Best Red Dot Sights Under $200

Looking for the best red dot sights under $200? Look no further! Our guide features a selection of top-rated options that offer excellent value for the price.

These red dot sights have been carefully chosen based on their performance and reliability, and are suitable for use on a rifle.

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Best Red Dot Sights Under $200

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Full Size Optics - For Rifles & Shotguns

sig romeo 5 optic
holosun 403B pov

This Aimpoint Micro lookalike red dot sight is very popular in the low profile red dot class for AK, AR15, PCC and other picatinny equipped rifles. The body is rugged and it can accept various aftermarket Aimpoint footprint mounts

The battery lasts up to 50,000 hours with Improved Ultra-efficient LED technolog with just one single CR2032 battery to keep you ready or stay in the fight longer

Only 3.53 oz, super lightweight for any PDW setup

2 MOA dot size perfect for CQB and medium-range targets up to 2" diameter grouping at about 100 yards

Auto Awake technology activates the reticle upon sensing any motion, and it's ready to rock. It shuts off after a few minutes of inactivity to save more battery 

Vortex Crossfire 2 red dot sight on ar15

The Vortex Crossfire II red dot sight is a no-nonsense sight at a affordable price point for darn near any shooting application. Whether your AR-15, shotgun, or rimfire needs a simple aiming device and none of the frills, the Crossfire should be one of the reflex red dot product on your wish list.

Standard 2 MOA Dot For Fast Aiming - The 2 MOA dot unlimited eye relief is quick to acquire in close-quarters, while remaining fine enough to promote pin-point accuracy at extended range

Accepts Aftermarket Aimpoint Mounts - Don't like the default mount? you can buy aftermarket Aimpoint Micro mount such as LaRue Tactical, Scalarworks, American Defense & More, which share the same mounting footpoints as the Vortex Crossfire II to fit your ergonomics / tactical need

Extended Battery Life - Unlike other earlier reflex red dots from Vortex Optics in the past, the Crossfire II features up to 50,000 hours of battery life to operate night-vision & daytime mode at the lowest two settings, the Crossfire red dot will keep working in a variety of conditions

Increased Head Movement - Parallax free capability allows more flexible shooter's head movement when aiming down the sight.

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sig romeo 5 on ar15
The Sig ROMEO5 is much more affordable than all the optics we have recommended in this post, and it’s one of the best selling Sig Sauer red dot optics everywhere you go.

The new line of ROMEO series red dot can also accept aftermarket mounts from American Defense, Scalarworks and more. 

Uses Same Aimpoint Micro Footprint mounts - Buy any Aimpoint Micro mount for increased mount durability and fit on any picatinny rail platforms

Added MOTAC system just like Holosun's ShakeAwake - which dramatically increases battery life by shutting it down when not in use, and it instantly activates the reticle when it senses motion

40K hours battery using just 1 CR2032 battery is very practical and impressive for a sight at this price range, which could cost 3X more in the past

For the price point, the Sig ROMEO5 is the perfect Aimpoint alike optic for the MP5 with its robust and compact design

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Why we picked this - The Bushnell TRS 25 is super affordable for new gun owners or anyone just want to try reflex red dot for the first time before moving onto more expensive products.

The TRS-25 has been shooters' go-to recommendation for years as the bare minimum red dot. Once dialed in, shooting 50 - 100 yards

The new model has multiple improvements in several important areas, which include shockproof construction that can withstand bumps, drops and rough handling.

The waterproof construction can handle water immersion and its Nitrogen purged fog-proof coating fight against humidity or rapid temperature change in the field, so you don't have to worry about the sight fogging up.

Featuring a 3 MOA Dot reticle with 11 brightness settings; Mounts easily on most picatinny rails and is compatible with pistols, shotguns, rifles and muzzleloaders

The sight is a great option for anyone starting out new and use this as an non-expensive training red dot for force on force training

Micro Sized Optics - For Pistol & Rimfire Use


The Fast Fire 3 is a hot selling micro red dot available in 3 MOA or 8 MOA dot sizes, which are perfect for PCC, sporting rifles and rimfire guns.

Generally speaking, the 8 MOA dot is most popular for short range shooters, especially with handguns or shotguns. The larger dot makes target acquisition quicker.

The 3 MOA dot is most popular with rifles, or anyone wanting more pin-point accuracy, as the smaller dot covers far less of the overall target area.

Top Battery Access makes battery swap extremely easy without sight removal, and the automatic time-out feature after 8 hours helps battery last up to 5 years

Super lightweight and low profile design makes it a very pleasant optic get fast on target on pistol caliber and rimfire firearms.

For 22LR plinkers out there, this is the best micro red dot for the money for anyone starting out new or experienced shooters.

Be aware of knockoffs copycats of this optic, make sure you click on our links below that takes you straight to the legitimate sellers storefront on Amazon or OpticsPlanet.

Why pick this one - The ADE Advanced Optics is very affordable under $150, the optics was initially started as a private label product that received tons of love in the shooting community. 

By soliciting feedback from both clients and end users, Ade Advanced Optics was able to overcome the challenges a new company often faces when entering a global market and industry, especially one as competitive as the shooting, hunting, and outdoors industry.

Great for starting out - For new shooters who don't want to spend big money on optics right away, the ADE Advanced Red Dot Optic is a great affordable option to start for under $90

Recoil proof - Surviving recoil & retain zero is important for a red dot sight, the ADE Advanced Optic can be mounted on optic ready handgun slides and low recoil rifles (Not recommend mounting this on 308)

Force on Force Training - Force on force training can teach a shooter a lot about gun fighting and problem solving during stress, airsoft bbs, paintball or simunition rounds can damage optic glass upon direct impact, so a low cost optic can serve that training purpose without breaking the bank

Use as back up or offset sight - Mount this red dot as offset red dot for training purposes under $200.

Common FAQ

Reasons To Buy A $200 Red Dot Sight

The reasons to buy a $200 red dot sight vary from people to people, and here are some considerations:

  • Great for plinking, training and general use
  • Your main rifle has a high end optic, the rest can go with cheaper optics
  • For new gun owners who don't want to spend big money right away
  • Use for force on force training without breaking the bank
  • Use as a back up sight

Is A $200 Budget Red Dot Sight Durable

A durable reflex optic can resist recoil, retain zero and survive harsh physical abuse. A red dot sight in the $200 range or under can do the job, but they'are not built to the mil-spec standard or the material to last beyond the normal use.

If you want a more durable optic, please check out our best reflex red dot guide specifically written for people looking for combat tough products that will even survive explosion.

What's The Difference Between A Budget Red Dot VS A High End Red Dot

Most high end red dot sight like the Aimpoint Micro or the Trijicon MRO are mil-spec grade reflex sight made for warfighters to survive in combat. Each product goes through additional in house quality checks, and because they're large contractors with established brand names, they can charge a lot more.

A budget red dot sight today are generally made with 6061 T6 aluminum, and they are not intended to be used for warfighters without additional in house quality checks, which significant increase the price for a product. They are also much cheaper as a entry product for new & causal shooters.