5 Best Drop-In AR 15 Trigger For The Money

Here are 5 all-time best drop in AR15 triggers for the money.

They're all drop-in package, super easy to install, and you're good to go!

best ar15 triggers drop in

No mess, minimum tools required. 

Let's check them out:

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Best AR15 Drop In Triggers

"You will never have a perfectly still sight picture, so don't force it. Just be okay with the wobble and break the shot with a great trigger" - Jerry Miculek, American Pro Shooter

Timney Single Stage - Best Overall

  • 3 lbs single stage trigger pull
  • 0.154" Pin size
  • Wire EDM S7 Tool Steel
  • Curved trigger
  • Best AVG split Time - 0.2 sec

Balanced speed & reliability - This self contained trigger module is easy to install, and it has no pre-travel or post travel. Highly recommended for anyone who gets into tactical shooting, this is the best overall to get.

What people love the most about it is the trigger reset feel, where it felt like there is a spring pushing behind the trigger to reset faster.

The hammer is made with S7 tool steel, which has superior impact resistance proportions and long service life.

This trigger is also available in 4 lbs and 4.5 lbs, as well as flat & skeletonized trigger bow.

AR Gold 2-Stage - Best For Precision Shooting

ar-gold trigger
  • 3.5 lbs single stage trigger pull
  • 0.154" Pin size 
  • Curved trigger 
  • Best AVG Split Time - 0.12 sec

No take up = fast shooting speed - AR Gold single stage trigger provides the perfect break over even a 2 stage trigger, and its extremely short reset takes care of itself during recoil without the shooter having to consciously control it.

Safety mechanism - The AR Gold contains a second "intercepting" sear, which blocks the hammer if its jarred off the primary sear with the trigger forward, yet still allows the rifle to fire without re-cocking the hammer.

Robust and reliable - this trigger is made from wire EDM S7 tool steel as the industry standard for increased durability and service life than a stock trigger.

Available in a curved or a flat trigger bow (Note: Does not work with Colt sear block)

Bottom line - Over 7 years of proven field use. This trigger is intended for for competition and long range precision shooters

CMC Combat Curve CCT - Best For Combat

cmc cct
  • 3.5 lbs single stage trigger pull
  • 0.154" Pin size
  • Hybrid trigger
  • Best AVG split Time - 0.13 sec

Why best for combat - the CMC CCT is the hybrid between the classic trigger curve and the indexing of the flat trigger, which makes it into a dynamic hybrid trigger bow for modern warfighters.

The CMC CCT has similar qualities and performance like other drop in triggers recommended above, including an exceptional smooth trigger feel, ultra clean break, lock time and fast reset.

What we like about CMC is its long history of making drop in triggers ever since 2003. In fact they're the original drop in trigger maker before anyone else got involved.

If you love Texas and you like to shoot like a pro, CMC Trigger is for you!

Elftman 3 Gun Trigger - Fastest Lock Time

3 GUN S Left
  • (2.75 - 4.0 lbs) single stage trigger pull
  • 0.154" Pin size
  • Flat or Curved trigger
  • Best AVG split Time - 0.145 sec

Why everyone is moving to the ELF trigger - The adjustable ELF 3 gun trigger is the top of the line product with extremely smooth trigger pull, a strong reset, and the shortest fast lock time.

It uses Elftman's exclusive double double torsion piano wire hammer spring to ensure primer ignition after every fast trigger pull.

Fastest Lock Time - The ELF 3 gun trigger features an amazing short takeup and crisp break, which are perfect for 3 gun shooters.

Rapid firing is extremely easy using this trigger because the time between the sear breaks to when the firing pin hits the primer is extremely short.

Adjustable trigger pull - The user can also adjust the trigger pull weight from 2.75 lbs to 4 lbs in seconds without removing it from the lower receiver.

Note: This trigger works the best without any problem by using high-end lower receiver like LaRue, LMT, BCM, Noveske, Daniel Defense and others.

Rare Breed FRT Trigger - Binary Trigger On Steroids

rare breed FRT 15 forced reset trigger

This is honestly binary trigger on steroids, aka Forced Reset Trigger (NOT a FULL AUTO TRIGGER), and the ATF is trying to ban it(2021).

Please support Rare Breed here

Please read 26 U.S.C 5845(B)

The FRT 15 is a two position "Safe" & "Semi" only trigger system that perfectly fits the existing ATF's semi auto definition.

The trigger resets automatically as soon as the bolt returns, and can't fire until the trigger is pull again. (Not like binary trigger where the pull action fires a shot, then reset fires a shot)

This means faster rate of fire.

Must Have Trigger Accessories

Get the trigger anti rotation pins(anti walk pins) to hold the 2 trigger pins in place by screws instead of just using hammer spring retention.

Why? Sometimes standard trigger pins don't have the tightest fit holding the trigger groups in the receiver.

Every time the hammer and trigger rotate around its retention pin, the pin has the potential to slip out of the receiver.

Anti walk pins prevent that from happening.

Common AR Trigger FAQ

Trigger Pull Weight Selection

2-2.5 lbs - Great for stationary long range shooting, and the lighter trigger pull eliminates finger muscle tension during yhe shot

3-3.5 lbs - Great for all applications including hunting, competition and target shooting

4 lbs - Great for cold weather and anytime shooting while wearing gloves, where the tactile sensation of the trigger index finger is significantly reduced.

Single Stage VS. 2 Stage Trigger


Img Referenced Glen Zediker

A single stage trigger breaks right away with no slack or pre travel, and it allows shooters to shoot extremely fast on semi auto.

Single stage triggers are mostly used on medium range or CQB ARs for speed! But it's not for everyone.

In fact, most people prefer 2 stage trigger instead.

A 2 stage trigger is safer option in our opinion, which it lets the shooter prepare for the break after the first stage is pressed.

Usually the first stage pull weighs about 2.5 lbs and the second stage is about 1.2 lbs, that 1.2 lbs pull helps increase your precision when hitting long range targets by reducing ~90% finger muscle tension and movement.

It's also great for teaching new shooters proper trigger pull instead of using a standard trigger pull weight of 5.5 - 8 lbs

Should You Upgrade Your AR Trigger?

Once you have mastered trigger control with a factory trigger, then it's time to upgrade.

Once you have tried aftermarket trigger on your AR, you just can't go back to the stock Mil Spec trigger.

They're THAT good!

For long range shooters especially, upgrading to a good quality 2 stage trigger makes night and day differences.

Aftermarket trigger generally improves the following:

  • Smoother trigger pull
  • Shorter reset
  • Shorter pre travel
  • Faster lock time
  • Crispier break

All these improvements make the gun easier to shoot and more predictable with a crisp trigger break, which makes a big difference in the overall feel of the rifle.

Stock trigger generally works well, but it feels like it has sand in its innards, and it's tough to be a good shooter if you can pinpoint where and when the trigger break is coming.

On top of the trigger upgrade, please also check out these bad ass AR15 accessories to make your rifle even more fun to shoot.

Standard VS. Drop In AR15 Trigger

A Drop in trigger is the easiest to install, and the trigger mechanisms are optimized without the constrain of current AR15 lower receiver dimensions.

A drop in trigger has all firing control groups already assembled, and all you gotta do is just drop it into the lower receiver and insert the 2 trigger pins, and you're done!

A standard trigger requires attention to detail and some labor work.

If you don't like the idea of finger jamming your way to successfully install the trigger, then buy the drop in trigger is the way to go!

If you like long range bolt guns for long range shooting, a trigger upgrade won't hurt, learn more by checking out this article on our site: What Makes A Bolt Action Rifle Trigger Great