Best Weapon Lights For AK 47 Style Rifles

Over the years, the AK design has evolved to be more modular, which means better optic and rifle weapon lights can be mounted easily without modification.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best weapon lights for AK 47 style rifles & mounting accessories.

Cloud Defensive OWL is our ultimate pick for lumen intensity & durability, Inforce WML for the lightest weight, but there are other great tactical lights for long guns.

Whether you have a modern AK or a traditional one, we can help you get it set up to work flawlessly for range use or self-defense.

Check them out below…

Best AK Tactical Weapon Lights

NOTE: Mounting a tactical weapon flashlight to the AK rifle is very easy if there are enough mounting spots.

AK is a piston-driven gun, and it's front-heavy, so please consider the weight when adding a light.

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inforce wml
  • Intensity: 400 Lumen Concentrated LED Beam (White light ONLY)
  • Battery: CR123A / 1.5 hrs
  • Benefits: Weighs 3.22 oz, Constant, Momentary & Strobe, Safety lever prevents accidental light discharge,  non-slip & ergonomic angled pressure switch
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  • Intensity: 1250 Lumens, 50K+ Candela
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Benefits: Ambi for left & right handed shooter, Integrated switching, Lit Up to 400 yards, No cord - No remote switches - No Snag
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rapid fire ar with surefire scout gif
  • Intensity: 500 Lumen white light
  • Battery: 2 CR123A 
  • Benefits: Virtually indestructible, Mil-spec grade aluminum body for increased durability, Used in real Combat, TIR lens for reach & surround flood light (max awareness in the dark)

Surefire M600DF Ultra Scout

Arsenal AK with SLR Rail System

The Surefire Scout M600DF Ultra Scout is the upgraded model of the standard full-size weapon M600 scout light for long guns.

Same dimension & body profile, but much brighter.

Now the light can produce up to 1500 Lumens with 16K candela for extended range & focus, which is great for medium and long-distance illumination.

The light is powered by either 18650 battery or CR123A, so as the demand for higher intensity lumen weapon lights increases, the 18650 is the future battery to support the voltage required for a high intensity lumen LED.

The Surefire TIR lens absorbs shock & produces enough surround illumination for max peripheral situational awareness.

As always, the Surefire Scout comes with its Z68 tail cap switch for

  • Momentary
  • Constant
  • Also accepts various pressure switches

Constructed of lightweight 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum, with a Mil-Spec Hard Anodized finish, and O-ring sealed to keep out the elements, the tough M600DF will endure combat-like conditions, which means you can trust your life on it.

MODLITE SF Scout Aftermarket Upgrade

Modlite makes better performing LED light heads that give Surefire M600DF more lumen & throw.

The Modlite offers a complete all in one package you can buy, or individual replacement head:

Since the M600DF uses a 18650 body, you can replace the Surefire KE2-DF head with the Modlite.

If you already have a Surefire M600DF, but you’re not happy with the throw performance on a medium / long range rifle, then the Modlite is the solution.

If you don’t have a Surefire M600DF already, we highly recommend getting the Modlite right off the bat.

Please order on Brownells website for the best selections.

Inforce WMLx White/IR Gen 2

ak with zenitco rail and inforce wmlx light
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The Inforce WMLx is a affordable White visible light without breaking the bank.

Since the AK is a front-heavy rifle with its heavy piston bolt, keeping the weapon lightweight down to the minimum is always the best thing to do.

The light mounts on M1913 Picatinny rail ( No tools required) with ergonomically contoured design for easy on/off light operation.

Highly recommend mounting the light on the side handguard rail of your AK where it's easy for you to reach without comprising proper grip.

NOTE: Avoid mounting the light on railed AK gas tube for C Clamp grip…due to heat.

NOT comfortable, NOT temperature safe, NOT recommended

The Inforce WMLx Gen 2 weighs just 4.02 oz with batteries installed. Made with impact-resistant, glass-reinforced polymer body to keep it lightweight.

