6 Best 45 Degree Offset Mounts


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Are you shopping for an angled offset mount for your rifle, so you can transition between sights faster?

In this buyer's guide, let's take a look at the best angled offset mounts for micro red dots like the Trijicon RMR.

Generally speaking, an offset red dot sight works well for shooing prone, night vision use, LVPO, gas masks and more...

With the growing demand of low variable power optics, having a offset RDS works great for competition guns, tactical rifles and pistol caliber carbines.

Let's see what we have for you!

6 Best Canted Offset Mounts

Arisaka Defense Offset Optic Mount

Arisaka Defense makes some cool modern offset optic mount for 35 degree and 45 degree.

The 35 degree brings the sight up closer to slimmer profile, and the 45 degree provides additional clearance around magnified optic scope turrets.

On some guns, tweaking between the 35 degree and the 45 degree can fix the offset bore alignment issue so to minimize vertical offset. However, it doesn't always work on some guns.

It also comes with a wide selection of supported with interchangeable optic plates. 

The base cant plates can be purchased separately or as a combination, providing an upgrade path in the future as users acquire new red dot optic.

trex arms offset leupold deltapoint pro mount

TREX Offset Mount is built by TREX ARMS. It's a fairly new company that provides tons of tactical training videos online and they're one of our favorites to watch.

What's special about this mount other than the branding - Their product is not much different from other brands, but it's mostly optimized for NVG height when wearing the goggle.

It does tuck in closer inward to minimize the lateral profile of the rifle setup and it offers different mounting plates for Trijicon RMR, SRO, Holosun 507C and Deltapoint Pro at a standard 1.57" base height.

If not using a NVG, the shooter has to get down really low to acquire the sight.

The Trijicon AC32066 45 degree offset mount is a great product from trijicon. It's on sale for a great price online. What this Trijicon brand offset picatinny rail will do is to have a low profile 45 degree mount that works with a magnified optic.

Mount any optic with a picatinny rail, if you don't it's okay, and we can go with the other ones recommended below for MLOK, KeyMod and others.

valhalla tactical rukh adjustable offset mount

If you haven't seen this one yet, then you gonna love it.

The Valhalla Tactical RUKH is the world's first adjustable pitch and height offset angled mount, and people who have tried it love it for:

  • Better adjustable cheek weld height
  • Faster transition speed 
  • Pivot to your liking
  • Align bore axis and POI (Point of Impact)
  • Height and scope of your rifle.

The user has the option to tuck an offset optic all the way in closer to the scope, pivot it out or reverse direction if needed to optimize the setup.

What's the most impressive about the pivoting mount is the ability to adjust reasonable point-of-impact to align the bore of the rifle. That means for any high bore axis rifles like the MCX, SCAR, X95 Tavor and HK416, and you can use this mount to eliminate offset aim that's typical associated with offset mounts on the market today.

Keep Constant Offset Red dot

A combination of height and angle adjustment can fix this problem

Valhalla Tactical RUKH offset angled mount

The mount currently offers 3 different base mounts with 2 different heights (Absolute Co-witness & 1.93") for 

  • Trijicon RMR/SRO & Holosun 407C/507C
  • Leupold DeltaPoint Pro
  • Aimpoint Micro T1 

The unit is built with Grade 5 Titanium, the strongest material one step ahead of 7075 T6 aluminum in the industry today, and honestly it's one of the best piece of gear that hit the market in 2020.

LaRue Tactical RMR QD Mount (Base Mount Only)

Offset Red Dot Trijicon RMR

Why we like this one - The LaRue's LT726 QD lever mount has been my personal favorite for the longest time. If you have a frequent routine of taking off your offset optic, and it's the best to use a QD mount without needing any tools.

Products from LaRue are tier 1 quaility firearm gears. They're used currently in the military and it's also very popular in the civilan tactical communities.

If you have a Trijicon RMR, this mount is a great product to get.


The Midwest Industries is well know for making great firearm parts and accessories. Made with 6061 T6 aluminum, it's super light, which allows this mount to be weight friendly on bigger guns.

I have used this on my AR on the top receiver and also use it as a offset mount for weapon mount light on a picatinny handguard.

Don't have a red dot yet? Check out here: best micro red dot

What Specs To Pay Attention To

Dot Size Selections

When using an offset backup red dot sight, the purpose is to engage close range targets with an 1X optic instead of looking through a magnified scope.

Whether you're shooting a pistol caliber carbine or a centerfire rifle in close quarter. Generally speaking a bigger dot is preferred, and the sizes are between 2 to 6 MOA.

You could also use a finer dot like the 1 MOA size reticle on a rifle if that's what you want for CQB.

Battery Life

When it comes to the battery life on an canted red dot optic, its important to have easy access to change the battery if it dies on the field.

We totally understand that most optics require the user to completely remove the sight then change battery, but these durable sight will stay as long as the battery.

50,000 hours is the industry standard, aka a 100K hour battery life is about 6.7 years of battery life.

Some optics like the Holosun 407C has solar panel features that basically act as a secondary source of backup power so your optic won't die at all when you need it it the most.

Weight Selections

canted shooting with SCAR 17
Image Referenced TREX ARMS

Whether you're using a long range rifle scope, ACOG or a low power variable optic like the Vortex Razor 1-8X, the chances are your rifle is already 8 - 37 oz heavier depend on what you have.

Most micro red dot optics are under 3 oz, so weight isn't the biggest problem, but what you need to do is make sure the rest of the gun lightweight so you can pick it up and shoot it comfortably.

Buy 2 Of Them

In some cases, people will use two red dot optics on a gun, one on top of the receiver and one canted so it helps the shooter lean over the barricades and transition smoothly.

Optic Height and Bore Alignment

Keep Constant Offset Red dot

Depend on what firearms you have, you have many different mounts available. For the most part you want the optic to align with the bore of the gun to ensure accuracy.

Having a slight offset between the canted sight and the bullet trajectory will cause accuracy and zeroing issue.

Highly recommend trying out the Valhalla Tactical RUKH adjustable pitch offset mount recommended above.

In addition, also pay attention to the height of the mount while canted in respect to how comfortable your cheekweld is.

NOTE: 45 Degree mount is NOT the only option, varying angle for different alignment

Please check out how to zero red dot canted here on our site.

Wrap Up

A angled offset red dot sight are great for transitioning from long range to short range in a split second, which allows the shooter to use the same rifle without optic swap.

The first thing you need to make sure you must have is the proper mount. Depend on your rifle design you might want to try mounting it in various way to see if the mount aligns with the bore.

The best red dot for canted shooting doesn't have to be super expensive. Out of all the recommendations, the Vortex Venom and Holosun 407C are the two best ones to try without committing tons of money up front.

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