Glock trigger upgrade

In this upgrade guide, let's take a look at the best aftermarket trigger for Glock pistols with factory Glock frames without sanding anything down. (No 80% polymer or other aftermarket frames)

Out of all the trigger upgrades, the APEX is the best as far as reliability and have a , and Overwatch Precision is the second best all around drop in trigger without any additional tweaking.

A trigger with a hard wall, minimum trigger pre-travel & short reset is preferred, and by the end of this guide, you will have a better understanding on how each of the trigger component work.

Let's check it out...

Before Upgrading Glock Trigger

Before any trigger upgrade, it's important to understand that an upgraded trigger with crisp break and clean take up will not help fix bad shooting fundamental.

Please master finger control with the stock trigger before consider upgrading.

Be sure to buy the correct trigger upgrade pack as the trigger housing and ejector pin are made for specific Glock models.

Not all Glock frames have the same tolerance, which can affect how the trigger breaks between a rolly wall or a hard wall. 

Disclaimer: Firearm safety is number 1, If you don’t understand how the internals of your Glock pistol work, please take it to an experienced person.

Best Aftermarket Glock Triggers

Be sure to buy the correct trigger upgrade pack as the trigger housing and ejector pin are made for specific Glock models.

APEX Trigger

Try ZEV Connector, for consistent 4 Lbs pull

Glock apex trigger

Apex Tactical is the leading manufacturer of drop-in aftermarket parts.

Action Enhancement Trigger is the easiest, quickest upgrade to the factory Glock trigger system, without reducing safety values. 

If you are looking for the best upgrades to your Glock that will make a night and day difference, Apex is our #1 pick.


  • Reduces trigger takeup and reset distance
  • Crisp trigger break
  • Flat face gives straight rearward press
  • Great for conceal carry


  • Not use for Glock 42

Overwatch Precision TAC

Try Minus Connector, reduce to 3.5 Lbs

overwatch glock trigger

Overwatch Precision is a veteran owned company in Phoenix, AZ that makes Glock triggers that are functional, safe, and used by armed civilians, military units, and law enforcement around the country.

Works for many Glock models, and it's recommended for a carry gun.


  • Works for Gen 3, 4 & 5
  • NP3 coating makes smoother pull 
  • Super crisp break 
  • Index hook ensures consistent trigger finger placement
  • Flat face gives straight rearward press


  • Still has a little trigger roll at the wall

ZEV Tec Trigger

We love the ZEV trigger for the Glock because every component is custom made, and it's best trigger upgrade for the money than other expensive aftermarket triggers that are still using OEM parts.

glock ZEV trigger


  • Best for the money
  • Non OEM trigger bar, Custom made
  • Optimized safety plunger & PRO connector
  • No change spring or connector to adjust trigger pull weight


  • Too many choices confuses the buyer

How Does A GLOCK Trigger Work

Glock pistols have its revolutionary Safe Action system, which involves 3 automatic, independently operated mechanical safeties that are built into the fire control system.

  • Trigger safety
  • Firing pin safety
  • Drop safety

The timing of these 3 safeties is critical to the safe operation of the pistol.

Glock trigger in action

There are 30-40+ different combinations involving the following parts that you can tweak to find the best trigger feel.

NOTE: Not all trigger parts work well, and any effort to modify the firing pin and drop safety to reduce trigger uptake will compromise safety and can cause light primer strike.

Connector - Mostly responsible for trigger pull weight 

It moves the sear down, out of engagement with the striker, after the sear has pulled it back. The geometry determines the trigger pull weight and when to expect the wall.

Lighter connector allows lighter pull, but more pre travel

Heavy connector allows tighter pull, and less pre travel

The Ghost Minus connector is recommended

Connector Spring

Governs the trigger reset speed, Keep this one factory!

Striker Spring

Governs trigger pull weight, and weak spring can cause light primer strike.

Trigger Shoe

Trigger shoe is where the shooter's index finger goes, and it's geometry and design 

Trigger Bar

The trigger bar is a piece of stamped steel that interacts with the internal components of the striker firing system.

It deactivates the internal safeties and allows the cocked firing pin to strike the primer.

Trigger Safety

The trigger safety prevents momentum from actuating the trigger if the gun is dropped or jarred with significant force.

The distance of the safety to the frame has been calculated so that if the trigger were to move rearward, the trigger safety would contact the frame before the cruciform was clear of the drop safety shelf.

Drop Safety Plunger - Reponsible For Smoother Trigger Pull

The spring loaded drop safety plunger or the firing pin block is to block the forward movement of the firing pin or trigger bar until the trigger is fully pressed.

The second functionality is to prevent any trigger movement from drop

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