Shopping around for the best P226 light?

We have purchased and thoroughly tested these products over an extended period in different low light environments to provide our top recommendations based on lumen intensity, candela, battery life, activation switch, and price.

Please check out these options, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, to help you make an informed buying decision and avoid subpar choices.

Best Sig P226 Light [Top 3 Picks]

Streamlight TLR 1 HL - Best Overall

Sig p226 Streamlight TLR 1 HL

Why Buy Streamlight Product? This is the best duty pistol weapon light for the P226. It's durable and affordable for home defense and holster carry.

Wide Flood & Throw - See wide illumination in the dark from your 9 - 3 O' clock without compromising situational awareness

Easy To Use Toggle Switch - Toggle switch not stiff or hard to press. The user can activate the light easily with just one finger without exerting muscle strain

Field Grade Durability - Built with aerospace grade aluminum weighing only 4.58 oz (2 CR123A lithium batteries).

Cost Effective - This is by far the best Tier 1 quality light under $200 on the market


  • Replaceable lens bezel
  • Super easy to active the light
  • Strobe mode built in
  • The most affordable duty grade light available


  • Candela output can be improved

Surefire X300U - Best Overall

sig p226 surefire x300u

NOTE: Surefire with original rail lock mount doesn't fit well due to tight tolerance.

Why Pick The X300U - The X300U is the gold standard weapon light for all pistols. It works well on Sig P226 family full size as well as other handguns with bottom 1913 rail. 

Increased Lumen - 1,000 blinding lumens intensity can lit up the scene to ID targets between CQB and mid range distances

surefire xh30 light beam top down

Powerful Throw - High candela rating can throw the light beam further like a laser without dimming down. and it can be used as a threat control device to temporarily impairing an adversary’s vision while keeping a safe distance.


  • Duty grade pistol light
  • Balanced spill and throw beam pattern


  • Candela output can be improved
  • Stiff activation switch

Inforce WILD 2 - Best Value

Sig p226 inforce wild 1

Why Try out The Inforce ? The Inforce WILD 2 has stepped up their game by getting into the high lumen output pistol lights with optimal mix of throw and spill.

CQB Illumination - The WILD 2 uses parabolic reflector with defined 1000 lumen hotspot to PID far and also lit up the surroundings

Compact Fit - This full size light has very streamline body design without anything sticking out to snag on things. It works great on the P226.

Ambi Control Switch - Large activation button on both sides that work with small and large hands

(Momentary, Constant On & Strobe)


  • Duty grade pistol light
  • Very streamlined body design
  • Large pressure switch to activate light


  • Candela output can be improved

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