How to Upgrade ELCAN Specter 4X With Stronger Arms MKII Levers

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The ELCAN Specter is a very high-quality combat optic for rifles that many special forces operators use in the field.

It’s a rugged optic that retains zero and rough handling, but its two original ARMS QD levers don’t have adjustable torque, which means it might be loose on non-mil-spec rails.

In this article, I will share with you how easy it is to swap them out with the new ARMS MKII QD levers.


How To Upgrade The ELCAN Specter QD Mount


The original ARMS QD lever mount works fine with most Milspec Picatinny rails. However, any time when the rail is not mil-spec, out of spec or has damage, then the scope can’t be tightly mounted.

Whenever a scope is loosely mounted on a rifle, you will experience loss of zero or accuracy.

The ARMS MKII QD lever is a must have upgrade for the ELCAN. If you have an ELCAN, then this is one of the best investment cost only $15.

The newly adjustable QD lever gives the mount a more vertical clamping force. So next time when you have an out of spec rail system that is hungry for the ELCAN, you can confidently mount it on the rifle with the new ARMS MKII QD Lever

Where To Buy the MK2 Lever

You can buy them by visiting the ARMs website by click here.

Step 1 Get a hammer and punch pin

Get the 1/16 size punch pin, and punch out the 2 roll pins. They are very tight, so hold it steady when you punch it out. You might have to test out different brand 1/16 size punch pins because not all 1/16 pins can fit through the hole on the lever.

QD Roll pin

Step 2 Pull the roll pins out & Remove the mount

After the roll pin has been pushed out halfway, you must use a cutting plier to cut the roll pin sticking out so there is enough the room for the roll pin to slip out.


Cut the length

Then remove the level using a flat head screwdriver.

Remove QD Lever

Step 3 Install MKII mount

Next, you will install the new mount lever. Turn the lever vertical and just hook it right through the base.

Put the 4 washers back in this order as shown below:


Install Mk2 Mount

Step 4 Tighten the mount

The last step is to tighten the mount

For more in-depth instruction please watch the video below:


ELCAN Specification

  • Magnification 1-4X
  • Length 153mm
  • Width 74mm
  • Weight 660g
  • 5 Red Dot Illumination Settings
  • 5 Crosshair Illumination Settings
  • Eye Relief 70mm
  • Exit Pupil 8mm
  • Adjustment Resolution 0.5 MOA/ Click
  • 120 MOA adjustment range
  • Shockproof 450 G’s