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34mm scope ring on Vortex Razor HD

In this scope accessory guide, let's check out the best 34mm and 35mm scope rings for your precision rifle scope. If you have a 30mm diameter rifle scope please visit this page.

There are many things you can go cheap on gun accessories, but the scope and its mounts are not negotiable.

The difference between a 34mm vs 30mm scope is that the larger size scope has extra elevation and windage adjustments for distance shooting.

If that's what you're looking for you're at the right place. If you don't have a long-range rifle scope yet, please check out here.

To save you time here are some of the best 34mm scope rings.

Best 34mm Scope Rings

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Badger Ordnance

badger ordnance 34mm scope rings on m14 EBR rifle
Image Referenced US Army

Badger Ordnance has been making military-grade precision riflescope ring mounts for over 30 years. Leading the industry with high quality, tight tolerance mounts used on US Army Barrett M107, M110, Remington 700 and many more.

The Badger 34mm scope rings are best for dedicated long-range scopes such as 50 BMG, AR10, Remington 700, M1A, M14 EBR, M134 type rifles and many more.


Warne scope mounts go back to the 1950s in Australia, they are an industry leader for making vertically split scope ring.

Rugged, precise and easy to use, providing high value per dollar. The Warne scope accessories are extremely popular across the globe including New Zealand, Africa, Sweden, and Midwest America.

Warne scope rings are made using the Sintered steel process, the end product is heated treated where the powdered steel mold into a solid piece, which is the same process used by Porsche and BMW when connecting rods used in their engines.

Recommended for hunting rifles and long-range competition rifles

Seekins Precision

seekins precision 34mm ring mounts

Seekins Precision is fairly new to the industry, but its positive product reputations have been spread everywhere. Similar to Vortex scope rings as far as to look and feel.

So why should you pick Seekins Precision over others? This is not an easy answer because it's just as good as others with CNC 7075-T6 construction, serialized pairs, center recoil lug, and grade 8 T25 Torx screws to ensure proper scope mount and accuracy.

Available in 4 different mount heights you can choose from.

Recommended for bolt guns like Remington 700, Tikka T3x, T3 TAC, Ruger Precision rifle and others.

Vortex Optics

Vortex 34mm scope rings

Vortex makes great entry-level optics and high-end precision rifle scopes for long-range shooting. Their precision matched rings are serialized, made with 7075 T6 billet aluminum with about 0.0005″ machining tolerance using CNC.

It's rugged, lightweight with grade 8 fasteners to ensure solid mounting and shot accuracy.

Recommended for bolt guns like Remington 700, AR10, Mossberg MVP, Bergara precision rifles.

Nightforce 34mm Ultralite

Nightforce 34mm scope rings
Image Referenced ShotShow

NightForce is another optics manufacturer that also catalogs scope mount bases and scope rings. Nightforce rings are so precisely machined and honed in pairs for perfect fit of scope tubes.

Nightforce Ultralite series consists of ring bodies built from 7075- T6 hard-anodized aluminum and cross bolts and jaws machined from beta titanium alloys.

Using this combination, the Nightforce Ultralite 34mm set of rings is almost 50% lighter than steel counterparts.

Whereas the set of rings weigh just over 3.1oz in high variant, their construction provides exceptional strength, making them actually stronger than steel.

NF Ultralite rings provide perfect alignment and accuracy due to a load-bearing recoil lug placed on a grade eight cross-bolt.

Nightforce rings are precisely manufactured to fit mil-std-1913 bases, but for the best result, it is recommended to install on 20 MOA bases.

  • Ring Diameter (mm) – 34
  • Height: High (Base to Bottom of Tube) – 0.455″
  • Weight (oz) – 3.5

Barrett Zero-Gap 34mm Rings

Barrett 50 BMG Scope Rings
Image Referenced GUNS.com

Barrett's Zero-Gap 34mm rings are made from 7075 aluminum and it offers a super tight grip under heavy recoil without adding additional weight.

In other words, the ZERO-GAP system allows the shooter to have perfect alignment and maintain equal gap between the lower ring and the ring cap while the cap screws are being torqued.

