Here are the 4 best Sig MPX pistol braces based on design, overall aesthetics, durability, and price. These will include proprietary designs as well as adapter mounted

*Be sure to check your local state law before buying a pistol brace

Note: As of 2023 the ATF has new ruling regarding pistol braces, Get updates here

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SB Tactical PSB

sb tactical psb mpx brace
sig mpx pistol brace

The PSB MPX pistol brace is the best collapsing brace for Sig MPX. It comes as a complete assembly, ready-to-install on the MPX receiver.

Adjustable Position - Change length of pull to your preferred configuration

Good Aesthetics - Bad ass PDW aesthetics without looking looking strange like other braces

SB tactical sba3 brace

SB Tactical SBA3 is by far the hottest selling AR15 pistol brace, and it works on SIG MPX that features a buffer tube assembly.

Adjustable Position - Change length of pull to your preferred configuration

Good Aesthetics - The SBA3 looks and feel like a First Tactical low drag stock that look great on most AR15 pistol builds

Easy Install - Fits any 6 Position Mil-Spec buffer tube (When ready to SBR your AR, just replace the brace with a stock without messing with the buffer tube)

a3 tactical folding brace

A3 tactical MPX folding brace ranks number 3 on our list for its slick look and durability. This one makes storing, transporting your MPX pistol much easier.

Ultra Compact - Fold the brace to free up room

Lightweight - Skeletonized design keeps the overall MPX weight super light.

Better Vehicle & Tight Space Maneuverability - Less burden when operating in and out of tight spaces

Quick Deployment Latch - Simply swing the brace open and lock it in place

gear head works tail hooks

The Tailhook is a ATF approved pistol brace design that uses a rigid foldout support arm design to counterbalance muzzle weight to stabilize an MPX pistol against the shooter’s forearm. 

The Tailhook pistol braces are much easier to operate than other braces on the market because it's easier to wrap it around the forearm.

Proprietary Buffer Tube - Required

Greater Flexibility - Adjust the brace on the fly to different shooters.

Works On Other Pistol Builds - Billet machined design work on other pistol variants with buffer tube as well