Here are the 3 best CZ P10C compensator muzzle devices to reduce muzzle rise. For pistol red dot sight shooters, this is a great addon to get back on target slightly faster!

CZ P10C is an amazing 9mm striker fired pistol, and adding a compensator will alter the overall system performance of the gun while using different ammo.

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CZ P10C Compensator Upgrades

killer innovation cz p10c compensator

Caliber: 9mm

Thread Pitch: 1/2X28

Weight: 1.9 - 2.1oz

Length: 36.8mm

The Velocity Compensator has the best mounting system beyond just applying barrel thread torque. It minimizes slide movement and recover time to get the gun back into battery.

Never Gets Lose - Threaded locking ring holds the comp tight against the barrel to prevent tilt or shift

Flush Fit - The compensator shoulders against the Killer Innovation P10C barrel index cuts with perfect timing.

Perfect Bore Alignment - Gets rid of uneven gas expel to increase bullet accuracy and reduce muzzle climb

No Tools Required - No torque wrench needed


  • Tighter groups
  • Locking ring prevents compensator tilt
  • Reduces slide velocity to chamber faster


  • Set screws still need tools to tighten

Primary Machine - Best For The Money

primary machine compensator

Caliber: 9mm

Thread Pitch: 1/2X28

Primary Machine offers tons of compensators for many popular gun models, and this design is similar to the KKM Precision. 

Roland Special Look - This particular design closely matches the CZ P10C Roland special setup with a 9mm threaded barrel

Hostler Compatible - Fits through any open ended holster 

No Extruding Screws - Hidden setscrews on the underside of the compensator


  • Very simple design
  • Reduces recoil


  • Not compatible with conversion barrels
  • Recoil spring fine tune required
  • Held on by set screws
herrington arms hc10 compensator

Caliber: 9mm

Thread Pitch: 1/2X28

This compensator is very similar to the Killer Innovations P10C compensator muzzle device. It works flawlessly for P10s, P10C, and P10F

No Internal Parts Change Required - Use existing parts to run this compensator without any problems (recommend lighter recoil spring for 147 gr bullet)

Works With Hotter 9mm Loads - Slide cycles with 115gr bullet, but it also works better with heavier charged ammo


  • Very slick design
  • Front sight post can be installed on the comp
  • Work with most standard 115 gr 9mm


  • Not compatible with conversion barrels
  • Recoil spring fine tune required
  • Held on by set screws


Does Ammo Type Affect Compensator Performance?

A compensator reduces muzzle climb by redirecting that snappy 9mm gas out of the compensator ports, and this has something to do with ammo's pressure spike performance.

Standard 115 gr 9mm ammunition works with most compensators on the market. 

The slower burning powder contains more grain behind a smaller bullet like the 115gr than 147gr, and the extra powder converts to gas behind the bullet, and that makes the compensator do its job to reduce recoil.

The faster burning powder has a more sudden pressure spike, but does not leave enough gaseous energy to cycle the slide or interact with the compensator chamber ports.

Does Compensator Help Re-Acquire Red Dot Faster?

A compensator can reduce slide velocity, thus reduce felt recoil and muzzle flip. This means it can help the shooter to re-acquire the red dot faster if the shooter already has good fundamentals.

The key is "It only mitigates muzzle climb, but NOT completely".  The shooter still has to apply good pistol shooting fundamentals to make accurate shots.

Does A Compensator Fit Existing Holster?

Compensator adds length to the gun and gets past the muzzle 

Most open ended holsters will fit a pistol with a compensator as long as the comp closely matches the slide shape.

Do You Need A Threaded Barrel For A Compensator?

Yes, a threaded CZ P10C barrel is required to mount a compatible compensator.