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To adjust your rifle's iron sights, begin by achieving a tight shot group while on a stable platform. Ensure you're using the smallest aperture on the rear sight. If your shots aren't hitting the bullseye, follow these steps to make the iron sight adjustments:

The process is similar to adjusting the turret on a red dot sight, but keep in mind that the sight radius distance can affect the adjustment value.

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For example, For the popular Magpul MBUS sights, here are the click value:


~1 MOA (1.131”/100 m) per click with a 14.5" sight radius
~0.7 MOA (0.820”/100 m) per click with a 20" sight radius

magpul MBUS front sight

Adjusting the Sight

You can adjust either the rear sight or the front sight individually. In most iron sights available today, moving the rear sight adjusts windage, while adjusting the front sight post changes elevation.

Avoid using iron sights that allow elevation adjustments on both the front and rear, as it can be confusing.

zero targets turret direction
  • Move the rear sight left or right for windage adjustment.
  • Shift the front sight post up or down for elevation adjustment.
  • Based on the click value of your iron sight, please follow this formula to get exact clicks to dial:

Number of clicks to dial = [(Distance from the shot group to the point of aim) / shooting distance in yards in 100th] / click value

magpul mbus rear sight

Co-witness with Red Dot

If you already have a previously zeroed red dot sight already mounted on the rifle. Simply adjust the iron sight to the red dot.