In this guide, let's check out the best magnifier for EOTech HWS with the best lens clarity, new magnification offerings and price points.

Some of the best ones are:

  • EOTech G33
  • EOTech G30 (New, cheaper than G33)
  • EOTech G43 (New Micro Size)
  • EOTech G45 (New 5X)
  • Vortex Micro 3X
  • Sig Sauser Juliet 4

The EXPS3 is a mil-spec Holographic sight that allows the shooter to maintain focus on a distanced target & see the reticle clearly without shifting eye focus back and forth, and its an advantage USSOCOM SF teams want on the battlefield.

Adding a magnifier scope behind the EXPS3 gives the shooter tremendous capability to aim at targets further away more accurately.

It matters for recreational competition shooting, and even more in a gunfight on the battlefield.

If extending the range with your holographic sight is important to you, please check out these amazing magnifier scopes you can buy now from different magnification levels, price points, and brands.

Best Magnifier Scopes For EOTech [All Brands]

When you shop for a magnifier, please make sure the mount that comes with the scope provides extra adjustable riser pieces in order to align with the optic.

In addition, it has an adjustable diopter for people with corrected vision.

EOTech G33 - Best Overall

EOTECH with G33 3x magnifier 1

Why this is the best overall - The EOTech G33 has been around for many years, and it's one of the best magnifiers on the market for EOTech holographic optics and other reflex sights.

  • Magnification - 3X
  • Eye Relief - 2.2"
  • Field of View - 4.4 Degrees
  • Mount - Side Flip QD
  • Weight - 11.2 oz
  • Length -3.9"
  • Riser - Removable 7mm Riser Included

It features that badass Switch To Side (STS) QD mount, which allows the user transition between CQB and long-range engagement out to 500 yards or more. It can also be disassembled to switch sides for left or right-handed shooters.

If the rail is out of spec, you can adjust the QD thrower screw dial to make sure it locks down tight on the rifle or pistol caliber carbine.

Its 3X magnification is pretty much the standard in the industries, and it's acquired by US Special Operations.

The scope is made with the same quality aerospace-grade aluminum that can handle the stress that the EOTech holographic sight can.

If matching everything to be EOTech is important to you, this is the one to get.

But before you hit the buy button, there are newer magnifier models JUST made available in 2020 that you should definitely check out...

EOTech G30 - Saves Money


Same As G33 But Way Cheaper - Since the red dot magnifier market has shown a growing trend, manufacturers are pushing out more products at different price points.

The G30 is basically the same as G33, but without the STS mount to save you some money under $300, which means you can try other aftermarket mounts like the Unity Tactical FAST mount that tucks the magnifier down instead of to the side.

EOTECH G33 magnifier 3X

Same specs, same durability and everything is the same!

The mount does come with the G30 is a fixed mount that can be twisted off and reattach if needed.

[NEW] Micro Size EOTech G43 - Micro-Sized

EOTECH G43 micro magnifier

Why people love this thing - Following up the popularity of the G33 magnifier, EOTech went ahead and created a smaller version of it.

  • Magnification - 3X
  • Eye Relief - 2.6"
  • Field of View - 7.5 Degrees
  • Mount - Side Flip QD
  • Length -
  • Weight

The length of the G43 is roughly half the length of the G33, and it features all core features and the same glass quality that the G33 is known for.

For anyone who wants to minimize the size and length of their EXPS3 magnifier combo, this is an excellent product offering from EOTech.

EOTech G45 - 5X Magnification!

EOTech G45

Why we picked EOTech over other brands - The G45 has been long waited for, and it's a similar product to the G33 as far as weight and body profile, but with a 5X magnification and it doesn't break your bank.

  • Magnification - 5X
  • Eye Relief - 2.6"
  • Field of View - 4.4 Degrees
  • Mount - Side Flip QD
  • Length -
  • Weight

The 5X magnification is a unique push in the industry to make a magnifier that has more zoom, but without making it bigger, longer or more expensive.

The only thing that is enlarged is the front objective lens, so this thing will give the shooter that 2X extra magnification needed without taking up rail space.

If you have to choose between the Aimpoint 6X or the EOTech G45 without making your optic setup lengthy or bulky, going with the G45 will not disappoint.

Vortex Micro 3X - Small, Durable & Affordable

eotech and vortex micro 3x side view

Why this is the hottest magnifier item to buy - The Micro3X from Vortex is much pretty much the same thing as the EOTech G43, but its 2X more affordable.

  • Magnification - 5X
  • Eye Relief - 2.64"
  • Field of View - 7.28 Degrees
  • Mount - Side Flip QD
  • Length - 2.9"
  • Weight - 9.55 oz

Vortex Optics has made its name in the industry for making some of the best precision rifle scopes and LPVO for many years.

Its company reputation, quality, and customer service have been outstanding and everyone loves them, and just when you thought they have hit the growth ceiling, then they released the Vortex V3XM!

The package comes with a lower 1/3 co-witness height plate and the side flip QD mount, and the user can also reverse flip directions either to the left or to the right.

The flip mechanism on the Micro3X is much easier to operate than the VMX-3T, simply flip by applying pressure. Whereas the VMX-3T requires a push of a button then holding that button while flipping the scope to the side.

The new flip mount improved the ergonomics and eliminated unnecessary finger dexterity problems that can come up during stress.

Other features like the adjustable diopter and dot-centering adjustments are all built-in with the protected caps.

If you only willing to spend $300 on a magnifier just as good as the EOTech G43, then the Vortex Micro 3X is the one to get!

Sig Sauer Juliet 4 - Best 4X Available

Sig Juliet 4X magnifier

Why the JULIET 4 is awesome - Besides the Vortex Micro 3X that's getting tons of popularity, the Sig Sauer JULIET 4X is also a good one to buy.

  • Magnification - 4X
  • Eye Relief - 2.64"
  • Field of View - 6.25 Degrees
  • Mount - Side Flip QD
  • Waterproofing - IPX8
  • Length - 4.2"
  • Weight - 12.5 oz

It's the best affordable 4X magnifier on the market today less than $400, and it comes with all core features that a magnifier should have such as adjustable diopter and a super durable PowerCam 90 degree side flip mount.

You can totally use the Sig Juliet with an EOTech HWS, and the package comes with riser height plates:

  • 1.41"
  • 1.53"
  • 1.63"

Common FAQ

Does Holographic Reticle Size Enlarge With A Magnifier?

The answer is no.

A 1 MOA dot at 1X still looks 1 MOA on 3X or 5X. This makes holographic reticle much more precise when paired with a magnifier scope.

Unlike traditional reflex red dot where the reticle enlarges under magnification.

Do I Need To Zero The Magnifier?

Do you need to zero the magnifier?

The answer is no.

The aiming reticle isn't in the magnifier itself, and it's just magnifying your sight picture.

So the only adjustment you will make is to reposition it so the reticle is centered and make sure the magnifer and the sight are at the same height axis.

What Does Adjustable Diopter Do?

The diopter allows the shooter to adjust the focus to their vision.

Not every one has 20/20 vision, so having a adjustable diopter on any scope is an important feature that you can't live without.

A magnifier that doesn't have it will not help the shooter with a clean aim or shot placement.