Trijicon RMR Proper Screw Torque Setting

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Here are the Trijicon RMR proper screw torque setting when mounting the optic on optic plates and handgun slides.

How Much Torque Do You Need For RMR Screws

fix it sticks torque trijicon rmr

For mount Trijicon RMR or SRO on optic-ready handgun slides: 10 to 12 in lbs is a good torque range.

Be sure to use an adjustable torque wrench. We recommend the Fix It Sticks or REAL AVID Smart TORQ

What Size Are RMR Screws?

5/16” and 1/4″
Fully Threaded
Head Diameter
Head Height

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Do You Loctite RMR Screws?

Adding blue loctite to RMR screws is okay, but it's not necessary. Loctite is a lubricant before it dries, which can make the threads slip. So a 10 in-lbs torque may actually be ~12 in-lbs, and it's hard to tell.

Do not use red loctite on RMR screws.

Is The RMR Sealing Plate Necessary

If you're putting a RMR on your pistol, you have to use a sealing plate. This is because the sight's width is bigger than the gun, so the bottom part with the battery and electronics can be exposed. This means moisture can get in and mess up the sight. 

Get RMR sealing plate here before you torque down those screws

Is RMR Screw The Same As Holosun 507C?

No. Trijicon RMR screws may look similar to Holosun 507C, but they are not.

Dedicated Holosun 507C screws have a slight extrusion to flush fit the optic.


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