35 vs

Today we are taking a look at Surefire X300U VS XH35 in a Comparison review.

The most obvious differences are the newly added features for the NEW XH35:

  • Adjustable lumen intensities
  • Strobe mode
  • Significantly less candela (5K cd)

Both are high end pistol weapon lights costs around $250 street price. But if you can only get one, get the Surefire X300U, which we will show side by side spec & visual comparisons and explain why.

Surefire X300U VS Surefire XH35 Comparison - Which One To Buy?

Best Defensive Use
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Surefire x300 gif
  • Intensity: 1000 Lumen 
  • Candela: 11300 cd
  • Battery: 2 CR123A
  • Benefits: World's best MIL-SPEC weapon light, Non-lethal intense light center beam to blind threats.,aps,200&sr=8-4&th=1&linkCode=ll1&tag=hkvp9wpnlght-20&linkId=0da916211443725ef7a383703522738e&language=en_US
Wide Illumination
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surefire xh35 weapon light
  • Intensity: 300 - 1000 Lumen MaxVision (2 Modes) + Strobe
  • Candela: 5000 cd
  • Battery: 2 CR123A
  • Benefits: MaxVision LED wide spill illumination, Toggle strobe mode, Ergonomic Controls

For Personal Defense To save you time researching, get the Surefire X300U-B instead of XH35.

The one biggest deciding factor is the Candela ratings.

Here is why...

Lumen Intensity & Candela - X300U Is Way Better

blind threats
Referenced Movie "All the Devil's Men"

Higher lumen intensity doesnt mean shit if the Candela is so low to the point where it's no longer effective for blinding a threat at distance.

  • Surefire XH35: 1000 & 300 lumens dual output (High & Low)
  • Surefire X300U: 1000 lumens single output
XH35 strobe and toggle switch

1000 lumens is recommended over the 500 lumens if the candela rating is high.

To put things into perspective, a 500 lumens Surefire X300U (11300 candela) works better than a 1000 lumens Surefire XH35 with just 5000 candela.

What's The Deal with Candela?

The higher the candela ratings, the hotter the beam center is for:

  • Penetrate through ambient light, fog, urban low light environment without dimming down
  • Illuminates far
  • Keep safe distance away from the threat while still blinding them with concentrated beam pattern
  • Way more effective in personal defense than a low candela light

Learn More: Candela Explained

Compare the two lights below:


If you have been picking the random light beam patterns in the past without fully understand it, we are here to help!

As you can tell the Surefire X300U has a concentrated light beam, and the NEW Surefire XH35 has a wider peripheral illumination instead. These two are significantly different.

For Self Defense Use

For self defense and long range positive target identification, the X300U beam pattern is highly recommended.

For indoor, close range applications, the XH35 is more appropriate for a helmet mounted light based on our honest opinion.

Unfortunately, the NEW XH35's “Maxvision” beam pattern felt like a room flood lamp light instead of being thrown downrange towards your target.

Floodlights can have certain advantages over spotlights, but we prefer a much tighter, more focused weapon light.

Weight - Almost The Same

The weight of these two weapon lights feels solid and weigh below 5 oz with batteries installed.

The XH35 does weigh 20% heavier, but it doesn't feel any different.

  • Surefire X300U: 4 oz
  • Surefire XH35: 4.8 oz

Mounts - T Slot Is Better!

Xh35 vs x300u mount

Both the X300U-B and XH35 offer the T Slot screw mount.

This is a better upgrade from the X300U-A, because the T slot screw mount is robust and you no longer have to jam it onto the rail if it's too tight.

It works for pictianny rail on pistols and rifles.


XH35 battery

Both use CR123A with a run time on average 1 hr on max lumen output.

The battery access door is the same for both lights.

Get some Surefire CR123A here.

Holster Fit

The XH30 is compatible with Surefire’s Masterfire holster, which is very new to the market.

The X300 and XH30 don't share the same kydex holster mold.

For the best custom holster for light and gun combo, please check out: