Vortex Razor UH-1 vs EOTech EXPS2 – Holographic Sights Comparison

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You only got one rifle and you want to pair it with the newest holographic sights, and after all the research you came down to two options, it’s Vortex RAZOR AMG UH1 vs EOTech EXPS2.

Two sights under $600 and many people want to know:

So which one to buy?

EOTech has been officially proven on the real battlefield, and Vortex RAZOR UH-1 holographic sight has not. Based on that fact alone, people would pick the EOTech EXPS2 over the Vortex AMG UH-1.

However, not everyone buys optic based on what the military uses or what they see in the movies, and there are the difference and unique features of both we gonna cover in this article.

vortex uh1 vs eotech exps2 holographic sights

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Vortex Razor AMG UH1 vs. EOTech EXPS2 Comparison Chart

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eotech exps3 on combat rifles

EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sight, black EXPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight, black
397 Reviews
EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sight, black EXPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight, black
  • EOTECH EXPS3-0: Holographic weapon sight in tan with 68MOA ring and 1 MOA dot reticle
  • NIGHT VISION COMPATIBLE: Works with all Gen 1-3 night vision devices
  • SIDE BUTTON OPERATION: Compact design and side button operation consumes minimal rail space and is ideal for use with a G33 Magnifier
  • MOUNT: Quick detach lever fits 1" weaver and MIL-STD 1913 rails

Vortex UH1

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What To Look for in AMG UH1 & EOtech?

Price: Do you care to spend more?

The EOTech EXPS2 cost right around $550 or you can get a sweet deal on OpticsPlanet if you use WORK7 for 5% OFF.

The Vortex RAZOR AMG UH-1 cost only $400, $150-ish cheaper than the EOTech.

From the price perspective, the Vortex UH1 is a steal for the quality and performance its got, which we will compare the two next.

Size & Weight: Do you want to be low profile?

The Vortex RAZOR AMG UH-1 feels like a larger sight due to the hood extending all the way forward, it feels bulky, but it’s almost the same length and width as an EOTech, and also weigh the same.

If picking a perceivably low profile optic, then I will pick the EOTech over the UH1.

For the stylish look in 2019 and beyond, then go with the Vortex RAZOR AMG UH-1.

Performance: Must hold zero & handle recoil

Both optics will get a 5 star for holding zero on hard recoil rifle. You will get what you want from either one.

As long as you ensure the battery compartment stay tight and shut, you won’t run into the issue where the sight just dies on you.

Another thing to pay attention to is their mounting platform, which contributes to how rugged it stays on the rifle.

Mount Differences

Eotech exps2 vs vortex uh1 huey qd mount

How an optic stays secure on the rifle is important for accuracy and zero. I’m happy to say both optics come with QD mounts that will fit on any mil-spec or non-standard rail systems.

In addition, both sights come with super high-quality Quick Detach lever with adjustable tension screws to hold it tight on the rifle without any wobbling.

Reticles Difference

Reticle size eotech exps2 vs vortex amg uh1

Both optics offer a 1 MOA center dot and a 65 MOA outer reticle for range estimation. The AMG UH-1 holographic reticle is similar to the EOTech, but with a little triangle on the bottom for offset holdover point.

They are built for optimal target engagement in a wide range of scenarios.

There is more… they’re both compatible with magnifier scopes for bringing targets at 100 – 200 yards closer. you can check out our favorite picks here.

Note: Shooter should focus on the target instead of the reticle when they do the reticle will sharpen up.


Here is the rule of thumb to remember, there is no such thing as 100% parallax free. All holographic reticles will have a little parallax ESPECIALLY at super close distances, and then perfectly straight for extended ranges.

Parallax is extremely important for shooting under a car, odd angles or other improvised shooting positions, where the shooter’s eye doesn’t always align with the sight.

Holographic reticles typically have good parallax due to the way it’s projected onto the lens.

The Vortex RAZOR AMG Uh-1  has superb parallax similar to an Aimpoint T2, about 1.5 MOA off at a close-up target. That’s as good as it gets for most modern optics.

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Objective Window: Bigger the view, the better situational awareness

The EOTech generally speaking has a big field of view, many people like it over the Aimpoint is because of the large field of view without any tube effect. The Vortex RAZOR UH-1’s field of view is similar to the EOTech with a bit vertical stretch that appears to be more squared.

For better situational awareness, both optics delivery the result. If you had to pick one, I would go with the EOTech for its super clear lens without any tint.

Lens Quality

The EOTech has the clearest lens coating with no tint or glare. The Vortex RAZOR AMG has a bit of tint when you look through the sight.

It doesn’t really distract you on a sunny day, but its unnoticeable if you don’t pay attention to it.

If I had to pick lens quality alone, then I would go with the EOTech.

Long Battery: Do you want hassle-free?

One unique feature that the Vortex RAZOR AMG offers is the USB charging port. In my opinion, it’s a cool piece of technology added to a firearm optic, but with readily available CR123A, it’s pointless to have a USB port to recharge your battery.

In this fight, however, the Vortex UH-1 Huey has 2X more battery life than the EOTech with a total average of 1500 hours

None of Them Are Night Vision Capable

If you answer yes to night vision shooting, then you’re out of luck with both of these optics.

However, if that’s something you need, then get the EOTech EXPS3, which has a night vision setting.

Waterproof / Fogproof

Both optics are perfectly sealed, and there is nothing to worry about. Most optics out there have this specification handled without any problem.

Final Thoughts on Razor UH-1 VS EOTech

I hope you enjoyed this holographic sights product review comparison between the  Vortex RAZOR AMG UH-1 vs EOTech EXPS2. Here are some final thoughts.

For just $399 with extended long battery life without constantly changing the battery every other month, I would go with the Vortex RAZOR AMG.

In addition, the RAZOR AMG UH-1 holographic sight brings a unique and cool look to the market. It looks like something from Call of Duty Black Ops or some Sci-Fi action movies.

If you want night vision feature and something that has the proven record on the battlefield, then go with the EXPS3.