Adding a compensator to a pistol reduces muzzle flip and helps with faster red dot re-acquisition.

If you're looking for the best Glock 19 compensator, here are our top 4 picks.

*Threaded barrel is required for some setup

Best Glock 19 Compensator Upgrades

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Strike Industries Mass Driver - Best Recoil Reduction

strike industries mass driver glock 19 comp

This new counter mass Glock compensator (MDC) works for Glock 19 Gen 3, 4 and 5. This unique system creates an equal and opposite reaction when the bullet exits the barrel. It replaces the stock recoil spring for this upgrade.

Expel Hot Gas - Hot gas moves the compensator as a counterbalance to reduce muzzle climb

Easy Install - Legal in all 50 states, swap out the stock guide rod, tighten the comp - You're good to go!

Faster Dot Acquisition - Less muzzle climb means reacquiring the red dot faster > faster follow up shots

Conversion Barrel Compatible - Works with Glock 19 compatible conversion barrels (Always check)

No Barrel Attachment - The comp mounts independently of the barrel to eliminate any negative effect of reliable slide cycling (No cycling impact)

Works With Non-Threaded Barrel - No need to purchase aftermarket threaded barrel - Huge savings


  • Great at reducing muzzle flip
  • No timing alignment required
  • No threaded barrel required
  • Threaded barrel fits as well
  • Faster follow up shots


  • Increased recoil spring tension making it a bit stiffer to charge the slide
  • A bit difficult to install the new recoil spring guide rod

Radian Afterburner Micro - Best Compact Size

Radian Arms RAMJET

Referenced Radian Arms

The Radian Afterburner Micro is a slick and super compact compensator that works with Radian's RAMJET match-grade barrel.

Rugged Built - It uses hardened 17-4 stainless steel, and it provides about 40% recoil muzzle climb and felt recoil reduction when using standard 115 gr 9mm ammo

Holster Compatible - Chamfered edges help with smooth holstering (Fits G17 size holster)

50 States Legal - Not a threaded barrel

None Tilt - Afterburner Micro Locks on RAMJET's proprietary INTRA-LOK mounting system that perfectly times the compensator as it locks down onto the V-shaped muzzle front


  • Slick design
  • Short overall muzzle length for concealed carry
  • No timing required
  • 50 states legal


  • Barrel doesn't work with other compensator

Killer Innovations Velocity - Best Innovation

Glock 19

Referenced Killer Innovations

The Velocity Compensator has the best mounting system beyond just applying barrel thread torque.

Never Get Lose - Threaded locking ring holds the comp tight against the barrel to prevent tilt or shift

Flush Fit - The comp shoulders against the Killer Innovation Glock barrel with perfect timing on the threads.

Perfect Bore Alignment - Equal air gap eliminates uneven gas expel to ensure bullet accuracy and muzzle climb reduction

Easy Install - Fast installation (set screws still needed a screw driver to tighten)

Recommend using 13lb recoil springs to function correctly (Do not use wire spring on G19)


  • Two different compensator performance rings included
  • Greatly reduces vertical and horizontal recoil
  • Works great for Killer Innovation barrel
  • No timing required


  • Tools still required

ZEV Glock Compensator - Most Simple 

ZEV glock compensator v2 pro

Referenced ZEV

ZEV is the Ferrari of the custom Glock pistols brand. This simple and effective compensator keeps the Glock 19 muzzle down featuring 3 exhaust ports and 1 large vertical and 2 horizontal.

Total it provides the shooter sufficient counter to muzzle rise and rearward recoil impulse when using standard 115 gr 9mm bullet.

Fits Glock Slide Profile - It seamlessly blends in the shape of the Glock 19 slide


  • Fits Glock 34 length holster
  • Easy install
  • Reduces muzzle rise
  • Great design look


  • Timing alignment required