After conducting thorough research, we've identified the top two CZ P10C threaded barrels available on the market. These barrels are the sole high-quality options suitable for attaching a suppressor and compensator. 

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*Note: Some barrels may not be legal in all 50 states, please check your local gun laws before purchasing

Best CZ P10C Threaded Barrels

Killer Innovations Velocity Glock 19 Threaded Pistol Barrel, Black, GLKBT179DLC

The Killer Innovation CZ P10C threaded barrel ranks among the top upgrades for the CZ P10C, allowing for the attachment of suppressors and compensators.

Its standout feature is the 11° target crown, which plays a pivotal role in achieving superior accuracy compared to the factory CZ barrel.

Additionally, the barrel's side indents enable precise timing of a compensator without any tilting, ensuring a secure lock in place.

For optimal results, we strongly recommend pairing it with the Killer Innovations P320 compensator.

Caliber - 9mm

Thread Pitch - 1/2-28 (Suppressor & Compensator ready)

Twist Rate - 1:10 / Single Point Cut with “SPT” Technology

Length - 4.5"

Weight - 3.9 oz

Barrel Material - 416R stainless steel

3 Color Options - Grey, Black & Gold

Primary Machine CZ P-10C Threaded Match Barrel 9mm Up to $14.00 Off  w/ Free Shipping  — 2 models

he Primary Machine CZ P10C threaded barrel is compatible with both aftermarket slides and the factory slide. Its match-grade tolerance guarantees accuracy, and it includes an O-ring to prevent loosening.

Caliber - 9mm

Thread Pitch - 1/2-28 Right hand (Suppressor & Compensator ready)

Twist Rate - 1:10 with button rifled fully stressed relieved

Barrel Material - 416R stainless steel

See more color options below:

Gold & Black