4 Best Aimpoint Micro Mounts Under $150 – Lightweight & Durable

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Looking for the best Aimpoint Micro mount ?

We have narrowed down some of the best ones you can get. They also work with optics with compatible mounting footprints.

Let's check them out:

Best Aimpoint Micro Mounts (Works With T1, T2, H1 & H2)


Their prices are about the same, and they're super durable and are widely used by pro shooters.

They also work with Aimpoint alternatives

Scalarworks Aimpoint LEAP Mount

scalarworks aimpoint micro on mk18

After you have ditched your big and bulky optic for the Aimpoint Micro in order to save weight, out of all other mounts, I highly recommend the Scalarworks LEAP, check out the review here

The lightest mount on the market without compromising an ounce of strength. Built with 7075-T6 CNC aluminum and that's an average of 171% stronger than 6061-T6.

Perfect for fighting rifles like AR15, SCAR17, SIG MCX, and pistol caliber guns like the MP5, SIG MPX and many more.

The mount holds zero under any condition with the compact ClickDrive QD system.

sig romeo5 on scalarworks leap mount

The low profile recessed thumbwheel also allows the user to remove the sight off in seconds.

scalarworks leap mount holosun aimpoint micro

Scalarworks also offers 3 different co-witness option including 1/3 height.

They're fit T1/T2 and H1/H2. In addition, they also fit:

  • Aimpoint CompM5
  • Vortex Crossfire & Sparc II
  • Sig Sauer ROMEO4 & ROMEO5
  • Primary Arms Micro
  • Holosun Micro

Larue Tactical Aimpoint Micro Mount LT660

The best part about LaRue Tactical mounts is its sexy QD Speed Lever. It's the best on the market that provides a great secure mount and fast removal without loss of zero.

The lever has a nice feel to it, and you can also adjust lock tension with the wrench provided in the package.

Aimpoint Micro LT660 QD Mount

All LT mounts are precision-machined out of high strength bar-stock aluminum with a durable non-reflective surface finish.

The LT660 is a 1/3 co-witness mount, LT660HK is a lower 1/3 co-witness mount, and LT661 is a low mount best for shotguns and other high height over bore guns.

(Note): not all red dot sight mounts are made the same. The lower 1/3 co-witness sits slightly lower than 1/3 co-witness by about 8.3mm.

American Defense Aimpoint Micro QD Mount

This mount has a different approach to solve the shooter's co-witness height problems. Instead of offering separate standalone mount, this optic mount uses AD-B2 modular base and your choice of risers.

It works with Aimpoint H1/H2 and T1/T2 optic as well as the following:

  • Vortex Sparc & Crossfire
  • Primary Arms

Machined out of 6061-T1 aluminum with Mil-Spec anodized black finish.

The Patented QD AutoLock lever system has superior clamping force and surface to ensure maximum rail contact and doesn't need any proprietary tools for adjustment.

Geissele Automatics Super Precision Series Optic Mount

Geissele Automatics makes the industry-leading triggers for the AR15 rifle used for combat, hi-speed national match, and more. They also make some of the best products for the U.S. Special Operation community.

Recently they have been pushing out some of the highest quality Super Precision optic mounts for the SOPMOD program and mounts for the Aimpoint Micro red dot sight.

Trex Arm Geissele Automatics Aimpoint Micro mount

Image Referenced From TRex Arm

Aimpoint Geissele

Image Referenced From Geissele Automatics

The Super Precision T1 mount works for all models, and the mount is made from 7075-T6 instead of 6061 aluminum.

Geissele offers 2 different color schemes in black and FDE. they also offer 3 different height options that include absolute co-witness, lower 1/3 and 1/3 co-witness.

The unique keeper nut on this mount can produce up to 1400 pounds of clamping force and also features 3 shear lugs for to absolutely ensure the sight stays on the rifle, maintain zero and resist recoil.

Final Thoughts on Aimpoint Micro Mount

The Scalarwork Aimpoint Micro Mount is the lightest on the market with its sexy skeleton body design. There are many options out there and sometimes it's hard to decide on which one to get.

When you shop for an optic mount for the Aimpoint Micro there are only 4 things you should be looking for:

  • Weight
  • Built Quality
  • Mount Height
  • Mounting Mechanism

These 4 things can help you decide which one to get. Hope you find this article helpful and I hope I have guided you in the right direction.

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