The 350 Legend caliber is gaining popularity among shooters for its unique capabilities. Engineered as a straight-walled cartridge, it offers hunters a reliable choice for game within its effective range. Being legal in many states that otherwise restrict bottleneck cartridges, the 350 Legend combines efficiency with versatility.

Here are the 4 best 350 Legend upper receivers you can buy to go on any AR lower and you're good to go hunting with straight walled cartridges (For legal states)

Best 350 Legend Upper [Complete With BCG and Charging Handle]

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Bear Creek Arsenal BC15 - Best Ergonomics

.350 legend upper

The Bear Creek Arsenal BC15  upper assemblies that you can buy for a good price. Their .350 Legend upper fits right onto AR-15 bottoms. The .350 Legend needs a special magazine because of its size. 

Creek Arsenal 350 Legend AR upper, you can charge from the side. This is good because you can stay low and in control. Plus, it doesn't cost a lot and is great for hunting.

Available for various length:

  • 16", 7.5" & 10.5" parkerized barrel
  • 1/16 twist
  • Black
  • Side charging receiver Gen 2
  • 7075 charging handle for increased durability
  • MLOK handguard

Brenton USA Stalker Carbon Hunter - Best Overall

Brenton USA Stalker Carbon Hunter 18-Inch .350 Legend Upper Receiver Up to 10% Off  w/ Free Shipping  — 4 models

Brenton built the 350 Legend upper for big game and small pests. It has a special HuntSpec rating, like the MilSpec rating.

It also comes in a nitride 10G MarbelKote camo color, making it perfect for hunters. You get a high-performance product straight from the box.

  • 18"
  • 1/15 twist
  • Anodized
  • Black
  • Standard A2 receiver
  • Carbon Fiber RealFeel Handguard(Sectional rail)

Franklin Armory M4-HTF R3 - Best Price

Franklin Armory XO-26 R3 350 Legend Complete Upper Receivers 4193-BLK Color: Black, Finish: Anodized, Barrel Length: 12 in, 10% Off  w/ Free Shipping

Franklin Armory is known for their awesome binary trigger system for various platforms, and their 350 Legend AR upper is here to serve the hunting community.

This complete upper includes everything (but no sights) you need including BCG, charging handle, muzzle device and a rock solid sectional MLOK & M1913 handguard.

Just put on an lower and you're good to go.

  • 16"
  • 1/12 twist
  • Anodized
  • Black
  • Standard A2 receiver
  • Railed handguard (MLOK & M1913)

CMMG Resolute 300 MK4 - Best Value 350 Legend Complete Upper

CMMG 35B5FE2 Resolute 300 MK4 350 Legend 16.1

Similar to the Franklin Armory we recommended above, and the CMMG offers a 4150 chrome vandium steel barrel and a single chamber muzzle brake.

  • 16"
  • 1/12 twist
  • Cerakote
  • Black
  • Standard A2 receiver
  • CMMG RML15 handguard (MLOK & M1913)

Ruger AR556 MPR 350 Legend - Complete Rifle

.350 legend upper

Ruger makes good stuff, and they do offer 350 Legend rifles and braced pistols. However, they do not sell their amazing uppers separately (If you know please email us where to buy)

  • 16" 4140 chrome moly steel barrel
  • 1/16 twist
  • Type III hard coat anodized for maxium durability
  • Black
  • Standard 7075 T6 forged A2 receiver
  • 15" free float slim handguard (MLOK)
  • Ruger Elite 452 2 stage trigger for smooth and crisp 4.5lb trigger pull & provides full strength hammer strike for consistent primer ignition
  • Radial ported muzzle brake to reduce recoil and muzzle drift

Common FAQ

Does a 350 Legend AR Upper Uses The Same Bolt As 5.56mm?

The 350 Legend uses the standard 5.56mm bolt carrier group. Ejector and everything are the same.

No proprietary BCG required.

Do 350 Legend AR Uppers All Use The Standard 5.56mm Magazine?

No. A 350 Legend AR magazine is required.

Get them on Brownells or Palmetto State Armory they are doing a sale.

How To Build A 350 Legend Upper From Scratch?

Users can build a 350 Legend AR upper starting with a standard mil-spec stripped receiver. The Aero Precision M4E1 upper is a very popular option.

Since it uses the same bolt carrier group with a different bolt, the only thing different is the barrel.