4 Best Scope Mount For Vortex Razor 1-6X

Vortex razor hd gen 2 1-6x24 JM1 reticle

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For anyone looking for the best scope mount for the Vortex Razor 1-6X LPVO

Here are our top 4 picks:

Scope Mounts For RAZOR 1-6X

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Why pick Vortex brand scope mount - Vortex scopes are top notch, and this is there 30mm QD scope mount in partnership with American Defense.

AD Auto Locking System - Field proven QD mount by AD to lock scope tight on a rifle

Forward Leaning - Extend optic forward based on shooter preference to offset eye relief distance

Locks In Tight - Built in recoil lug secures the optic on any M1913 top rail to retain zero

Weight: 8.9 oz Aluminum 

Screw Type: Torx 15

Torque Spec: 

  • Base Clamp: 20 in/lbs
  • Ring Screws: 18 in/lbs


  • Very streamlined mount design
  • Good zero repeatability
  • Very beefy body design


  • Snag Hazard
  • Interfere with receiver side charging handle (Left)
  • No lightening cuts

Geissele Super Precision Mount - Best Precision Machined

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Why pick Geissele brand scope mount - Geissele Super Precision scope mount is US military SOPMOD certified, specifically for the Vortex 1-6X LPVO. This is a high precision machined one piece mount with matching scope ring for full scope surface contact to hold zero.

Retains Zero - Swap out optic in the field, and have high confidence to return to zero (Assume proper mount, intact top rail & good scope quality)

Locks In Tight - Very tight tolerance with built-in 2 recoil lugs to secures the optic on any M1913 top rail 

Weight: 7.1 oz 7075 T6 aluminum

Screw Type: Keeper Nut

Torque Spec: 

  • Base Clamp: 72 in/lbs
  • Ring Screws: 15-18 in/lbs


  • Very tight mount tension
  • Rock solid 7075 T6 construction
  • High confidence return to zero
  • Hold scope tight on high recoil rifle


  • Keeper nuts stick out (May interfere with charging handle operation)
  • Non reversible

American Defense RECON - Best QD Mount

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Why pick Geissele brand scope mount - Besides the LaRue Tactical QD mounts, the American Defense AD RECON 30 STD scope mount is the best for mounting the Vortex Razor 1-6X on hard recoil rifles.

QD Lever - Every QD lever has locking button to prevent loosening of the mount under heavy recoil

1.93" Height - Sits tall most AR15 rifles with very user friendly cheek-weld positions 

Lightening Cuts - Reduces overall weight of the optic while still maintain it's rigidity

Auto Lock System - Works on mil-spec or out of spec rail systems

Weight: 8.4 oz 6061 T6 aluminum

Torque Spec: 

  • Base Clamp: Hand tight
  • Ring Screws: 15-18 in/lbs


  • Superior clamping force
  • Hard coated for life time performance
  • No proprietary tools required for adjustment
  • Scope ring lightening cuts to save weight


  • Non reversible
  • May interfere with left side charging handle

Burris PEPR Mount - Best For The Money

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Why pick Burris brand scope mount - This is the best for the money 30mm scope mount for any 1-6X LPVO without spending expensive money. This is a great 30mm scope mount for new competition shooters to start.

QD Lever - Remove the scope mount in the field without tools like the LaRue Tactical mount

Locks In Tight - Retains zero well for Vortex Razor 1-6X scope

Weight: 8.7 oz

Torque Spec: 

  • Base Clamp: 65 in/lbs
  • Ring Screws: 20 in/lbs


  • Very affordable for beginner shooters
  • Beefy body
  • Holds zero


  • QD levers slip a little
  • Total 12 scope rings to secure (chance for over torque)
  • Not field grade quality