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Are there Trijicon SRO problems that people don't know about? In this quick user guide, let's go over 6 things Trijicon SRO users need to know.

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Shell Ejection Port Jam

trijicon sro ejection port jam

The Trijicon's overhang lens frame can get in the way of shell ejection. Depend on where the ejection pattern angle is, and how fast the slide is cycling. There is a chance that the overhang can jam the slide.

It doesn't happen a lot, but Yes, it can be one of Trijicon SRO problems.

Trijicon SRO Lens Frame Isn't Duty Grade

trijicon rmr vs sro side by side

The Trijicon SRO's thin lens frame isn't the same as the original RMR with that beefy rounded corners to absorb heavy point impact.

The Trijicon SRO is a range and competition optic built with the same 7075 T6 aluminum body as the RMR. It's great for many shooting applications.

trijicon sro

For duty use, please go with the Trijicon RMR type 2 or Holosun 507C

Brightness Lock Out Mode

trijicon sro side view

Trijicon SRO features auto dimming feature to save battery.  The optic features Lock Out modeLock In mode and User setting mode that most users don't spend much time investigating how it actually works.

Trijicon SRO's default mode is the automatic mode, which means the optic AUTOMATICALLY adjusts to ambient light. This is where many SRO users get frustrated when the reticle always dims after use. 

The newer Trijicon RMR HD fixes the issue by using a forward sensor that automatically adjust the brightness based on the lighting conditions from the target.

The Manual Brightness Lock In Mode allows the user to set a brightness setting from 1 to 8, then hold either button for 3 seconds to lock the setting. The dot will blink to indicate you did it right.

The Lock Out Mode is basically automatic mode with manual adjustment with a 16.5 hour reset timer.

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Voltage Drop

trijicon sro battery access

A drop in battery voltage can cause the Trijicon SRO to shut off, though this typically indicates an issue with the battery itself. Simply just swap out the battery and you are good to go.

One positive feature the Trijicon SRO offers is the top loading battery access, so the user doesn't have to demount the optic or re-zero.

Blurry Reticle

Trijicon SRO impacted by melting snow

While most people think the reticle has problem displaying a crisp dot. The problem is actually people's vision. Most people have astigmatism, but they don't know it. 

trijicon sro pov indoor

Most red dot sight will have this problem especially when using a 1 MOA or 3 MOA or 6 MOA. If you have astigmatism, the Trijicon SRO's dot will definitely look blurry and smeared because the smaller the dot the more emitter starburst there is.

Trijicon SRO offers a 5 MOA dot model, which is a better choice for pistol red dot shooters as well as using it as an offset optic on a carbine or shotgun.

Another issue could be dirty lens emitter

Open Emitter Issue

Most open emitter red dot sight design attracts dirt. Sometimes it can fog up the emitter like this, or if mud or water get in there:

trijicon sro open emitter led
trijicon sro dealign with snow

If the user drops the gun with the Trijicon SRO in mud, snow, or a sand pit and debris enters the optic, they must clean the lens before the reticle can clearly project.

holosun 509t buried in snow

This is where enclosed emitter red dot sights are getting more popular. Optics like Holosun 509T, Aimpoint ACRO, the new Trijicon RCR and others are coming up with better projects to prevent this problem.