Tired of the factory CZ P10C? Here are the 3 best CZ P10C slides you can get right now.

We picked these slides based on looks and optics compatibility.

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3 Best CZ P10C Slides [Optic Ready]

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cz p10c killer innovation slide

Killer Innovations Velocity is the most popular CZ P10C custom slide on the market to upgrade your factory handgun to mount both Trijicon RMR and Leupold Deltapoint Pro on the same slide.

Serrated Slide - The enhanced grip feature cut provides your P10C very positive wall to push against when racking the slide 

Drop In - Works with factory P10C frame

Lightening Cuts - Very nice slide window cuts to show off any custom barrel inside, and it saves a bit of slide weight

Included Cover Plate - Remove optics if needed

Optics Compatibility - Trijicon RMR and DeltaPoint Pro

CZ P10C Omen V2 - Very Edgy Slide Cuts

primary machine cz p10c slide

Primary Machine has earned a stellar reputation for crafting the CZ P10C Omen V2 slide. This slide incorporates the key modifications that discerning customers desire in a custom slide, including optic cuts, a durable cerakote coating, strategically placed lightening cuts, and aggressive serrations for easy slide manipulation.

Optics Compatibility - The slide is designed to accommodate all optics with an RMR footprint, with the Trijicon SRO being a recommended choice for this setup.

Optic Plate Cover Included - Additionally, the package includes an optic plate cover for added versatility.

Ready-to-Ship Slide - This slide is readily available for shipping, ensuring a convenient shopping experience without lead time.

Ready to ship slide

Norsso P10C Slide - Aggressive Serrations & Look

norsso reptile cz p10c slide

Norsso Reptile just feels extra unique compare to other CZ P10C slides. The company offers 4 different styles of cuts to satisfy your dream builds. These include:

  • EDC (No window cuts with aggressive top serration cuts)
  • R2 Vector featuring 3D dynamic side and top window cuts
  • Reptile OG similar to R2 Vector with aggressive serration cuts
  • R2 Reptile OG (side window cuts, no top window cut)

Can't Stop Looking At It  - The slide features multifaceted contoured front and rear corners

Built To Last - Solid 17-4 precipitation hardened stainless steel with heat treated to an H900 designation

Top Serrations - Very easy to perform press checks and slide racking

Optics Compatibility - RMR only, plate and screws included