12 Best Optic Mounts [All Types & Manufacturers]

Looking for an optic mount for your new optic or upgrade to a better one?

Check out these 12 best optic mounts for red dot sights and tube profile scopes.

Red Dot Sight Mounts [Including Adapter Plates & Offset]

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scalarworks leap mount holosun aimpoint micro

Why Use This Product

When you dream of a lightweight and low drag skeletonized optic mount, the Scalarworks is the way to go. Their impressive strength to weight ratio and super precision return to zero performance make their mounts one of the best on the market.

The Scalarworks LEAP mount is the most popular mount for Trijicon RMR/SRO, Holosun 507C, DeltaPoint Pro, Aimpoint ACRO and many others

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Giessele Super Precision

Trijicon MRO Geissele Optic Mount

Giessele makes some of the most innovative and highly engineered firearm accessories. Their Super Precision series scope mounts are picked up by the US Special Operation for various weapon platforms for combat use as well as other top notch performance orientated upgrades

Their top red dot mounts are the Super Precision branded mounts available for:

  • Aimpoint Micro & Other similar footprint optics
  • Trijicon MRO / RMR

Its keeper nut can be hand tight or tool tighten to ensure repeatable zero.

Check out their main online store here for more info.

LaRue Tactical LT Series Mount

Daniel Defense DDm4V11 uper with Aimpoint Patrol

Referenced LaRue 

LaRue Tactical's QD lever mount is the best QD mount on the market. They're rock solid, tight fitting and holds zero.

Currently they offer their products only for Aimpoint Micro footprint optics, Aimpoint COMP series red dots and RMR for top rail mount and offset. In addition, they make solid mounts for scope magnifiers

If you're looking for one for the Trijicon MRO or Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, please check out American Defense or Scalarworks.

American Defense

American defense mfg aimpoint mount

Just like the LaRue Tactical mounts but slightly cheaper. They do offer more QD mount options than LaRue Tactical including riser mounts with different heights

Please check out their online store for more information.

Arisaka Defense

Arisaka Defense makes some cool modern offset optic mount for 35 degree and 45 degree.

The 35 degree brings the sight up closer to slimmer profile, and the 45 degree provides additional clearance around magnified optic scope turrets.

It also comes with a wide selection of supported with interchangeable optic plates for the most popular optics on the market today. 

The base cant plates can be purchased separately or as a combination, providing an upgrade path in the future as users acquire new red dot optic.

Pistol Optic Adapter Plates


chwps rmrcc hellcat adapter

When to buy their products? - If your optic ready pistol doesn't come with appropriate optic plates, CHPWS is where you should shop around first.

They offer plates and upgraded optic plates for better mounting solutions for guns like the Glock MOS models, FNX 45 Tactical, Sig Sauer and many more. Generally they have a much better fit than what the factory guns provide out of the box.

They also offer slide cutting service for anyone wanting to mill their handgun slides.

Please check out their online shop here for more products.

Weigand Machine And Design

weigand machine and design ruger gp100 scope mount

When to buy their products? - If you're an revolver users, this is the place to shop for optic adapter accessories.

On their site, you can find accessories rail for guns like the Ruger GP100, Super Redhawk, Smith Wesson 500, Ruger 22LR series pistols, and many 17 HMR type guns.

Click here to go to their website.

Dawson Precision

sti staccato xc dawson precision mount

When to buy their products?

Dawson Precision offers a wide range of very high quality optic mounting systems for high end optics like the Aimpoint ACRO, Holosun, Trijicon and many others.

If you have an STI 1911 Staccato series pistol, Dawson Precision's DPO product line is the place to check out.


EGW provides many dovetail optic mounting system for various pistols. You can also find revolver red dot adapter rails here too.

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Tube Profile Scope Mounts & Rings


For 30mm, 34mm, 35mm and other rare scope dimensions.

Please check out our rifle scopes guide if you don't have one yet.

Geissele Super Precision

Geissele automatics mark 5 scope mount 35mm

The Geissele Super Precision brand scope mounts are high tolerance one piece scope mounts available for 30mm, 34mm and 35mm scopes. It's by far the best for any precision shooters.

Each scope ring extrusion has the highest circular tolerance for the best surface contact to grab on the scope fore zero repeatability.

CNC machined with high strength to weight ratio 7075 T6 aluminum material with built in recoil lugs to give the mount some serious rail locking ability to stay on the rifle.



This Sweden company, Spuhr makes very unique and high end rifle scope mounts.

 Warning! they are not cheap.

They make scope mounts, risers, rings and scope base accessories for various rifle systems, and it's the top of the line stuff for the gun world.

They offer the world's most comprehensive line of tactical scope mounts. Up to 90 different models of various heights, tilts, lengths, tilt angle and ring dimensions. They thought about everything when designing the mount for serious long range shooters

Please check out their site for more products


MDT scope mount

MDT scope rings are designed for ultimate precision and strength. 

Their scope rings offer a solid, lightweight mounting system for your optics.

This is the type of scope ring brands you can't find at your local sporting stores, and we are happy to introduce this brand to you on our website.

Please check out their site for more products

Seekins Precision

Seekins Precision scope mounts and rings are just as good as the Geissele Automatics but with their own tweaks to them.

Seekins Scope Rings never need to be lapped or altered in any way. 

All Seekins scope mounts are machined with 7075 T6 aluminum with up to 4 screws per ring clamp, which provides more clamping surface area than any other ring on the market.

The integral, flat recoil lug design is similar to Geissele with far superior tolerance compared to cross bolt lug designs, and fits precisely into Picatinny slots with minimal clearance.

Please check out their site for more products