Replace the stock iron sights! Here are the 4 best night sights for handgun. This includes night sights and suppressor height sights for fast target acquisition and tactical applications.

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Trijicon HD Tritium - By Far The Best

trijicon hd night sights

Why Use Trijicon Products - Trijicon makes the best micro red dot sights for pistol, rifle and shotguns. They also make the best 3 dot tritium night sights for pistols to provide the shooter instant high visibility in all lighting conditions.

Emergency Slide Racking - Durable Trijicon HD night sights are designed with steeply hooked front surface of the rear sight to assist in one-handed slide manipulation (without red dot).

Protected Tritium Housing - Recoil resistant to keep tritium gas lamp protected to glow in the dark for the shooter to effortlessly see

Fast Alignment - The U notch blacked-out rear sight can quickly draw the eye to the front sight post in all lighting conditions.

HD XR - Try HD XR sights with thinner front sight post for maximizing field of view at targets far away

ameriglo tritium sights

Why Use Ameriglo Products - This brand is as good as the Trijicon. The Ameriglo classic tritium night sights feature a 3 dot green tritium front sight and rear sight design.

The white outline helps the shooter pick up the sight even faster under normal lighting than just picking up the green.

Ameriglo offers normal, suppressor height and ghost ring sights for various handguns including Glock, M&P, HK, Ruger...etc

Truglo TFX Pro - Best All-In-One

truglo tfx pro iron sights

Why Use TruGlo Products - TruGlo makes sighting systems for archery, crossbow, and handguns. The steel-constructed TFX Pro sights offer the same snag-free design, longer sight radius, and durable construction just like other brands.

What TFX Pro stands out from others is the use of tritium and fiber optics together. Tritium glows in the dark and fiber glows under sunlight to make it highly visible under both lighting conditions.

This product is available for various handgun models, and please check out the link below

XS Big Dot Sights - Best For EDC

xs big dot sights

Why Use XS Products - XS big dot sights' biggest advantage is sight alignment speed. The night sight works just like other products out there, but the V shaped rear sight design increases FOV and reduces stress on the eyes to quickly get on target.

The XS big dot sights are great for conceal carry and high-speed defensive CQB shooting training drills.

Buyer FAQ

Which Color Front Sight Post Should I Use?

Yellow and green are the best under normal lighting conditions. The increase of the front sight brightness, the surrounded bright colored photoluminescent glow dot helps to achieve that result.

High contract color like orange under bright lighting conditions helps sight acquisition for shooters with color blindness issues.

How To Install New Iron Sights?

Installing new iron sights is easy, and getting a sight removal tool will make the process even more easier to push out the factory sights and install the new ones.

Be sure to apply some blue Loctite to secure the sights in the dovetail cut.

How To Zero The Iron Sights?

Iron sights can be off if the user didn't properly align them. We highly recommend centering the iron sights as much as possible, then test fire the gun to verify the shot group (Follow properly handgun shooting fundamentals to eliminate accuracy error)

Why Use Flat Edged Rear Sight?

Flat edged rear sight helps the user to rack the slide against hard surfaces when only using one hand.

Tall night sights have slightly more room to rack the slide against without slipping.