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Here are some of the 3 best M1A scope mount accessories you can buy right now.

You don't need a gunsmith to do this upgrade project, all you need is some tools and parts something you can easily do on your kitchen counter at home in less than 10 minutes.

The most popular one is the SADLAK M14 Steel Scope Mount and it's the one used by the 101st Army Airborne Division.

Let's check out what else are available.

Best Scope Mount for M1A (M14) Rifle

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Note: Some may need custom fitting to work with SOCOM II

SADLAK M14 Steel Scope Mount

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Why we picked this one - Sadlak has been in the firearm game since the 1990s for producing military accessories for the M14 and M1A rifles, and it's one of the most durable and reliable products available on the market today.

m1a optic mount points of contact

The more points of contact the mount has on the rifle the more solid it is. This is why the SADLAK steel mount is highly recommended even though it's much more work to install because it provides up to 6 contact points including the set screws that tighten the dovetail clip guide key.

Compared to other cheap mounts with only 2 - 3 contact points, the SADLAK is hands down the most superior product.

  • 3 Hex Screws - 65 - 70 inch-lbs
  • 2 Set screws for Clip Guide Key - 25 - 30 inch-lbs
  • Clip guide screw - 30 - 35 inch lbs

This thing ain't moving!

Recommended: Use a Wheeler Torque Wrench For Exact Torque value

Installation Guide : How To Install SADLAK Mount Official Instruction

Available in steel and aluminum, and the STEEL model is highly recommended because it flexes LESS during recoil than aluminum to maintain zero.

Compare Deals:


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Why people get this one - This one-piece scope mount is made at the same factory as the rifle, and it provides a solid platform for mounting optics for accuracy

  • Aluminum, one-piece construction
  • Provides a Picatinny-Style rail above the receiver
  • Mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions included
  • Will not fit SOCOM II

  • Other Options

    Low profile dovetail EBR clip Mount

    Additional Recommendation 1: Get the low profile dovetail Sage EBR Clip Mount from Fulton Armory

    Additional Recommendation 2: Get the full-length top rail from Sierra 12

    Installation Tools Required

    tools list recommended for scope mount

    To install the optic base mount on the rifle, you have to disassemble the rifle.

    The only tools you need are:

    • 3/32" punch pin 
    • wide flat head screwdriver
    • vice grip wrench
    • torque wrench
    • gunsmith mallet

    Blue Locktite is recommended

    M1A Scope Mount FAQ 

    Is The Mount Centered To The Rifle Bore

    Often people forget the minor detail of centering the scope base mount to the bore of the rifle.

    If you don't do this correctly you will waste tons of ammo and no matter how much you try to zero the rifle it will have a horizontal offset.

    Compared to other cheap mounts like the AIMS, UTG mounts, the SADLAK gives the rifle way better alignment, tightness for accuracy.

    Is Added Weight Significant?

    springfield armory m1a scope mount

    The SADLAK and Springfield Armory base mounts are the most reliable options on the market. The SADLAK mount is the lightest for weighing just 0.57 lbs with full steel construction.

    The Springfield mount weighs about 1.2 lbs.

    Optimize Scope Mount Height With Cheek Riser

    M1A cheek riser

    The M1A stock right out of the box is typically very low, so having a tall mount while chin welding the rifle isn't the best.

    The key here is to balance the cheek weld with the sight height. In our experience, getting a $20 rifle cheek riser that elevates your cheek weld for just about 1.5 - 2" is optimal.

    Wrap up

    The Springfield Gen 4 M1A mount is by far the best scope mount for M1A. Straight from Springfield factory that also makes the rifle.

    Th SADLAK Steel version is the second best one . It's a bit harder to install but with multiple contact points helps with maintaining zero.