Here are 6 best Glock 43 barrel upgrades If you are looking for something to add a suppressor or compensator. 

These include ported and fluted barrels.

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Best Glock 43 Barrel

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brownells glock 43 barrel

What's special about this 416R stainless steel Brownell Glock 43 barrel is its button-rifled bore, with a standard 1-10" right-hand twist and 6-groove rifling. This makes it a great match for various types of ammo, including non-jacketed practice bullets.

Key features include:

  • Compatibility with Glock® 43 only
  • Made from robust 416R stainless steel
  • Protective Black Nitride finish
  • Button-rifled, 1-10" twist barrel

You can choose between two styles: a Plain muzzle or a Threaded version (1/2"-28 tpi), perfect for attaching a compensator or suppressor. Both styles are laser engraved to show the chambering and the specific Glock® model they fit. 

3rc glock 43 barrel

The 3CR tactical Glock 43 barrel is affordable and it's great for replacement. Overall it's the same factory drop in Glock 43 barrel with stainless steel finish and it weighs only 4 oz. No logo on the barrel, and it cuts down the cost significant than other options.

Strike Industries Glock 43 Barrels - Best Spiral Fluted Cut

strike industries glock 43 barrel

The Strike Industries Glock 43 barrel does the job just like other barrels, but this one is fluted to reduce barrel weight. On top of that, the added Strike Industries style design is great for anyone looking for something more exciting than just the plain OEM barrel.

Just drop it into your existing Glock 43 slide or match it with Strike Industries' LITE Slide.

Faxon Firearms - Best Coating

faxon glock 43 barrel

Faxon offers many Glock 43 barrel version. Some are fluted, some are match grade, and some are threaded.

All barrels are made with 416R stainless steel and they can be used for a wide range of ammo. If you like the Faxon design over others, check one out below:

True Precision - Best Design

true precision glock 43 barrel

True Precision Glock 43X. The quality is similar to the Faxon barrels, but it's slightly more expensive. I think the main difference here is based on preference and budget. Just pick one that you like, and you won't disappoint.

Zaffiri Precision - Best Ported Barrels

zaffiri precision glock 43 ported barrel

The Zaffiri Precision has similar offers as Faxon and True Precision, but they offer ported Glock 43 barrels with flush and crown cut that others don't. If you're building your Glock 43 to significantly reduce recoil, Zaffiri offers some great options if you already have a ported slide to go with it.