7 Best AR15 Build Kit Minus Lower

Check out these 7 best AR15 build kit minus lower receiver. We ranked them based on cost and build features. Nothing will repeat in this list. 

Check it out:

Get the complete kit and find a lower receiver here

Aero Precision M4E1 Lower Parts Kit - Best For The Money

Aero Precision Lower Parts Kit, M4E1, Magpul MOE, Anodized Black, APRH100968
  • This build kit is for anyone only need a lower parts kit
  • Compete lower parts kit minus lower receiver
  • Including Magpul MOE grip

Brownells BRN 180 - Best Side Charging AR Build

brn 180 upper receiver

If you want a non-standard AR15 build kit, check out the Brownells BRN 180 series kits. It features a full AR upper receiver + some parts kit

  • BRN 180 Gen 2 is a special side charging AR15 inspired by 1960s' Armalite® AR-180
  • It works with any standard AR15 lowers including lowers without a buffer tube assembly.
  • The short stroke gas piston like the Sig MCX can shoot suppressed and unsuppressed (with adjustable gas block).
  • The handguard is secured by a large single locking screw to provide tighter lockup than the previous design.
  • The BRN-180 is chambered in .223 Wylde and 7.62X39. Users can purchase 10.5" 16" or 18.5 barrel length"
Geissele super duty upper receover

This is a AR15 built kit features every part you need except for the lower receiver

  • SMR MK16 Handguard fully locked in with upper receiver to prevent shifting
  • Best complete AR15 upper assembly you can buy for a field grade AR15
  • USASOC certified upper for performance, comfort and adaptability
  • Stress proof forged bolt using 158+ steel
  • Mil spec buffer tube extension + recoil springs
  • Complete lower parts kit minus lower receiver
  • Lower kit include Super 42 spring kit (machine gun grade) and SSA-E X lightening bow trigger

PSA MFT Battlelink Pistol Kit - Best Pistol Build Kit

This is the lower parts kit recommended for finishing up the lower receiver into a AR15 pistol configuration. This kit contains:

  • Mil-spec trigger kit including spring and sear
  • Pistol grip + buffer tube system including spring
  • Includes a Mission First Tactical Battlelink pistol stabilizer

This kit is for anyone who already have a complete upper receiver and a lower receiver to complete the pistol build.

For stripped lower receiver, go here

If you're a classic Magpul MOE AR15 setup, the PSA MOE carbine length build kit is the best option for a good price.

The kit includes:

  • A complete PSA M4 carbine length upper with a NATO 1/7 twist barrel
  • Magpul grip and CTR stock
  • Full lower parts kit without main lower receiver

PSA 20" Railed Handguard Build Kit - Best 6.5 Grendel Starter kit

For anyone building a 20" rifle gas length AR15 that shoots 6.5 Grendel, check out the PSA 20" build kit.

The kit contains every thing to finish the build minus the lower receiver.

  • Full rifle gas length upper receiver chambered in 6.5 Grendel
  • CHF barrel
  • Magpul CTR stock and full lower parts kit
  • 15" M LOK handguard

Strike Industries Build Kit - Best Designs

Strike industries makes a lot of stylized AR15 parts that looks like they are form a FPS video game. We can definitely recommend some accessories to go with other build kits you get.

Strike Industries offset mount (works with almost micro red dot sight footprints)

MOD-1 high speed stock

Ambi magazine release

Foregrip with cable management

Strike industries PDW brace

Enhanced lower receiver kit minus lower receiver, trigger and hammer

Strike industries pit stock (Only works with SI advanced receiver buffer tube)

Extended bolt catch