The Gen 2 WMLx white light /IR can produce up to 700 Lumens of intense white light through 3 mode functions:

  • Momentary
  • Constant On
  • Strobe

In addition, the 400mW Infrared light mode gives the shooter the “You can see them, but they can't see you” unfair illumination advantage in the darkness, ONLY visible under a pair of night vision goggles.

The user can easily switch between white & IR with just a flip of the lever.

Streamlight Pro Tac

AK with TWS rail holosun 510c and streamlight protac
Img Referenced Raifu (Features Holosun 510C & TWS Rail)

The Streamlight ProTac is the alternative option for the Surefire M300 for the price.

Great for the AK for close range applications.

The ProTac runs on 1 CR123A or 1 AA alkaline battery, which gives the name ProTac Dual Fuel weapon light. It can produce up to 350 lumens that last about 1.75 hours. When on the low lumen setting it’s about 15 hours.

What we love about the ProTac dual fuel weapon light is the mounting footprint is the same as the Surefire M300C & M600, which means the user can use light mounts made for the Surefire on the ProTac without any issue.

Another great thing is that the light comes with a pressure switch at no additional cost to you.

Cloud Defense OWL

The Cloud Defensive OWL Is the strongest weapon light on the market today, even more so than the Surefire Scout.

If you want a tactical weapon light like the BE Meyer MAWL with an integrated pressure switch on the AK, then the Cloud Defensive OWL 1250 Lumens is what you need.

Capable of reverse switch orientation for right & left handed shooters simply by reassemble the unit. It’s perfect for military applications as well as home defense.

Regardless of your dominant hand, the OWL will work for dominant hand shooting & transition side shooting.

This light is designed for long range illumination, so if you're shooting your AK long range, then this light will illuminate as far as 300 yards with focus beam strong enough for you to identify targets.

No tape switch cord, no remote switch wiring, this light has a built-in pressure activation switch & tail cap switch.

  • Over 50000+ Candela for intense focus and reach, 2X more than others
  • Orient the light for ambi use, just like the BE Meyer MAWL
  • Indestructible EVEN after unrealistic torture tests
  • Great ergonomics for most shooter
  • Rechargeable battery

Surefire GX2

surefire gx2 ak47 1
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The Surefire GX2 is a virtually indestructible tactical white LED flashlight that can be used as handheld or weapon-mounted (with ring clamp mount).

Best for the buck right here!

Its 600 lumens of maximum output plus its Nitrolon® polymer bodies are ideal features for a home defense shotgun light. Powerful, lightweight & affordable.

When high-intensity illumination isn’t needed, the user can cycle between 600 and 15 lumens on command.

What we love about the G2X Pro is its press/click the tail-cap switch that works very well on AK rifles, and it’s way cheaper than a dedicated scout light.

Light Mounts For Old School Handguard AK

There is a chance you're so old school & you just want the most tradition

al AK without bunch mods or to buy Magpul, SLR, Midwest Industry…etc aftermarket AK modular handguard parts.

The best way to mount a light for an Old school AK is the RS Regulate BM1 light mount without needing a railed handguard.

It clamps around the barrel to provide a secured platform for mounting a weapon light.

The user can orient the mount any way he/she likes. Use either tail cap activation or pressure switch. It's your AK, configure it the way you want!

Light Mounts For Railed AK Gas Tube

Mounting a weapon light on the railed AK gas tube is the most common & modern method.

If you're interested please check out SLR rail or ones made by Midwest Industries.

The light mount we like is the Impact Weapon Component Throntail light mount, or the angled version.

These mounts offer various angle offset & length for the best ergonomics.

Works with dedicated Scout lights too if you buy the right one.

Light Mounts For Modular AK Handguard

For modern AK users, KeyMod, M-LOK, M1913 Picatinny are the easiest way to mount any accessories including a tactical flashlight.

Please check out cool AK parts on OpticsPlanet here…