How To Mount Leupold Deltapoint Pro On FNX 45 Tactical

Many people have asked questions on forums if the Leupold DPP can go on FNX 45, and we did the homework, and here is how to mount Leupold Deltapoint Pro on FNX 45 Tactical.

Yes, it works, check this out:

Problem: DDP footprint matches the optic cover plate holes, and that's where it will directly mount to. However, the DDP doesn't fit in the optic cut.

There are two ways:

  • Milled the front of the DPP to mount without any optic plate
  • Get the Leupold Part #171203 (Easier way)
leupold deltapoint pro plate part 171203
  1. Install the plate using the screws provided in the package. Tighten to 18-20 in-lbs to the slide
  2. Install DPP and tighten the M4 x14mm torx head screws to 25 in-lbs
  3. Check torque for every 1000 rds
leupold deltapoint pro fnx 45 tactical

The only down side is that the plate doesn't lock against the slide, and it's hold by screw tension. So torque check is important. 

Milling The Optic

We didn't mill the optic, but we found someone online that did it, and it looks like it fit well on the slide. 

If you don't have a dremel or tools to cut this, we highly suggest to use the Leupold optic plate 171203, or check out other compatible red dot sights that fits directly to the FNX 45 tactical slide without any of the messy work.

In fact, we have a guide listing some of the best red dot sights for the FNX Tactical with tons of pictures for people thinking about buying FNX for the optics they already own, or pair an optic to their existing FNX 45. Hope you enjoy the content.