For anyone looking for the best scope mount for the Vortex Razor 1-10X LPVO

Here are our top 4 picks:

Scope Mounts For Vortex RAZOR 1-10X

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Why pick Geissele brand scope mount - Geissele Automatic Super Precision scope mount is US military SOPMOD certified. It's designed for Leupold Mark 6, but works well for Vortex RAZOR 1-10X to hold zero and survive rough field use. 

High Precision Machined - One piece build with matching scope ring for perfect surface contact to secure the 34mm tube

Retains Zero - Swap out optic in the field to any optic and expect the same mount to return zero

Locks In Tight - Very tight tolerance with built-in 2 recoil lugs to secures the optic on any M1913 top rail 

Weight: 7.2 oz 7075 T6 aluminum

Screw Type: Keeper Nut

Torque Spec: 

  • Base Clamp: 72 in/lbs
  • Ring Screws: 15-18 in/lbs


  • Very tight mount tension
  • Rock solid 7075 T6 construction
  • High confidence return to zero
  • Hold scope tight on high recoil rifle


  • Keeper nuts stick out (May interfere with charging handle operation)
  • Non reversible
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Why pick Vortex brand scope mount - Vortex scopes are top notch, and this is there 34mm QR 34mm cantilever scope mount is affordable and gets the job done.

Tight Rail Clamps - Similar to Giessele Super Precision mount system

Weight: 7.3 oz Aluminum 

Screw Type: Torx 15

Torque Spec: 

  • Base Clamp: 20 in/lbs
  • Ring Screws: 18 in/lbs


  • Affordable
  • Beefy body design


  • Some units may have quality control problem

American Defense RECON - Best QD Mount

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Why pick Geissele brand scope mount - Besides the LaRue Tactical QD mounts, the American Defense AD RECON 30 STD scope mount is one of the best for Vortex Razor 1-10X besides the LaRue Tactical SPR mount.

1.93" Height - Sits tall most AR15 rifles with very user friendly cheek-weld positions 

QD Lever - Every QD lever has locking button to prevent loosening of the mount under heavy recoil

Lightening Cuts - Reduces overall weight of the optic while still maintain it's rigidity

Auto Lock System - Works on mil-spec or out of spec rail systems

Weight: 8.4 oz 6061 T6 aluminum

Torque Spec: 

  • Base Clamp: Hand tight
  • Ring Screws: 15-18 in/lbs


  • Superior clamping force
  • Hard coated for life time performance
  • No proprietary tools required for adjustment
  • Scope ring lightening cuts to save weight


  • Non reversible
  • May interfere with left side charging handle

SPHUR 34mm ISMS Mount - Best QD Mount

Spuhr 34mm Rifle Scope Mount, Black, Height- 30mm/1.18in, SP-4001

SPHUR is a very high end optic mounting system for high precision rifle scopes. The ISMS scope mount features 45 degree split of the rings to provide unobstructed POV and provides rifle cant indicator. 

This is an beefy and sturdy riflescope for the professionals made out of a single billet aluminum.

Weight: 8.4 oz 7075 T6 aluminum

Torque Spec: 

  • Base Clamp: Hand tight
  • Ring Screws: 15-18 in/lbs


  • Superior clamping force
  • Cant indicator reference line
  • Precision machined one piece mount


  • Expensive
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Why pick Burris brand scope mount - This is the best for the money 34mm scope mount for any 34mm scopes without spending expensive money. The biggest selling point is its super lightweight construction 

QD Lever - Remove the scope mount in the field without tools like the LaRue Tactical mount

Locks In Tight - Retains zero well for Vortex Razor 1-10X scope on any M1913 top rail

Super Lightweight - It weighs 45% less than similar mounts available on the market

Weight: 4 oz

Torque Spec: 

  • Base Clamp: 65 in/lbs
  • Ring Screws: 20 in/lbs


  • Very affordable mount 
  • Slim profile with cross slot keyway for recoil protection
  • No snag hazard
  • Vertical split design to hold zero


  • Not field grade quality