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Looking for the best Aimpoint Micro mount ?

We have narrowed down some of the best ones you can get. While there were many options on the market a few years ago.

As more Aimpoint Micro alternative red dot sights hit the market, there is more optic mount demand on the market.

Let's check them out:

Best Aimpoint Micro Mounts 

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Scalarworks LEAP Mount - Best Overall

scalarworks leap mount holosun aimpoint micro

The Sig ROMEO 5 works great with the Scalarworks LEAP because of its unique and slim design. It's one of the best red dot sight mounts in the market and offers great value for money.

This mount is light, weighing only 1.62 oz without the extra parts. It's almost half as heavy as other mounts!

The quick-detach feature is handy. With a low thumbwheel, it's protected from bumps and hits. Plus, you can remove it in under 3 seconds, even if you're wearing gloves.

You also get three height options:

  • 1.42 inches
  • 1.57 inches (This gives a 1/3rd CoWitness view)
  • 1.93 inches (This is the best choice for night vision and helps reduce neck pain)

Unity Tactical FAST - Tallest Mount

unity tactical fast aimpoint micro mount

The Unity Tactical FAST mount is a bit taller than the well-known 1.93" Scalarworks LEAP mount. Overall 2.26".

It pairs with Unity Tactical's FTC magnifier, letting the magnifier scope fold down, not to the side.

This high mount makes it easier for shooters using an AR15 type cheekweld axis. It helps avoid neck strain and keeps the rifle steadier when aiming at distant targets.

Larue Tactical LT660 - Durable QD Mount

Aimpoint Micro LT660 QD Mount

LaRue Tactical mounts, especially the LT660 series, are a top choice for AR15 users. Crafted with precision from high-strength bar-stock aluminum, these mounts ensure durability and reliability. Their non-reflective finish is an added advantage in tactical situations.

The LT660 provides a 1/3 co-witness mount, ideal for the AR15's sight alignment. For users wanting a slightly lower sight profile, the LT660HK offers a lower 1/3 co-witness mount, sitting about 8.3mm beneath the standard 1/3 co-witness. Meanwhile, the LT661 is a versatile low mount, suitable for firearms with a high bore axis.

With the inclusion of the sleek QD Speed Lever, AR15 users can benefit from secure mounting and quick removal without affecting the zero.

american defense aimpoint mounts

American Defense mount now offers Aimpoint mount from absolute witness height all the way to the tall 1.93" and offset mount adapters.

The mount weighs on average 2.5 pounds, and it's fully adjustable to fit in spec and out of spec M1913 rail system.

With its Patented QD Auto Lock™ Titanium Lever system. This system boasts a user-friendly design, eliminating the need for specialized tools. You can easily adjust it using just your finger or a simple flat blade screwdriver.

Flexibility is key, as the lever can be set to lock either to the front or the rear. Additionally, its superior clamping surface ensures a robust engagement with the rail, providing stability and zero repeatability.

geissele automatics super precision aimpoint micro mount

Geissele Automatics makes the industry-leading triggers for the AR15 rifle used for combat, hi-speed national match, and more. They also make some of the best products for the U.S. Special Operation community.

The built-in lug stops your optic from moving during recoil and locks firmly into rail slots to handle small shakes. With the keeper nut, you can either hand-tighten or use a tool on the top rail. This means you can switch optics and still stay on target, or adjust it out in the field.

Wrap Up

The height plays a pivotal role. The standard height for most mounts is 1.5 inches. This means the optical line is 1.5 inches above your barrel when the bullet exits the muzzle. However, there are some limitations to this height. For those wearing protective gear like masks, especially gas masks, getting a proper cheek weld and a clear line of sight through optics can be challenging.

The Scalarwork Aimpoint Micro Mount is the lightest on the market with its sexy skeleton body design. There are many options out there and In contrast, the 1.93-inch mount allows for a more natural alignment.

Shooters can easily bring the rifle to eye level without straining your neck or altering your posture. This setup ensures that your eyes function as they are naturally intended, giving you binocular vision, which is essential for accuracy and speed.