Not sure how much torque to apply to your ring mount screws? Check Out This Guide

In addition, the ZERO GAP rings are available for 34mm in a variety of heights from low mount to large objective lens optic rifles.

Definitely recommended for sharp recoil rifles like .50 BMG, 300 Weatherby magnum, 338 Lapua Magnum.

Best 35mm Scope Rings

Size of 35 mm main tube is a rarity, but there are even a larger tube (35mm or 40mm) sizes.

Most 35mm rings are usually very wide, with at least 20mm width in order to create a large contact surface between the scope bodies and the mounts.

Spuhr 35mm Interface Sako/Tikka Optilock Scope Rings – 2x Interfaces

The Spuhr single-piece mounts are the most popular for the top shooters, making them one of 3 favored brands in the PRS community.

For the hunters, Spuhr developed a line of Hunting Series rings known for their lightweight and streamlined design.

The Spuhr SAKO Interface rings are purpose-built for use on SAKO's line of OptiLock bases and not directly to the rifles.

The elegant Hunting Series set consists of one ring fitted with a Spuhr interface top cover designed for mounting a red dot.

Spuhr SAKO Interface scope rings for 35 mm tube are machined of 7075 T651 single billet aluminum and will outperform steel construction rings.

Ring Diameter (mm) – 35
Height: High (Base to Bottom of Tube) – 0.91″
Weight (oz) – 2.9

Common FAQ

Should bolt guns use a one-piece scope mount?

It depends on your preferences, budget and the most important what you plan to shot with your bolt action rifle.

Compared to the two-piece scope mounts, the one-piece scope mount is more rigid than 2-piece mount and it provides the scope rings to be automatically aligned.

On the flip side, the single-piece mounts tend to make loading of bolt guns difficult because of chamber clearance issues.

Although they offer perfect scope alignment, the prevailing opinion is that one-piece scope mounts are more suitable for tactical rifles like the AR-15.

Should the shooter raise mount height or stock cheek weld?

The general rule of the mount's height is the lower the scope is mounted to the barrel, the better.

When it comes to precision shooting, you want the bell housing to be closer to the bore's axis because It will provide a more consistent sight picture and the overall precision of your rifle.

Mount height depends on the objective lens diameter. For bolt action rifles, the smaller objective bells (36 to 42mm) means low height scope mounts and rings, and the high-profile optic (50 to 56mm) should need suitable high scope rings.

The correct answer would be using the right cheek rest height on your rifle stock because it is more important than how low the scope is to the bore line.

As most serial production rifles have a low comb or stock cheek weld, we usually recommend using adjustable aftermarket cheek rests that will allow you a natural, comfortable position on the gun and won't degrade accuracy.

Is scope lapping absolutely required?

Unlike few proprietary scope rings with perfectly machined surfaces, most other mass-produced scope rings come without a smooth and precisely shaped interior surface that can be slightly misaligned and put the scope in tension.

Hence the scope lapping is absolutely required and highly recommended to serious shooters and hunters for consistent and precise performance.

While it is hard to convince an average casual shooter to spend $100-plus on a premium set of scope rings, it’s easier to persuade him to check scope ring alignment and start fixing it.

As you probably know, the lapping treatment involves honing and grinding process, but before you start into sanding, you should determine the misalignment using a perfectly shaped steel rod.

You can find many brands and types of ring alignment pointed rods and special cylinders that grind off the excess metal using a lapping compound at the market.

Using this tool for scope lapping should help you grind and smooth the interior of the ring until the rings are ground ever so slightly into the perfect shape.

How much torque to apply when installing scope rings?

You should be aware of the appropriate force needed to fasten the rings.

The recommended torque values to apply when installing scope rings depend on the manufacturers, but you can find more on “Scope ring torque reference guide”.

Usually, you can find manufacturer's prescribed values printed at the mounts and rings.

The torque amount should not exceed 20 in/lbs on standard scope ring screws on the upper halves. when mounting a side bolts/screws on the action, the recommended torque value of screw tightening 15-55 in/lbs