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This buyer's guide takes a look at the best weapon lights for SCAR 16 & 17, including IR and white LED lights.

Our favorite is the Modlite PLHv2 for providing high lumens and high candela for distance shooting.

In addition, we also recommend the KDG SCAR upgrades kit that includes a new MLOK modular handguard for more rail mounting space, and many more.

Best Weapon Lights For SCAR Rifles

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modlite plhv2 in action 35 ft

Modlite System is the top-performing Surefire Scout alternative you can buy on the market today.

fn scar 17 with modlite plhv2 and steiner dbal

It's a great long gun specific WML (Weapon Mounted Light) system for better threat control and longer distance target identification in low light conditions.

Hotter Beam At Longer Distance With Higher Candela

The Surefire Scout M600DF is great option, but the MODLITE PLHv2's performance is just top notch.

If you currently own the SF M600DF, and you want to squeeze more performance out of it. Try following heads:

  • IR 850 (1100mW)
  • PLHv2 (1350 lumens / 53K candela)
  • OKW (680 lumens / 69K candela)
surefire m600df on scar 17

Still the best Scout light - Surefire brand and FN SCAR just goes together very well especially you match the FDE color.

Surefire m600df disassembled
Surefire M600DF beam top down

New Output - The M600 Scout Dual Fuel is the latest model that can produce up to 1500 lumens using the 18650 battery, or use 2 CR123A for 1200 lumens.

The Surefire head has the balance between flood and throw, but the throw isn't as crazy as Cloud Defensive REIN or the MODLITE PLHv2. 

Works With MODLITE - Swap the head for more throw if needed

Tons Of Accessories - The Surefire scout body can accept all types of tail cap accessories including a different light head

Virtually indestructible - As always…the Surefire is made of MilSpec hard anodized aerospace aluminum, fully waterproof & battle proven.

Cloud Defensive REIN on SCAR17 KDG rail

The new Cloud Defensive REIN is lighter and more powerful, and it uses the same scout mounting as Surefire M600DF.

The newest REIN 3.0 offers surefire compatible tail cap to accept existing surefire switches you may already have from companies like MODLITE, Unity Tactical and others.

The REIN is an awesome rifle light for the SCAR family rifles, and it's great for indoor and outdoor training.

Cloud Defensive OWL

Cloud Defensive OWL on SCAR 17 1

If you want a tactical weapon light like the BE Meyer MAWL with an integrated pressure switch on the AK, then the Cloud Defensive OWL 1250 Lumens is what you need.

Capable of reverse switch orientation for right & left handed shooters simply by reassemble the unit. It’s perfect for military applications as well as home defense.

Regardless of your dominant hand, the OWL will work for dominant hand shooting & transition side shooting.

This light is designed for long range illumination, so if you’re shooting your AK long range, then this light will illuminate as far as 300 yards with focus beam strong enough for you to identify targets.

No tape switch cord, no remote switch wiring, this light has a built-in pressure activation switch & tail cap switch.

  • Over 50000+ Candela for intense focus and reach, 2X more than others
  • Orient the light for ambi use, just like the BE Meyer MAWL
  • Indestructible EVEN after unrealistic torture tests
  • Great ergonomics for most shooter
  • Rechargeable battery

SCAR Light Accessories

modlite plhv2 on scar17

In order to have MORE rail space to mount weapon lights and laser devices on the SCAR weapon platform, we have to have an extended rail system.

Lucky we do have them available. Out of all the options out there, the Kinetic Development Group MREX Rail is the best, but it has been discontinued.

Check here on OpticsPlanet to see if it's still available.