What Do We Do?

BadAssOptic focuses on 3 main topics:

  • Sighting Systems
  • Weapon Lights
  • Firearm Accessories

We strive to make everyday gun-related web content more interesting and engaging for everyone with blog posts and videos. Please check out our social links below for more.

Visually Engaging

p365 with tlr 7 sub top down

Making gun-related content as visually appealing as possible.

On Point

Explain firearm lingos in simple terms that anyone can understand

torquing keymod rail section on handguard


Learn interesting things about firearm accessories and tools

2A Support

Above all, we fully support the second amendment and wish everyone out there to be safe, free and have some fun.

Website Background

missileer ying

My name is Ying Xu, and I created this website while serving as a USAF ICBM officer in 2017. My background in Aerospace Engineering wasn't the reasons for me to start this project. My goal is to provide more engaging and concise firearms content.

Having spent many years around firearms, I understand that subtle factors such as structure, temperature fluctuations, moisture, weight, and metal expansion play a critical role in determining the reliability of any firearm product. I ensure that I thoroughly test them in a reasonable manner before recommending them to my visitors.

While most brands can't hyper focus on discuss these small details. This is where affiliate partners like us can fill in the gap to provide nuanced information to be helpful.

How Product Reviews Are Done

We purchase the majority of the products we test, and occasionally we borrow equipment from others. Products are judged based on civilian applications only.

holosun 515gm mount

To ensure objectivity, we often refrain from accepting products from our affiliate partners as much as possible. If we do receive any products, we disclose this information in our content.

Our initial reviews are based on initial user feedback and field experience, without subjecting the products to immediate rigorous tests. It is not always feasible to fully review a firearm product right from the start in one week or 2 weeks, but we consistently update our content over time as problems appear.

Optics Testing

trijicon rmr durability test

Scopes and red dot optics are judged based on these criteria from the highest priority to the lowest priority. Lowest priority doesn't mean it's not important:

trybe optics optic mount broke
  1. Does the optic retain zero without introducing drop test?
  2. Does the optic retain zero on mounts when shooting live rounds?
  3. Does the optic retain zero after a few drops or bumps?
  4. Can the optic keep moisture and fog away / Weatherproof?
  5. Are turret adjustment knobs easy to adjust in the field without tool?
  6. Are reticle options offered helpful for specific shooting applications?

Weapon Light Testing

  1. Does the beam pattern provide adequate close up and long range illumination
  2. Can the light be activated reliably when the button is pressed
  3. Can the light circuit withstand live ammo recoil ?
  4. What's the longest battery life for maximum output before diming down?
  5. Accessories for light product available?
cloud defensive rein on mk18 outdoor

Some light products are better than others, and we use them as is based on what they are designed for. 

If something breaks, we will show the why, how and the context of the usage to give buyers accurate information.


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  • Product availability, pricing, and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the manufacturer's website or authorized dealers for the most up-to-date information.
  • Any opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the website or any affiliated organizations.
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