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Here are the 3 best red dots for P320 X5 pistol and a couple aftermarket optic plates to make your installations easier.

Out of all the pistol sight products I have used, these are the top products based on their field of view, weight, durability, battery life and money for value. 

Best Red Dot Optics For P320 X5 Legion

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro - Best Overall

sig p320 x5 with deltapoint pro red dot
Image Referenced ParkerMountainMachine

Since the X-Five Legion slide is already cut for the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro specifically, this optic is the best large window optic for this gun without additional modification.

For the money, this optic lasts way better than Sig Optics and it's a great competition optic.

Besides that... the top-loading battery access makes battery swap easy without sight removal.

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Trijicon SRO - Great For Competition


The Trijicon SRO is very much like the Leupold Delta Point Pro, but with a slightly different look and feel to it.

The user can access the battery from the top just like the Leupold DPP, and the footprint remains the same as the original RMR (compatible with existing mounting plates)

The large glass window provides slightly more room on the top to track the dot and it's one of the best pistol red dot sights to consider for the Sig P320 X5.

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ROMEO3XL 1X35mm - Largest FOV

sig p320 with ROMEO3 XL open reflex sight

If you're a hardcore Sig fan who wants the entire pistol setup top to bottom to be Sig Sauer, then the ROMEO3XL is the optic for you.

What's unique about the ROMEO3XL is its large 1X35mm lens as an open emitter reflex optic, which means the shooter will have an easier time picking up the dot within the window, and also track the dot better.

In general, the ROMEO3XL is stronger and higher quality than the ROMEO1, and you get what you pay, which is a fairly durable optic with all the features like MOTAC, IPX7 waterproof, and others.

What we like most about this optic is its large 1X35mm window and its side battery loading tray for easier battery access without sight removal or anything like that.

Great for setting up a 100% Sig Sauer branded competition gun when shooting the P320 X5 Legion.

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Holosun HS508T - Most Durable

p320 x5 tan with holosun 507c
Image Referenced OuterImpact

Holosun has been the leader in making great optics, very soon it will be added to the list of high-end optics alongside Aimpoint and Trijicon.

For the price, durability, and functionality the overall quality of the HS508T is superior among other non-military contracted optics.

The Holosun HS508T is the upgraded version of the HS507C, and it retains the same features but this time it's built with Grade 5 titanium alloy, which is ~35% stronger than 7075 T6 aluminum without adding extra weight.

What's great for the P320 X Five is its reticle selections, where a new shooter can use the 50 MOA ring as the training wheel reticle for practicing sight acquisition. Once the shooter is comfortable, he/she has the option to switch to the 2 MOA center dot.

When mounting to the P320 X5 Legion, be sure to purchase the aftermarket mounting plates from Springer Precision here.

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Common FAQ

Fix Optics Compatibility Issue

What's the problem ? - Sig Sauer ROMEO1 (non-pro) doesn't fit on the new P320 X5 Legion.

The X5 Legion slide has a footprint cut to only accommodate the Sig ROMEO 1 Pro and Leupold DeltaPoint Pro.

The P320 X5 Legion slide is made to fit ROMEO1 PRO & Leupold DeltaPoint PRO ONLY, and it doesn't come with additional mounting plates.

The original ROMEO 1 (SOR11000) has a smaller footprint, and the mounting holes are too small for proper mounting using the M4 screws.

Solution? - Buy aftermarket!

Non-Legion P320 X5 Universal Optic Adapter

Outerimpact Sig P320 X5 Optics Adapter Plate

If you already own the original P320 X5, it's probably a better idea to just get this optic adapter here: Outerimpact P320 X5 Optic Adapter

**DOES NOT FIT X-5 LEGION or X Carry**

But wait... there is more

For X5 Users

X-Five Legion users need the M17 optic plates from Outerimpact's website along with some additional screws to accept over 15 popular micro red dot optics.

Get it either from Outerimpact or SpringerPrecision. (Custom Fitting Maybe Required)

Due to variances in the slide cut, some minor fitting may be needed to install the mount properly.