Why Are Shooting Glasses Yellow

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Not all shooting glasses are yellow, but for the ones that has yellow tint, they enhance contrast and make lighting brighter than it is to improve overall visual acuity for the shooter.

The yellow tint help to filter out UV light rays. In another word, it negates the blue of UV light to help boost depth perception and create ease of focus.

Why Does It Matter? - Blue light can obscure vision and can make things a little blurry. Yellow tint shooting glasses may not look the best, but once the shooter gets used to the color, it makes a big difference for competitive shooters to aim better.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduce UV light
  • Helps see and discern objects
  • Boost depth perception

However, if you have have difficulty seeing the iron sight or red dot reticle clearly due to poor vision or astigmatism.

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Other Options

leupold deltapoint pro red dot indirect sunlight

Gray shooting glasses can reduce glare in bright sunlight, but it doesn't enhance the target clarity.

Polarized shooting lenses can reduce light reflecting off flat surfaces to enhance outdoor vision.

Photochromic lenses darken automatically in response to sunlight when exposed to UV rays, and this helps a lot for shooting into the sunlight or driving facing the 5pm sun. Then it will return to clear state after a few minutes.