Holosun 507C VS 509T [Side By Side Comparison]

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As Holosun continues to bring new products to the market, more and more people are buying them.

In this guide, we take a look at Holosun 507C VS 509T comparison side by side to help buyers make a purchase decision.


Holosun 507C X2

holosun 507c on valhalla tactical rukh offset mount


  • 50,000+ hours battery life
  • Solar fail safe to keep the sight working even if the battery dies
  • Uses RMR footprint
  • Motion activated reticle to save battery even more
  • Multi reticle selection with lockout mode to prevent accidental adjustments
  • Side battery tray access to avoid sight removal for battery swap
  • As durable as Trijicon RMR and much more affordable
  • Cons

  • Need a tiny flat head screw driver to dial the turret in the field
  • Holosun 509T X2

    holosun 509t on walther pdp 9mm


  • Fully enclosed body design to keep out debris and protect emitter projection
  • Features everything else the 507C has
  • New mounting footprint, much tighter mount
  • Blacked out Holosun logo (Some people really like this)
  • Much more affordable than Aimpoint ACRO
  • Cons

  • Need new optic plate adapter to fit
  • Flat top hood design may concentrate stress onto the corner then onto the lens

  • Size & Weight

    holosun 509t vs 507c top view
    holosun 509t vs 507c side view

    Holosun 507C X2 and 509T X2 share similar body dimensions in terms of width and height, the 507C is slightly longer than 509T but not by much.

    507C weighs 1.5 oz

    509T weighs 1.72 oz. Most of the weight comes from the new beefed-up titanium enclosed body design.

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    We have used the Holosun 507C for a while now, and it's as durable as the RMR under normal use conditions.

    To prove its durability even further, we have done the following without intentionally or directly breaking the glass:

    • Hard slide rack against surfaces
    • Straight drop
    • Drop at dangle
    holosun 509t vs 507c durability

    The Holosun 509T is pretty much an evolution of the Holosun 508T design, and it can withstand hard slide racking against a hard surface and hold zero.

    Above all, the mounting platform matters a lot to secure the optic to retain zero even if the optic can survive

    Glass Clarity

    The 509T has a slight 1X magnification. It's not too distracting, but it can throw some users off if they are not used to it.

    The 507C features two reticle sytems:

    acss vulcan reticle pov
    holosun 507c x2 vs 509t glass clarity

    Glass clarity is good for both optics. However, the 509T does a way better job in windy outdoor conditions with sand blowing around, thanks to that enclosed body design to keep out debris.

    holosun 509t vs 507c on pistols pov

    When the 507C gets dirty, the user typically has to wipe the front lens and then dig the finger or q tip into the emitter pocket to clean things out.

    Read more pros and cons of Open vs Closed emitter red dot sights here

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    Mounting Options

    Holosun 507C fits on any RMR footprint slides or optic mounts. Longer screws can secure the optic much better than short screws.

    507c vs 509t footprint

    Holosun 509T features a clamp mount, which in many ways it provides much tighter alignment tolerance and the built-in recoil lug locks everything in tight.

    If you do go with the 509T, please make sure that your pistol slide is compatible or you may need to buy an aftermarket plate.

    Since the 509T footprint is fairly new, many handguns (2021) out there require special customization to make it fit.

    This may drive many buyers who don't have 509T compatible handguns away/

    walther pdp chpws 509t plate
    holosun 509t on rmr plate

    A nice thing about the 509T is that it comes with an RMR adapter plate, so users can mount the 509T on any pistol slides already fitted for the RMR.

    Reticle Effectiveness

    Both optics feature the same multi-reticle system.

    The user can cycle between on the 507K X2:

    32 moa ring only 507c
    • 2 MOA center dot only
    • 2 MOA center dot + 32 MOA ring
    • 32 MOA ring only
    • ACSS Vulcan reticle (ACSS model only)

    The 509T only features

    holosun 509t pov 32 moa ring reticle
    • 2 MOA center dot only
    • 2 MOA center dot + 32 MOA ring

    Note: Shooters with astigmatism may need vision correction to see a crisp dot.

    When it comes to fast target acquisition, turning on the 32 MOA ring helps a lot for CQB applications and can also be used as a shotgun reticle.

    fnx45 with holosun 507c pov

    The core difference is that the 509T features a 0.5 MOA / Click adjustment while the 507C only feature 1 MOA / Click adjustment.

    Many times in our field tests, we've gotten lost in the zero because we were using the wrong click value in our calculation. 

    Be sure to memorize this when you are on the range zeoring the sight.

    Quick Tip:

    Number of clicks to adjust = How much missed (inches) / Yard(1/100th) / Click value

    For pistol applications, both optics work. As far as rifle applications go, the 509T offers finer adjustment for PCC and centerfire rifles.

    You can read standlone reviews and pictures on how to work the buttons and modes below:

    Holosun 507C review

    Holosun 509T review

    Battery Life

    507c vs 509t

    Both optics feature long battery life using 1 CR1632 lithium battery. 50K - 100K hours is a long time at setting 6.

    The user can access the battery via the side tray, which eliminate the need to remove the optic off the mount or slide to swap battery.

    No re-zero or re-torquing required

    This type of design is popular and it's found in optics like the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and Trijicon SRO

    Both optics offer 12 day light settings, and the user can save the settings so nothing can accidently throw off the reticle brightness.

    holosun 509t and 507c battery trays

    Solar fail-safe acts almost like a fiber optic to collect light to keep the optic working even if the battery is removed.

    The motion sensor feature is great to save the battery even more.