If you want to upgrade the slide on your Glock 43 or create a custom build, there are several great options available online.

Here are 5 Glock 43 slide kits designed to be compatible with red dot sights and offer a range of features including attractive styling, lightweight construction, and enhanced functionality.

We've selected these kits based on a combination of their appearance, weight, and overall performance. Also Note: Glock 42 and 43 slides DO NOT require firing pin channel liners because they are slimline carry Glocks.

Best Glock 43 Slide Kit [Optic Ready]

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TRYBE Defense Glock 43/43X Pistol Slide Version 2 Up to 24% Off  w/ Free Shipping  — 2 models

TRYBE defense make some hot selling aftermarket Glock slide products at good price points. Their Glock 43 slide and barrel combo come with easy to grip serration textures and the barrel offer great aesthetic designs.

Cover Plate Included - All optic ready slides come with cover plates. Works for Polymer 80 builds as well

Faster Follow Up - Lighter slide to reduce recoil momentum to reacquire the sight faster

Show Off Barrel - Side windows shows off the slick custom barrel you have

Lightening Cuts - Improved for fast cycling and aggressive serration

Better Optics Compatibility - RMSc

*Get a TRYBE Defense threaded match grade barrel here


  • Optic ready right out of the box
  • Serrated slide
  • Great pricing
  • Cerakote to fight corrosion
  • Window cuts to show off barrel design


  • RMSc Only
  • Window cuts may not be field reliable

Brownell Glock 43 Slide RMRcc - Trijicon RMRcc Ready

brownells glock 43 rmrcc slide

The Brownell Glock 43 slide for RMRcc is ready right out of the box. It features index posts in the mounting holes for improved screw thread contact and a secure optic mount.

Made of 17-4 stainless steel, this slide has standard grip serrations (no markings) and provides the same feel as the original Glock 43 slide without a rear sight.

If you have a Glock 43X MOS and want to use an RMRcc, this precut slide is the perfect solution for you!

Optics Compatibility - RMRcc ONLY

Grey Ghost Precision - Best Serration Patterns

Grey Ghost Precision Glock 43 Stripped Slide, Version 2 - Diamond Checkering Pattern, 17-4PH Stainless Steel, DLC, Black, GGP-SPG43-V2-BLK

Grey Ghost Precision offers ZEV alike G43 slide kit with aggressive serration cuts.  

V1 or V2 - Angled serrations or diamond checkering pattern for different variation

Compatible With OEM Parts - It works with existing Glock 43 internal parts & Polymer 80 lowers

Optics Compatibility - RMSc footprint only


  • Unique slide front cut
  • Works with SS80 Glock 43 build
  • Tighter tolerance
  • Comes with cover plate


  • Comes with no iron sights

Agency Arms Hybrid Special - High End Glock 43 Slide

Agency Arms Hybrid Special Glock 43/43X Stripped Precut Pistol Slide, Black, G43-H-SL

Agency Arms tricks out your stock Glock 43 to another level. This is the highest premium quality 17-4 stainless steel striped Glock 43 slide on the market. It's precut with lightening cuts, serrations and the signature Agency Arm logo.

Rock Solid Coating - Diamond like carbon finishes to give that super slick gun feel

Slick Aesthetics - Looks matters, and this delivers

Optics Compatibility - RMSc only


  • Very slick design
  • Very high quality coating
  • The ultimate eye candy


  • Very Expensive
  • RMSc only (RMRcc doesn't fit)

Norsso Singularity Slide - Best Serration Cuts

n43 singularity glock 43 slide

Norsso produces high-quality Glock 43 slides from solid 17-4 precipitation hardened stainless steel.

Their N43 Singularity slide is optic ready and compatible with various RMSc cut optics such as the Shield RMSc, Holosun 507K, Romeo Zero, and Swampfox Sentinel.

One standout feature of this slide is the beveled cocking rear serrations, which provide a secure grip on the slide without slipping. In addition to their standard products, Norsso also offers custom slide milling services to create a slide with the specific design you desire.


Does A Glock 43 Slide Work With Polymer 80 PF9SS Frame?


Are Optic Cuts Worth It?

The factory Glock 43 slide works just fine, but if you want to mount an optic without having to mill it or buy a Glock 43 MOS, an optic ready Glock slide is here for you.

In addition, these slides offer better aesthetics, serration patterns and overall feel.

learn more about slide cuts here

How Long Is A Glock 43 Slide?

A Glock 43 slide measures 6.06 inches. Most aftermarket Glock slides will work with your existing holsters (Except for using a compensator)

How To Mount A RMRcc On A Glock 43?

To mount a RMRcc on a Glock 43 slide, it's best to mill the holes on a blank factory Glock 43 Slide (Non- MOS). This is way better option than buying adapter plates that end up mounting the optic too tall.

Glock 43X rmrcc

Most optic ready Glock 43 slides are milled for RMSc. Get the Brownell slide we recommended above for RMRcc

RMSc is not the same as RMRcc footprint.

If RMRcc is too much trouble for you, please check out these red dot sights for Glock 43

RMRcc vs RMSc footprint

See side by side comparison here