Many people find ways to further upgrade the Sig Sauer MCX, and there are so many things to choose from.

We put together of list of the 8 Best Sig Sauer MCX Upgrades that will significantly improve the rifle's performance and fulfill your dream MCX build ideas!

Let's check them out

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Best Sig Sauer MCX Upgrades

PMM BAD Lever - Reloads Faster

pmm sig mcx bad lever

The battery assist device is a must have accessory for any AR15 owners. We recommend the PMM BAD Lever (Regular AR15 BAD lever will not fit due to the receiver tolerance)

One-Handed Operation - Lock the bolt and cuts down reload speed by allowing the trigger finger to operate the bolt from the fire control / ready position

Improved Manual Of Arms - Improves weapon manipulation and clearing malfunction without getting off the firing grip

Radian Charging Handle - Increased Durability & Ergonomics

Radian Weapons Raptor LT SIG MCX Ambidextrous Charging Handle R0364 Color: Black, Finish: Mil Spec Type III Hard Coat Anodized, $4.50 Off  w/ Free S&H

Much Easier Manual Of Arm & Clearing Malfunctions

Whether its a DI AR15 or piston driven, the charging handle is one of the best best upgrade to add to the MCX and MCX Virtus, and the benefits include:

Ambi -  Charge the BCG from the right side during shoulder transition

Increased Durability - Charge it hard without shearing the handle over time unlike the one out of the box 

Much Larger Latch - Easier to grip & palm blade on the serrated big latch

This is MCX specific model, not the same as regular AR15 charging handles

Sig MCX 300 BLK Upper - Go SBR & Suppressor Projects

Sig Sauer Upper Mcx WUAMCX-5B-300B-BLK-TAP Color: Black, Finish: Anodized, Gun Make: SIG Sauer,  w/ Free S&H

If you're looking for a short barrel 300 BLK setup, the Sig MCX 300 BLK upper receiver is available to buy. The upper is similar to your 5.56mm model featuring a super compact size 5.5" barrel and MLOK handguard.

Add To Any Mil-Spec ARs - Yes! the Sig MCX 300 BLK upper fits any mil-spec AR lowers

MCX Rattler - Convert your MCX into a Rattler in no time!

All Included - Bolt, Charging handle, Receiver adapters

For SBR Builders & 300 BLK Build Projects

IWC Scout Light Mounts - Mount Weapon Light

IWC offset adaptive light mount

There are plenty of light mounts out there and the best company that offers many options is the Impact Weapon Components.

Mounts directly to MLOK or M1913. For offset scout light mount, try the IWC Throntail M1913 offset mount by handing the light from the top rail down on the handguard at an angle.

Try the long MLOK Throntail 2 inline mount for mounting weapon lights on the side to clear other accessories you might have mounted on the top of the handguard

Surefire MB566 Muzzle Brake - Mitigates Recoil

SureFire Muzzle Brake/Suppressor Adapter 5.56mm M16/AR 1/2-28 Threads

Swap out the boring A2 birdcage muzzle device with a Surefire MB566 muzzle brake! Your 5.56mm Sig MCX shooting experience will change

Reducing muzzle flip - Minimizes side blast and rearward concussion effects for the shooter.

Compatible With Surefire Suppressor with multiple bearing surfaces for superior suppressor can alignment.

Bravo BCMGunfighter Vertical Grip, M-Lok, Mod3, Black, VGMCMRMOD3BK

Try this grip on MLOK or KeyMod MCX handguard, the BCM Gunfighter grip is our favorite.

Tactical Grip Ergonomics - Drive the muzzle faster to the target and to operate a weapon light at the same time.

Reduced Sway -  Enables C clamp grip ergonomics on the handguard to help reduce sway 

Way Better Recoil Control - Better horizontal and vertical muzzle recoil shifts leverage for faster follow up shots 

Check out more Grips Here

Geissele Super MCX SSA Trigger - Smooth Trigger Pull

Geissele 05659 Super MCX SSA Flat Bow AR Style Steel 05-659  Color: Black, Finish: Black/Silver,  w/ Free Shipping

One of the single best Sig MCX upgrades you can do is to install a better trigger. We recommend the Geissele Super MCX SSA Trigger. 

Quick Installation - Just drop it in! No gunsmithing or re-fitting required.

Flat Trigger Bow - Centers trigger finger for a even trigger squeeze, resets the trigger faster back to the firing position again immediately

Reduced Trigger Pull Weight - Enjoy that 4.5 lb, 2.5 lb for the first stage and 2 lb for the second stage.

To Shoot Fast & Have A Great Time!

EOTech XPS2 - Best Holosight

EOTECH exps3 reticle outdoor

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There are plenty of optics out there, and the best is the XPS2 for the Sig MCX. The reason why use XPS2 over EXPS3 is because the MCX's top rail already sits high, and the XPS2 gives the shooter perfect eye behind the optic spot.

Point & Shoot – Parallax-free reticle with unlimited eye relief lets the shooter instantly place the dot on the target with both eyes open

Rock Solid Mount – Adjustable QD mount goes on any firearm including heavy caliber centerfire rifles

EOTECH exps3 tan unboxing

Please check out our red dot sight guide for more products that might be a better fit for the Sig Sauer MCX.