4 Best Glock Pistol Night Sights

In this accessories guide, let's take a look at the best Glock pistol night sights you can buy today to replace the factory plastic sights.

To install the sight, you need a sight pusher to remove the factory ones, Blue loctite and a Truglo Glock sight tool for installing the front sight.

Let's check out what we have...

Our Top 4 Picks

These 5 fits 17, 17L, 19, 19X 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35,37, 39 and 45

Trijicon HD glock night sights

Orange dot is the most popular

Does Not Fit GLOCK MOS Models

Trijicon's 3 dot HD night sight set features self-luminous & highly visible photoluminescent paint outline for quick target acquisition.

The "U" shaped notch on the rear sight helps reduce glare and enhance front sight focus.

Users can pick from various combination among different color outline and tritium for front and rear sights

  • Rock solid protection - Tritium gas lamps with protective aluminum cylinders and silicone rubber cushioning
  • Capped with Sapphire jewel - Evenly distribute the light
  • Instant sight picture acquisition - Even in no light situations
  • Steep rear sight hook - Durable for one-handed slide manipulation 
  • Optimized for CQB - Big front sight dot for close up targets

Trijicon HD XR night sights

For 17MOS, 19MOS, 34MOS please go with GL414-C-601091(Yellow) or GL614-C-601092(Red)

Trijicon HD XR is similar to the original HD set of sights, but the front sight post is much smaller for accurate long range shooting.

This design solves the problem where the wide front sight completely blocks the target at longer ranges, which makes aiming much harder and more guessing.

If you already have the original Trijicon HD sights, and you want to upgrade. You just need to buy the front sight and you're ready to go.

  • Reduced front sight post (0.122" wide) - Expanded field of view & increased precision sight picture for longer distances engagements.
  • Same quality has the original

XS big dot on GLock 17

The XS Big Dot sight system provides the fastest pistol target acquisition technology in any light condition.

You get the WOW factor when you first experience this super bright front sight as soon as it is exposed to any light source.

It's extremely easy to see, especially when transitioning from light to no light environments to keep you in the fight.

  • Glows super bright - Even more than traditional tritium lamps
  • Improved durability - 10+ years service life & meets government drop test
  • Super simple sight picture - Just line up 2 points and ready to go
  • Greater contrast - Easier to see in any light conditions
truglo suppressor height night sight

For any one who wants co-witness while using a red dot on his / her Glock pistol, the suppressor height sight is the way to go.

Just like any other night sights like the Trijicon, it just sits taller to clear the suppressor if installed.

In fact, using a taller sight generally felt even faster and smoother to aim.

  • RDS Co-witness - Use as backup if RDS malfunctions
  • Solid Durability - Made with bar stock steel that protects tritium inserts and super rugged
  • Clears Suppressor - Sits tall to aim even if suppressor is attached
  • Straight rear sight lip - For one handed slide racking on hard surfaces, belt, table & more

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