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In this comprehensive Cyelee BEAR review, I will delve into its specifications, mounting options, reticle design, and build qualities.

cyelee bear sig p320

My objective is to provide an initial impression of the optic's overall performance range without subjecting it to excessive stress that could cause total failure that most users aren't likely to encounter. 

To evaluate if they are suitable for duty carry or only for use at the range, I have tested this red dot sight optics under normal usage conditions including rain and snow. 

Let's check it out my likes and dislike about the Cyelee BEAR.

Cyelee BEAR Review - Specs

  • Magnification: 1X
  • Reticle: 3 MOA 
  • Turret Value: 1 MOA / Click
  • Footprint: RMSc
  • Window Size: 0.77" X 0.75"
  • Construction: 7075 T6 
  • IPX Rating: IPX6
  • Type: Closed emitter
  • Weight: 2.4 oz
  • Battery Life: 50,000 hours

Who Should Buy This Optic

cyelee bear red dot sight

The Cyelee BEAR is an alternative option to the ACRO red dot sight. Even though the Cyelee BEAR has a completely new mounting footprint that's different than the ACRO, the package comes with an RMR adapter to go on any RMR optic cut handgun slides.

Personally, I really liked this optic and here are some things I liked and also disliked about the Cyelee BEAR.

Cyelee BEAR Window Size

The Cyelee BEAR has a similar window size as the ACRO and it measures 0.77" X 0.75" It's not the largest sight window by any means due to the nature of its design.

cyelee bear pov

The sight window appears a bit small and squared especially for shooters like me who are used to using Trijicon RMR and Holosun 507C. So there is no confusion here, the Cyelee BEAR's window is as small as a RMRcc or RMSc red dot sight.

For seasoned gun owners that have ACRO mounts, why doesn't Cyelee just make this optic with the ACRO mount so it's compatible with what's already available on the market?

strike industries rmr to acro adapter plate

As far as target acquisition goes, it can be challenging to acquire the dot if shooting on the move on a pistol.

When I was shooting it at an outdoor range, the uneven ground makes it even harder for me to acquire the dot when shooting on the move.


The Cyelee BEAR comes with a simple 3 MOA red dot for target aiming. 3 MOA provides just enough dot size for aiming, and this is the only option available right now.

It's a clean dot, so there is nothing to complaint about.

Brightness Adjustment

cyelee BEAR enclosed red dot optic

The Cyelee BEAR's red dot brightness has a wide range on adjustment. On the highest setting, the reticle is visible during the day but the brightness doesn't have lock out mode.

So far I liked everything about the Cyelee BEAR. It shot great on the range after I dialed in the zero, but the lack of brightness lockout mode makes the optic less preferred for conceal carry because anything can bump into the button and change the setting.

Battery Life

The Cyelee BEAR uses a CR2032 battery, and it loads directly on the side of the optic. Based on advertised battery life performance, the Cyelee BEAR supposed to last over 50,000 hours on just one battery.

So far, the optic is still on, and I have not seen any problems that could lead to the battery juice draining out. I ensure the battery cap is screwed on tight, and there is no water at all. For this review process, I have shot the Cyelee BEAR on the Sig P320 in cold weather and under the gun, so far the dot appears crisp and I'm confident that the battery will last as long as the company claims, otherwise I will come back and update this review.

Build Quality 

cyelee bear p320

The Cyelee BEAR is a fully enclosed red dot sight. Without hesitation, I tested it directly in snow and rain, finding it the ideal time for such a test.

The optic performed just as expected, rain and snow just come right off the lens. However, the only time that the snow didn't easily came off the lens is when the outside temperature was too low, and the water dropped turned into frost.

cyelee bear fully enclosed red dot

When I was reviewing the optic, I knew that the enclosed red dot sight design supposed to block debris from entering the optic's internal, but when it comes to removing the frost off the lens, it was a bit challenging. 

So for all you winter outdoor shooters, you may need to scrap the icing off the glass if the temperature gets too low. 

Final Verdict

Overall, the Cyelee BEAR is a great ACRO alternative fully enclosed red dot sight. The price point makes it competitive compared to the Swampfox Kraken. The sight window and dot performance is very similar to other enclosed red dot sights on the market. 

cyelee bear shooting

The mounting footprint on the other hand isn't completely ACRO, which I think it's a bit disappointing because while there are many existing ACRO mounting options available, the Cyelee BEAR can't really use these aftermarket parts. However, the only way to mount the optic is to use the supplied RMR adapter plate. 

This is only the initial review of the Cyelee BEAR, and more live ammo testing is required to specifically test to see if the optic can withstand a tight shot group without losing zero. As more results coming in, this blog content will be updated.