In this weapon light accessories guide, let's check out the best offset Scout light mounts available in M1913, Quck Detach, M-LOK & KeyMod.

Best Scout Light Mounts

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Depends on which rifle setup you have, some offset mounts work better than others. Other times, an inline Scout mount works well on an already angled offset mounting platform.

Arisaka Offset Scout Mount

offset scout mount arisaka picatinny rail

Why pick this one - The Arisaka Offset Scout Mount is the most popular mount accessory designed specifically for the Surefire Scout Light M600 and M300 series weapon lights.

The mount is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat anodized. 

It also works with Modlite PLH & OKW, Arisaka Series LightsStreamlight Protac and Olight Odin.

Available for Picatinny, KeyMod & M LOK

Offset arisaka scout mount front

Picatinny Rail

arisaka offset scout mount keymod front


Super Low Profile - It replaces the stock Picatinny rail adapter with a low profile mount for M-Lok handguards. The Offset Scout Mount is very low profile at less than 0.20" thick.

Tucks In Closer To The Rail - The Offset Scout Mount places the light at a 45 degree angle and feels very compact. In addition it can be oriented upwards, the light is located at approximately the 1:30 or 10:30 clock positions. Oriented downwards, the light is located at approximately the 4:30 or 6:30 clock positions.

3 Lateral Mounting Positions - The Offset Scout Mount allows the user to position the light closer or farther away from the top rail, front sights, or other accessories. 

arisaka offset mount


arisaka offset scout mount picatinny


LaRue Tatical Scout Light QD Mount

Referenced LaRue Tactical

Why Try LaRue Tactical Offset Mount - The LT752 is designed to position a Scout light as close to the weapon as possible, while at the same time putting the light in optimum position for thumb activation while holding the rifle "at the ready".

LaRue tactical scout light offset mount on picatinny rail

What makes it different than others? So...Offset is offset, and the biggest reason to try this mount is to have to quick detach capability, so the user can quickly remove the light and reposition it without any tools

The only downside to this mount is the QD lever can create snag hazard if positioned in an awkward spot on the hand guard, which can hook on clothing, sling and other things.

larue tactical LT752 scout light qd mount

thorntail x

The Haley Strategic Thorntail X is a brand new design to provide optimal weapon light positioning on the handguard. The best design is to put the light closer while maintaining clearance for thumb over bore light activation. 

The Thorntail X offers the laser and light mount options to give various clearance flexibilities for (1:30, 4:30, 7:30 or 10:30 clock positions

iwc radial universal scout light mount N slot

Why Try This One - Just like the IWC Thorntail, the RADIAL Universal Light MOUNT-N-SLOT for Scout & Picatinny Style Lights is specifically designed for handguards that are not M LOK, Picatinny or KeyMod.

How To Make It Go Offset - For handguards that have offset mounting holes, just mount it there to angle the light

What's Cool? - The MOUNT-N-SLOT attaches to any hole slot on the hand guard

iwc radial universal scout light mount

Magpul M LoK offset scout mount

Why try Magpul - The Magpul brand aluminum M-LOK Offset Light/Optic Mount is just like the Arisaka mount without the 3 lateral mounting positions, but they added the picatinny feature just in case you want to mount something other than a Scout light. 

It's the most simple and afford offset mount you can get.

Made in the USA, and all hardware necessary for attachment directly to M-LOK Slots on either aluminum or polymer hand guards and forends is included.

Magpul M LoK offset scout mount front
BCMgunfighter modular scout light mount M LOK

Common FAQ

Which One To Buy?

There are nearly an infinite number of combinations of lights, mounts and handguards, so it's not always obvious which one you should pick.

You should always buy the one that gives you the best light placement based on how you grip the handguard to activate the light.

Control Ergonomics

In order to use the light effectively, you need to mount the light near the general area where your grip placement is on the handguard.

The offset light mount tucks the light into the handguard to minimize the overall lateral profile of the gun and makes the rest of your rifle configuration very slick and tactically beneficial.