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  • Post last modified:August 6, 2023

The ELCAN is a very high-quality combat optic for rifles. We have seen them being used on the battlefield deployed with special forces. The glass quality and durability for this optic is amazing, however, there is a problem with its QD lever mount.


The original QD lever mount that comes with the scope gives it a perfect mount on a mil-spec rail system, however, any time when the rail is not mil-spec or has damage, then the scope can't be tightly mounted. Whenever a scope is loosely mounted on a rifle, you will experience loss of zero or even fall off the rifle due to recoil. 

The ARMS MKII QD lever is a must have upgrade for the ELCAN. If you have an ELCAN, then this is one of the best investment cost only $15. The new QD lever has adjustable tension feature to give the mount more vertical clamping force. So next time when you have an out of spec rail system that is hungry for the ELCAN, you can confidently mount it on the rifle with the new ARMS MKII QD Lever.

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